lunes, 13 de julio de 2015

TURQUIA: El PKK da fin a la tregua en Turquia y moviliza a sus combatientes. / PKK announces end of Turkish cease-fire, mobilizes guerillas

The Kurdish Communities Union (KCK), an umbrella network that includes the PKK, announced on Saturday that the cease-fire which was declared via a message from the PKK’s imprisoned leader Abdullah Öcalan in 2013 has ended, dealing a huge blow to the protracted reconciliation process that was expected to speed up with the Peoples’ Democratic Party’s (HDP) entrance into Parliament.

In a blistering statement, the KCK administration accused the government of engaging in deeds “that could lead to conflicts” and failing to hold on to the cease-fire deal.
“The decision to mobilize all sources including the guerilla forces has been taken to halt the construction of all dams,” the statement read. The KCK has also expressed unease regarding the construction of roads and outposts, perceiving their construction as Ankara’s attempt to strengthen its hand in case of a conflict and announced the attempts will be reciprocated by the militants.
“As of now, all the dams and the machines used in the construction of the dams will be the target of our guerilla forces,” the statement further read.
Ankara and the HDP have been pursuing a reconciliation process to end the decades-long conflict between the state and the PKK since 2013, but the process has seen serious setbacks prior to the June elections with friction emerging between the mediator HDP and Ankara. The party, which built its election campaign on messages that promised to push forward the stalled peace efforts, failed to abide by its vows once it secured its place in Parliament.
The HDP passed the election hurdle after receiving 13 percent of the votes in the June elections via the support of democrats and liberals, but it was unable to fulfill its assurance of a settlement between the state and the PKK. The blatant intimidation against the government by the KCK has come at a time while expectant HDP voters are waiting for a disarmament announcement.
The KCK accused the government of “exploiting the conditions of a cease-fire by constructing outposts and roads with military purposes, cultural massacre and dams” and claimed in the statement that Ankara was making preparations for a “new war.” It called on the workers and contractors to urgently vacate the construction site of the dams, in an apparent bid to intimidate the government.
After claiming that every militant arrest will be countered by the PKK, the KCK further said, “Turkey and Kurdistan should know that our guerilla force will use its right to resist against the construction of the dams and outposts. Our liberty movement will reveal its stance against the policies that leave our Kurdish problem without a solution.”
Sources also indicate that the PKK has also been sending threatening letters to the administration of the construction firms that carry out the dam projects. A letter sent to an Ankara-based construction firm dated June 14, 2015 reportedly reads, ” You will not choose the subcontractors. We will allow it if you work with firms we choose. If you work with firms close to you, you become a target.” The letter was later submitted to the police department.
Some analysts also interpret the KCK’s statement as a manifestation of their desire to nix the reconciliation process especially after Ankara revealed its stance against the establishment of a Kurdish state near its border.
The PKK administration, headquartered in the Qandil Mountains, had also previously delivered veiled threats against the government but the latest in a series of these remarks was the harshest among all that indicated an end to the cease-fire.

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