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SRI LANKA: Declaración de la Liga Revolucionaria Maoísta de apoyo a la Jornada Internacional de 1º de julio del 2013.

Indian revolution is our revolution. Its victory is our victory. 
Its defeat is our defeat.

The latest historical attack to the fascist leaders in Chatisgah region that
conducted by PLGA of CPI (Maoist) is big blow to the ruling classes of India
and great revenge on behalf of martyrdom topmost leaders Comrade Azad and
Kishenji and people’s who living under the misery conditions due to
suppression of fascist Salwa Judum, and killer machine of sate and central
government. Really it was very glad news for revolutionary comrades and
peoples of the world. At this moment we offer our red salute to brave
comrades of PLGA and revolutionary people who supported to this fearless
attack and we wish to CPI (Maoist) to intensify the people’s war in India.
Under the hardest condition of OGH, Indian comrades are developing
revolutionary movement all India with each passing day. Indian government
uses high power military technology, satellite, digital electronic system
and new military knowledge to suppress the revolutionary masses all over the
India. It is clear that Maoist ideology is inevitable. The highest peak of
the experience of proletariat revolution is Great Proletariat Cultural
Revolution led by comrade Mao Tsethung. From the first comrade Charu
Mazumdar applied comrade Mao’s theory and highly bonded with GPCR and soaked
genuine revolutionary spirit. After the collapsed of Chinese dictatorship of
proletariat there was nothing any socialist country. But sparks of GPCR were
dispersed whole world and they lit new prairie fires like people’s war of
India, Philippine, turkey, Peru and Colombia. Therefore people’s war of
India would be great legacy of the oppressed and revolutionary people’s of
the world.
Fascist Indian ruling classes conduct huge war on people with aid of
American imperialist. Large amount of ammunitions and weapons are producing
every day to bury the revolutionary movement. We must protect Indian
revolution as a center of the world revolution putting the hands of
proletariat internationalism. Big capitalist vultures are watching to take
up lands of the poor tribal peoples of India, which lay rich minerals and
resources under the soil. They know without wiping out Maoist movement they
never catch even inch of piece of the land. Moreover, they want to exploits
natural resources everywhere to heal their huge economic crisis.
We have taken actions to popularize Indian revolution among the people in
our country. We spread documents of CPI (Maoist) and the booklet on com.
Kishenji made by CC of CPI (Maoist) uses as hand book to study on
revolutionary leadership and gain the lessons that how to act as genuine and
firm revolutionary. And we had launched poster movement in some areas to
bring the news of Indian revolution and call the people to boycott electoral
In our country most people did not know revolutionary war of India. Some
ugly revisionist parties who said themselves as Socialists and Maoists are
working for their personal aspiration abusing great revolutionary legacy of
comrade Shanmugathasan do not want to develop or intensify revolutionary
movement. But today some peoples know about the revolutionary war of India
due to our works. We are propagating it among the people more and more in
many ways. We want to popularize it as house hold word.
And people’s war of India is great warring for ruling classes of south
Asian region. Because comprador ruling classes of Sri Lanka and some other
countries think about their next danger. Bourgeois Medias published and
broadcasted it as rise of the Maoist terrorism and distorting historical
values of revolutionary movements. With the spreading of the youthful news
of people’s war of India oppressed people may tend to get inspire and soak
the spirits of revolution. So it is a huge barrier to the ruling classes
everywhere. Therefore Maoism is a biggest challenge to world imperialism in
today. It is a fact for world imperialism most wants to bury the revolution
of India crushing the armed struggles of heroic peoples.
Clearly it proved that Maoism is inevitable political march liberation for
oppressed people in the world through the contemporary proletariat history.
Every revolutionary must uphold the people’s war in India. Without hard bond
with Indian revolution, without support to protect the great people’s war of
India any one cannot be a part of the world proletariat revolutionary
movement. Without support of the international unity of proletariats any
revolution can’t achieve great success. Indian revolution is our revolution.
Its victory is our victory. Its defeat is our defeat. We should protect and
support it.
So we can support to Indian revolution in many ways such as spreading and
popularizing people’s war everywhere, intensifying revolutionary movements
under the banner of Maoism in our countries and engage any other actions
what we can do.
We offer our whole hearted support to July 1 international day of support to
people’s war of India. The July 1 international movement will pave the way
to new wave of unity of proletariat internationalism. The memory of Comrade
Azad, Kishenji and other martyred will be living throughout every corner of
solidarity movement.
We say loudly again and again: Indian revolution is our revolution. Its
victory is our victory. Its defeat is our defeat.

Long live People’s War of India!
Red salute to thousands of martyred revolutionary comrades, Red guerilla
fighters and revolutionary people!
Down with Imperialism!
Long live Communist Party of India (Maoist)!
Long Live Marxism Leninism Maoism!

Maoist revolutionary League (MRL)

[Former New Marxist Study Group - NMSG]
Sri Lanka
17th June of 2013

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