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INDIA: DSU statement on Nilambur fake encounter / Declaración de la DSU condena energicamente el falso encuentro de Nilambur.

DSU statement on Nilambur fake encounter

Condemn the cold blooded murder of 2 Maoists by the CPI(M) led Kerala government! All Encounters are Fake Encounters! Let us Unite against Social Fascism! Let us Unite to Smash the Brahmanical Hindutva Regime!

While the ghastly massacre of Malkangiri is still afresh in our mind, while in Bhopal the blood stains of eight under-trial SIMI activists have still not dried up, in yet another instance of fake encounter, two Maoists, Ajitha and Kuppu Devraj , were brutally murdered by the ‘Thunderbolt’ (notorious counter insurgency forces of Kerala) under the orders of the so-called “Left” Government of Pinarai Vijayan from CPI(M) in Nilambur forest in Malappuram district in north Kerala on 25th November. The extent of CPI(M)’s thirst for brutal state power and its hatred of people’s activists is clearly reflected in the bodies of the two slain, unarmed Maoists, Ajitha (19 bullet injuries) and Kuppu Devaraj (11 bullet injuries), whose dead bodies were left unattended for more than 30 hours.
According to Kerala police and Chief of Police, Debeshkumar Behra, soon after tracing some movement in the Karulayi forest, the armed forces (police and Thunderbolt) reached the spot around 12 at night. As always, they claimed that they started firing when the Maoists opened fire.
However, the absence of any lethal weapon from the slain Maoists and absence of even any minor injury of the counter insurgency team have put the entire story under serious questions. Moreover the post-mortem reports clearly exposes that the police narrative of a supposed gunbattle/encounter is a sham as the bodies were pierced all over with bullets which were shot point blank, that is, from a very close range. To cover this cold blooded murder, the police didn’t even allow the relatives of the slain, human rights activists and even media to enter the spot of the so called “encounter”. Since the fake encounter of Varghese in 1970, this is the second incident of such brazen violence, this time unleashed by a government led by a party that betrayed peoples movement long before to join hands with the ruling agencies. It is a macabre irony, that the very same CPI(M) organised this colded blooded murder violating all democratic norms on the eve of the 22nd anniversary of Kuthuparambu firing in which 5 CPI(M) activists were shot dead by the Kerala police. These are the very same forces shed crocodile tears and cry foul against the Bhopal fake encounter, brutal killing and lynching of Muslims and dalits, and blatantly unleash brutal state violence on the struggling people.
The families of both the activists have refused to accept the bodies, and along with students, human rights activists staged a stormy protest in front of the mortuary of Kozhikode Medical College. The anti-people Kerala Police, who have not come out with any statement after the post mortem reports, however did not waste any time in arresting the protestors. As if not enough, a senior activist, Com Ravuni, from Porattom has been arrested and booked under UAPA. Earlier this month, the Kerala police arrested Shantolal, Chathu and Geethu under UAPA for pasting posters on election boycott. We condemn the arrest of these activists on false charges and demand their immediate release.
This ghastly attack has been questioned from several quarters like court which ordered a magisterial enquiry; by the bench of Chief Justice R. M. Lodha who stated that promotion of the involved cops can only take place after fact finding report comes; while Kerala state human commission has come up with a statement asking Kerala DGP to submit a report on the “encounter” within two weeks. Other parties like CPI have questioned and condemned the extremely horrific incident. This incident is a clear reflection of the ruling class character of CPIM which farcically claims to lead a “Democratic” government in Kerala. In the name of culling out Maoists, the present LDF government is following the footsteps of the previous UDF government to extend Operation Green Hunt into the Western Ghats, one of the world’s largest hotbeds of biological diversity, to hand this region over to big corporates. Joining hands with the interests of the brahmanical ruling classes at the centre, the present LDF government led by CPI(M) is brutally carrying out its anti-people policies of loot and plunder to construct dams, SEZs, big industries and any one who opposes it are branded as Maoists and arrested or face the threat of being brutally murdered by unleasing the killer Thunderbolt.
From DSU we condemn the cold blooded murder of Maoist leaders Ajitha and Kuppu Devraj by the CPI(M) led Kerala government in strongest possible words. We also condemn the anti-people assault led by the CPI(M) government in Kerala. It is only the revolutionary movement of the most oppressed, downtrodden, revolutionary mass of this country fighting for their land, dignity and livelihood which can bring an end to such ruthless power mongering forces who try to crush people’s struggles and brazenly collaborates with the aggressive, jingoistic, Brahmanical Hindutva Fascist forces at the helm of power.

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