domingo, 23 de junio de 2013

GRECIA: Declaración de la Organización Comunista de Grecia.

Solidarity with the exemplary struggle of Turkey’s peoples! Hands off the Socialists!
Statement by KOE:
For almost three weeks now, the peoples of Turkey continue their courageous combat for Democracy and Justice despite the ferocious repression by the regime of Ankara. The so called “democrat” Erdogan has already painted his hands in the blood of the peoples’ best sons and daughters: 4 dead and 8.000 wounded, among them several in critical situation, as well as thousands of arrests, is so far the result of the Erdogan government’s vain effort to silence the waves of popular protests.
Yesterday over 100 socialists, members of the Socialist Party of Opressed (ESP) and other socialist organizations, as well as journalists of Atılım Newspaper, Etkin News Agency and Özgür Radio, have been arrested in their offices and houses by the “anti-terror” police units. This was one more step in Erdogan’s course towards an openly police state. In front of this new brutality, we fully share and support the resolute reaction by the popular resistance, as it was expressed for example with the following statement by the ESP:
“All of the assaults up to today failed to prevent our march headed for freedom and socialism. Likewise, this latest attack will not be able to stop the popular revolt ignited by Gezi Resistance. This revolt of dignity is a resistance of all segments of our peoples’ collective struggle”.
The Communist Organization of Greece calls upon all the revolutionary and democratic forces worldwide to intensify their solidarity (*) with the exemplary struggle of Turkey’s peoples, who have forgotten what fear is and continue their fight. Moreover, their struggle is the best help and inspiration for the struggle of the Greek, Portuguese, Arab and other peoples of the South, who face the same enemies and share the same aspirations. Together we shall build the new Mediterranean Spring, and together we shall pave the way for a future of Democracy, Dignity, Cooperation and Justice for our Peoples!
Athens, 19/6/2013

KOE, International Relations Department

(*) For example, organize protests outside the Turkish Embassies/Consulates, send protest letters to the Turkish Ministry of Interior Affairs, issue press statements. Please send reports about your solidarity and copies of your statements to: and

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