lunes, 22 de septiembre de 2014

INDIA: Arrestan a los participantes del Foro por una Política Alternativa. ¡ URGENTE DENUNCIA del ICSPWI !

The ICSPWI denounces this new crime of Brahamism Hindu Fascist Modi
pro-imperialist regime against every kind of political opposition in India.
The ICSPWI demands immediate release of the partecipants Forum arrested.
India today is 'prison of mass popular movement'.
It needs the maximum solidarity mouvement in the world.
ICSPWI call for the international campaign for international delegation in
ICSPWI call to support 10th anniversary PCIm celebration - Italy 27-28
All take their decision if supporting people's war in India or silence and
absence pro imperialism and pro Indian regime!


Mass arrests,repression in Hyderabad! against Forum for Political
Hyderabad: Police here Sunday stopped Pratyamnaya Rajakeeya Vedika (Forum
for Political Alternative) from holding a meeting, saying it's a frontal
organisation of a banned Maoist Party, and arrested its leaders and
activists. Police arrested about 50 leaders and activists of the forum as
they reached Sundarayya Vignana Kendram in Baghlingampalli to attend the
meeting called to mark 10 years of united revolutionary movement.
The forum's leaders and revolutionary writers Varavara Rao and Kalyan Rao
and Jeetan Marandi, a revolutionary singer from Jharkhand, were among those
arrested. Police deployed forces and erected barricades on the roads leading
towards the meeting venue to prevent activists from proceeding. Deputy
Commissioner of Police V.K. Kamalasan Reddy told reporters that the
Hyderabad High Court had denied permission to the forum to hold the meeting.
He said the forum is a frontal organisation of banned Communist Party of
India-Maoist and any activity of the outfit is illegal.
Varavara Rao, who is heading the forum, was initially placed under house
arrest and later taken into custody by police in Hyderabad while Kalyan Rao
was arrested late Saturday night in Macherla in Guntur district of
neighbouring state of Andhra Pradesh as he was leaving for Hyderabad to
attend the meeting. Varavara Rao's wife P. Hemalatah condemned the police
action. She said police denied the permission for the rally and now stopped
the meeting.
"This was never happened in the past. We were not expecting this under TRS
(Telangana Rashtra Samithi) rule in the new state of Telangana," she said.
The organisers had said the meeting was called to review the progress,
achievements and objectives of 10 years of united revolutionary movement, a
reference to merger of CPI-ML People's War Group with Maoist Communist
Centre (MCC) to form the CPI-Maoist.

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