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INDIA: Documento del PCI (maoísta) denuncia la creación de una nueva banda contrarevolucionaria.

Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee
Communist Party of India (Maoist)

Rise against the proposed salva judum-2 with the name Vikas
Sangharsh Samithi (Committee to struggle for development)!

An appeal to the people, democrats, progressive intellectuals, writers,
teachers, lawyers, media personnel, human rights organisations, adivasi,
non adivasi social organisations, sarv samaj, sarv adivasi samaj

By now all of you must have known that the son of Mahendra karma, the number one comprador
of the ruling and exploitative classes who died in the hands of PLGA in the Jeeramghati ambush, Chavindra
karma, together with Chaitram Attami, P.Vijay, Sathar Ali and other such goons survived from the PLGA
attacks in thepast salva judum and goons of BJP, announced on the 5th of May that they would start salva
judum-2 for the sake of “peace” and “development” of Bastar with the name Vikas Sangharsh Samithi
(meaning committee to struggle for development). This so called committee to struggle for
development is nothing but an organized killer goonda gang of the family of Congress Karma in the
protection of the hindutva fascist BJP government, goondas of BJP and anti-people gentry. This is to
help intensify the on-going cruel, military, repressive campaign Operation Greenhunt.

Why one more salva judum?
In the name of “peace” and “development” the salva judum-2 in essence is to intensify the
implementation of the fascist military organized repressive campaign green hunt in order to sell off the
natural resources of the state to the domestic and foreign capitalist giants and to eliminate the people’s
power, the janathana sarkar that is blossoming in Dandakaranya for genuine self-reliance and genuine
The actual objective of this campaign is to pave way to the comprador bureaucratic bourgeois Tata,
Essar, Jindal, Mithal, Neco companies and Multinational companies like TPG in the resource rich
Dandakaranya. MoUs for lakhs of crores of rupees have been signed with these companies. The MoUs in
the field of steel projects with Tata and Essar itself amount to around 17 thousand crores. According to
an estimate, marathon acquisition of nearly one lakh acres of land, which is mostly that of the adivasis
is underway. All this amounts to the violation of the powers provided to the adivasis through the 5th
schedule of the Constitution and the PESA act. Iron ore mines of Raoghat, Chargaon, Barabaspur, Kuvve,
Budhiyarimad, Amdai, Thulad situated across Bastar sambhag from one corner to the other, more than
two dozens of iron ore mines including Pallemad in Rajnandgaon, Surjagarh in Gadchiroli and many
such mines were given on lease to the domestic and foreign capitalists. In addition to this, MoUs were
signed for ultra-mega steel plants with Tata, Essar and other companies and also NMDC. In order to loot
the resources easily and to facilitate the movement of the armed forces the Dalli Raoghat-Jagadalpur
rail line is being laid forcibly with the help of the police. One fourth of the land of the primitive tribe
Madia gond in Maad in Narayanpur district is proposed to be turned into a military hub with a military
training school. All these projects are facing stiff resistance from the people’s movement. It is for the
sole purpose of initiating these projects, the state police forces, central para military forces like CRPF,
BSF, ITBP are deployed in scores of camps and police stations. This is still going on. In the pretext of
patrolling, these forces are unleashing continuous attacks on the villages. Fake encounters, massacres,
fake arrests have become a normal feature in this area. Protesting this repression, anti-displacement
people’s struggle is intensifying. The people of this area are in the forefront in the struggle against the
land acquisition bill of the central government. The announcement of salva judum-2 just before the
visit of the main servant of the domestic and foreign corporate giants, Narendra Modi is to be seen in
this background.
What is the meaning of peace and development of the ruling classes?
For the exploitative and ruling classes, the meaning of peace is violence, loot, atrocity and
exploitation of the people. It is also that people bear the repression silently. If questioned, peace is
said to be violated. Those who question, protest and raise voice against the same are branded to be
terrorists, extremists, naxalites and Maoists. They can be hounded. Peace itself means violence for
them. The silence of the struggling masses is peace. Ordinary masses are kept in hunger, poverty,
shame and death for the benefit of the capitalists.
Development in terms of the exploitative governments is the development of the landlords,
comprador bureaucratic capitalists and the imperialists and that of the leaders and the bureaucrats.
Development means mega industries, big mining projects, big dams, special economic zones, industrial
corridors, atomic projects, air force and army hubs, military training school, wide and bright roads,
super highways, 5 star hotels, sky scrapers, mobile towers, corporate banks and police stations and
Development means eating away the jal jungle and zameen and the mineral resources of the
people. Development means, for them destruction of environment. The indiscriminate extraction of
