lunes, 10 de octubre de 2016

TUNEZ: Carta de la OTC, maoístas tunecinos a Maoist Road.

letter to MAOISTROAD from Tunisia

to a collective journal for the Maoists in the world 

Dear comrades,
The communist labor organization - Tunisia-  (OTC)  address you a Communist greeting.
We are writing to you today while following closely what is occurring in the world :the imperialist crisis  becoming more and more severe leading to the imposition of impoverishment policies , the deepening of the oppression and the explosion of colonial and semi-colonial wars  to save the economics of the imperialist countries and to dominate over natural resources.
But as history has always shown us, this will only intensify the popular resistance and will trigger revolts, uprisings and revolutions. In light of all this, we can only commend the communist resistance all over the globe in all its means (from the Popular War in India to the participation in the movement against el Khomri law in France) and express our militant solidarity with the struggle leaded by our comrades around the world against imperialism and colonial oppression.
Dear comrades,
the features of a new era are emerging, it is time for the working class and its allies to launch a revolutionary wave , and it is time for the communists all over the world to recognize the criticality of the moment and switch to an offensive position by organizing, strengthening and expanding themselves,  refining their alternatives, reinforcing their links with the revolutionary classes and also by building strong links of international Communist solidarity .
"We, the workers of the world, must unite and erect an insurmountable barrier to the baleful system which would divide humanity into two classes: a host of hungry and brutalized people on the one hand, and a clique of fat, overfed mandarins on the other. Let us seek our salvation through solidarity.” Karl Marx
Dear comrades,
 the international solidarity has certainly seen great progress in recent years (by the joint communiques of Labor day , movements of support of political prisoners and of the popular war in India ...) and this progress is considered an important step forward on the path of reaching common goal of building a new Maoist Communist international.
And to move forward in fulfilling this task, we suggest issuing a collective journal for the Maoists in the world that would be published every three months along with a website ; we consider that this initiative could be a substantial mean of spreading communism all over the world and of introducing the struggle of the working class and its allies in the various homelands; this could also be a collective thinking tool for the Maoists on many political and ideological issues and shall be a setback for our enemies who fear nothing more than the union of the world working class and its allies in their common cause. 
Dear comrades,
Lets unite in our struggle and raise high the flag of communism!
Long live the Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!
Long live the worldwide revolutionary communist movement!
the communist labor organization -Tunisia-

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