viernes, 14 de julio de 2017

INDIA: La guerrilla maoísta extiende su trabajo en nuevas zonas de Agali. / AvaniNews

Maoists seek support for their fight in Agali

A group of Maoists from Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka cadre have A group of Maoists from Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka cadre have been camping in Agali in Palakkad district for almost a month, according to reports. It is learnt that they are preparing to wage a full-fledged fight against the government.
They have camped in more than 50 Adivasi villages (Oorus) in the region with the motive of seeking support from the villagers. They are also trying to increase their community strength by making more Adivasis to join them.
Maoists activities are mainly concentrated in Kerala-Tamil Nadu border areas like Edavani, Karuvara. Moolakombu adjoining Agali. More than ten reports have come up from these areas reporting the presence of Maoists last June alone.
According to intelligence reports, there are 15 fully armed Maoists in Edavani and ten in Moolakambu. Under the leadership of 45 leaders they are grouped into three. It is known that Manivasakam, who undertook the leadership of Maoist activities in Kerala after the death of Kuppudevraj and Kalidasan from Tamil Nadu, coordinate the activities in this region.
Police are of the view that since these villages are thickly packed in these areas, it is easy for them to communicate with the villagers. Also they have marked their presence in the Wayanad and Nilambur areas to mislead the police force.
The geographical peculiarities of Agali and the well-coordinated activities of the Maoists make the task of capturing them difficult for the police. Also after the failure of the mission in Nilambur the Maoist leadership have taken special care in not repeating their mistak

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