resources by the capitalists is causing irrecoverable loss to the environment. Take the example of
Raoghat. Raoghat is considered important for monsoon rain in Asia. Mining in this mountain range
effects monsoon rain in Bastar. It is a known fact that the Bailadilla mining project created a lot of
destruction to the people of Bastar. It is known to all that the essar pipe line from Bailadilla to
Visakhapatnam led to the decrease of underground water level in Bastar. The pipe line facilitated the
rate of the transport of the iron ore of Bailadilla from 300 rupees per ton through rail to 50 rupees per
ton that benefits essar company. The cleaning of the iron ore of Bailadilla polluted river Malinger due
to which not only human beings but animals and birds too cannot drink the water. The people effected
due to the red water from Bailadilla are in strong resistance to the same. River Mendki too faces the
same wrath due to Raoghat project. So development means displacement and destruction of the people.
Development of the people means food, water, clothing, shelter, land, education, health,
employment, irrigation and other such facilities. But the exploitative governments are least bothered
about the basic facilities and problems of the people. The governments are implementing fake reforms
with the aim to distract the people from the revolutionary movement and to attract a small section of
the people. They are spending thousands of crores of rupees from the people’s money to provide basic
infrastructural facilities for the sake of domestic and foreign capitalist giants and for the repressive
state machinery like roads, mobile tower, police camps, rail line and dams. A very little amount is being
spent for the infrastructural facilities for the ordinary people. By the time it reaches the village from
the top of the state machinery it becomes less than one fourth of the allotted budget. According to an
estimate more than 25 lakhs of people are migrating in desperate search of livelihood from Chathisgarh
every year leaving aside their kith and kin. In this process they face loot and atrocities. The much
propagated MANREGA or any other project does not seem to be able to stop the migration. Chathisgarh
stands nothing less in the affair of suicides of farmers. All the employees along with the teachers are
frustrated with many problems. The governments take up lathi, jail and guns as an only answer to the
problems of the people. The exploitative governments that stand as the representatives of the ruling
and exploitative classes can never expected to take up real development of the people.
In order to mask the terrorist face of the armed forces of the government it is taking up Civic action
programs. The hands of the armed forces drenched in the blood of the people distribute articles to
them. So salva judum is neither a peace campaign nor for development.
This is the development of the ruling classes
These are the so called relief camps
This is the meaning of peace of the ruling classes
Repression is not new to the people of Dandakaranya
The struggling people of Dandakaranya have been fighting against many repressive campaigns for
the past 35 years of the revolutionary movement. They are equipped with the experience of facing and
fighting back such campaigns.
Jan Jagaran: The first repressive campaign in the name of jan jagaran in 1990-‘91 saw goondas
murdering the leaders and cadre of mass organisations and beating hundreds of them. Tens of women
were sexually assaulted. The struggling people defeated this campaign in the leadership of our Party.
Once again in 1997-‘98 another jan jagaran abhiyan was defeated by the armed people in the leadership
of the Party in a short period.
What was the peace and development of salva judum?
Salva judum was neither a peace campaign nor did anything for the development of the people.
Salva judum was a fascist, military and organized repressive campaign of the central and the state
governments aimed to repress the people struggling for peace and development. In addition to the
CRPF, Naga and Mijo forces too were deployed in this campaign. The school buildings were turned to be
shelters of the police forces. Seven hundred villages were destroyed in the cruel attacks of the salva
judum goondas and the government armed forces. More than fifteen hundred adivasis including 2 year
old child to 70 years old, were murdered barbarously. Dozens of massacres were committed. Hundreds
were arrested on false charges and put in jails. Many were put to life imprisonment on false evidences.
Hundreds of young women were assaulted sexually. Many were mass assaulted and later murdered.
The breasts of women were cut, pregnant women were murdered, uterus tore open and the foetus
suspended on the door. The heinous and cruel deeds of the salva judum makes one feel ashamed.
Movable and immovable properties worth crores of rupees were either looted or burnt. The adivasi
youth were attracted or terrorized to become SPOs. It was like forcing one to pluck their eyes with their
own fingers thus making a social division.
In the name of relief camps concentration camps were situated in a bid to mop up the people’s
movement. There were relentless attacks on the villages and more than 80 thousand people were
forced into these camps like cows and buffaloes. Life in these camps was worse than that in the jails.
