sábado, 18 de marzo de 2017

INDIA: Hermano del prof. Saibaba denuncia la gravedad del estado de salud en la carcel.

Saibaba's health condition is highly deteriorated

Today 17/3/17 I met my brother Dr. G. N. Saibaba at Nagpur Central jail after the undemocratic judgement pronunced by the Gadchiroli sessions court. I waited nearly 4 hrs after applying for the mulakat to meet saibaba. The jail authorities has given mulakat almost at the end of the day around 5.45pm. The jaali mulakat last just in 20 min with two time warnings in between. The new jaali mulakat system is completely undemocratic and inhumane as the window is completely sealed with glass and​ to talk only over telephones on their side of the glass window. When we talk we can't​ even see the face properly; when face is to be observed we can't talk. With great difficulty we could able to share few things.
Dr. Saibaba looked very weak. He was unable​ to take Jail food. Jail authorities are not providing required diet to him. He is vomiting if any jail food is consumed. He got two times unbearable​ pancreatic pain in the jail. He is suffering from pancreas infection and admitted into hospital just before the verdict. So far no medical treatment has been given to him.Even the basic facilities which were earlier provided are now not extended.today did not accept to give medicines​,bedsheets, fruits etc.his health condition is highly deteriorated. He needs immediate medical treatment.I was not permitted to meet senior jailer to discuss health issues of Dr. G N. Saibaba. Even Hem Mishra's health is not in good condition.
------G. Ramdevudu

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