jueves, 27 de julio de 2017

INDIA: Emocionante carta desde la prisión del profesor Saibaba a su esposa Basanta felicitandole por su cumpleaños.

Birthday greetings from Prison

Dear Vasantha,

I wish you have a happy birthday to you. I hope this letter reaches the day of your birthday. Many happy returns of the day. I know how bad you feel without my presence on this day. The state has determined to separate us. It has even determined to destroy us. In 26 years of our married life, we have not looked forward to individual comforts and growths. 36 years of our companionship only hoped and worked for the society. In this context, I can only say you should continue hope and works for the rights of the people in my absence. My imprisonment and my absence should not discourage you. On your birthday today, you take a resolve to face this adversity, this brutality inflicted on us, this violence perpetrated on us.
This case, this judgement and my incarceration in this prison are not a shame for us. These acts of the state are really a shame for the democracy. We dreamed for a better society, we hoped for the end to the inequalities, for human rights freedom, civil and democratic rights of the oppressed people, Dalits, Adivasis, women, the disabled the minorities. We continue to uphold these values and work for the betterment of the marginalised sections of the people to bring real democracy in our society.
They can try and crush our hopes, our dreams, but they can't stop us still dreaming, still nurturing hopes in our hearts. The false case, the fabricated judgement, and the dubious ways to keep me in prison should not discourage you, should not force you to lose hopes. For me, your birthday is always important, always brings cheers to me. You should feel happy on this day. We are small people working for small people's rights in small ways. Why does this gigantic state fear our hopes, our love, our dreams? Have we done anything wrong to anyone? Did we have to harm anyone? Why are our lives violated? Why are dreams criminalised.? Why are hopes crushed? Can we live in our own world, in our little dreamy world on our own, dashing against brutal and inhuman violent attack on our dreams? What gives us strength at this hour to you and me?
On the day of this birthday this year what can I give you? What do I have with me left? The same love. The same love that sprang between us when we met first during school days. You have given more love than I could ever extend to you in all our lives. I can still give you the same dreams that we shared since our adolescent love days.
Now you are the lone fighter fighting for my freedom. Don't get disheartened in these dark days we should not lose our hopes and dreams for the darkness can't permanently overshadow the light. These are not empty words. These are not rhetorical phrases. The history proved several times over that our dreams are not empty ones. Our hopes are not idealistic nonsense. We will win.
On your birthday this year from behind these bars, I re dedicate myself to your love. I sustain my courage my hopes my dreams because of your love. Whatever I did in my life so far I could do it because you stood like a lighthouse showering love all along me.

Yours , With lot of love,

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