The sexual assault and oppression on the women by the armed forces of the camp became intolerable
and was an ordinary affair. With the continuous efforts from party and democrats most of the people
who were fed up with thetorturous prison life in socalled Salwa Judum relief camps returned to their
villages. More than a lakh of people migrated to Telangana, Andhrapradesh and Orissa out of fear of
attacks, massacres, fake encounters, atrocities and torture, leaving aside all their belongings. They are
living a displaced life. Due to the attacks of salva judum lakhs of people became homeless and were
forced to live in the forest. They were in a life and death situation. It would be fair to quote an intellectual
who said that in the 25 years of the Maoist movement in the state not even a single home of the adivasis
was burnt, but in the 4 years of salva judum tens of thousands of were burnt and lakhs made homeless.
It is to be noted that this salva judum was said to be a spontaneous movement of the people and a
peace campaign. The past and the present proposed salva judum can be easily estimated whether it
was and would be, peaceful or not.
Strong people’s movement and people’s war intensified against the campaign. Progressive people,
democrats, social organisations, intellectuals, writers, teachers, lawyers, media personnel of the country
and across the world raised their voice against the fascist repressive salva judum campaign. They came
on to the roads and took up legal fight too. The government had to inevitably stop salva judum.
Operation Green Hunt: Due to the country wide fascist military repression campaign Operation
Greenhunt that started in August 2009, carpet security was intensified in the areas of struggle. Tens of
battallions of Police, para military forces were deployed and hundreds of camps and stations were
formed. Attacks on villages have been a daily phenomenon. Liquidative surrender policy is being
highlighted. They are conspiring to terrorise the people through massacres like Edsametta and
Under the leadership of the Party, the PLGA, the people’s government janathana sarkar, mass
organisations and the revolutionary people are making uncountable sacrifices in fighting back the
Operation Greenhunt. There is an unprecedented response against the fascist repressive campaign and
war on people and support to the people’s war, from proletariat class organisations, maoist parties and
organisations, human rights organisations, intellectuals, progressive and democratic sections, media
personnel. We not only hope but absolutely believe that this response would go on in the future and
would strengthen.
Tata and Essar’s sponsorship: It should be noted that tata and essar companies sponsored salva
judum and that both the companies allotted crores of rupees in the name of CSR (corporate social
responsibility) to run the concentration camps. Mahendra karma, the then leader of the opposition and
Baliram Kashyap the then MP of the ruling party and other such anti people persons who propagated for
the company and tried to forcibly compromise the people have been given big amounts. Undoubtedly
in the present context too the same companies are sponsoring the Committee to struggle for
development in order to speedily start their projects. It would not be out of context to quote the daily
papers that a senior IPS officer Giridhari Nayak who is expected to become the DGP of the state in near
future and another senior IAS Durgesh Mishra who is expected to be the industry secretary soon were
given lakhs of rupees to favour the company after coming to their positions. This clearly shows the
method of work of the corporate companies. Jal jungle and zameen and resources could be protected
only by intensifying the anti-displacement struggle against all the mining and other projects and
industries of tata, essar, neco, Jindal, mithal, TPG and other such domestic and foreign corporate giants.
Appeal – Our party appeals to the struggling masses of Dandakaraya to fight back and defeat the
present salva judum with the experience gained in the past two jan jagaran abhiyans and the salva
We appeal to adivasi, non adivasi social organisations, sarv adivasi samaj, sarv samaj that since the
proposed campaign is a big danger to the survival of the adivasis and non adivasis of Bastar, it is necessary
to not only stay away from the anti-people campaign but also to take up a strong resistance against the
We also appeal to all the progressive and democrats, human rights organisations, social organisations
intellectuals, writers, artists, teachers, lawyers, media personnel to come on to the roads, raise voice in
protest to the destructive and people repressive fascist organized campaign and come forward to
protect the jal jungle zameen and resources and the survival and identity of the adivasis.
Once again the terror and oppression of salva judum is going to start. Bastar could be protected
only if this campaign is defeated. People’s war and the people’s movement are to be intensified and
thus the repressive campaigns could be defeated. Thus the organ of people’s state power, the janathana
sarkar would be strengthened and expanded. Only thus the self-reliance and genuine development of
the people of Dandakaranya is possible.

Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee
Communist Party of India (maoist)

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