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FILIPINAS: Message of solidarity to the Communist Party of India (Maoist) on the occasion of its 17th anniversary (CPP)

Communist Party of the Philippines September 17, 2021

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and the New Peopleʹs Army (NPA) convey its warmest revolutionary solidarity to the Communist Party of India (Maoist) as it marks its 17th founding anniversary with week-long celebrations on September 21 to 27. The CPP and all revolutionary forces celebrate the revolutionary victories of the CPI (Maoist) together with the Red fighters of the Peopleʹs Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA), and the workers and peasants of India.

The CPP is inspired by the deep and iron resolve of the CPI (Maoist) to confront the challenges and overcome all obstacles to carry forward the peopleʹs war in India. Indeed, the CPP and the revolutionary forces in the Philippines always keep an eye on developments at the Indian revolutionary front and how the CPI (Maoist) leads efforts to counter the most vicious attacks of the reactionary ruling classes and frustrate the declared aim of the fascist Modi regime to crush the Indian revolution by 2022.

The CPP firmly salutes all the leaders and cadres of the CPI (Maoist), the commanders and fighters of the PLGA and the revolutionary masses of India. We pay homage to all revolutionary martyrs, as well as the martyred protesting farmers, mass leaders and activists who have been killed by state terrorism and statesponsored religious extremism, The oppressed and exploited classes in India, as well as the small and middle bourgeoisie are grateful that the revolutionary proletariat through the communist party is leading their struggle to end imperialism, feudalism and comprador bureaucratic capitalism and to the rotten semicolonial and semifeudal system which have brought interminable misery to them. Since its founding, the CPI (Maoist), born out of the consolidation of Marxist-Leninist-Maoist forces, has proven itself capable and determined to lead the struggle for new democracy and socialism in India. It is currently leading the Indian people in the struggle to defend their rights and interests against the fascist Modi regime.

We are gratified at how the CPI (Maoist) is supporting and leading the broad peasant masses in India in their fight against the neoliberal agricultural laws that will allow big companies to manipulate prices of agricultural commodities to drive the peasants to bankruptcy and hunger and take away their lands. The mass struggles of millions of Indian peasants since late last year have reverberated across the world, showing how conditions of desperation have been turned into mass action.

Their successful mass struggles are a source of inspiration for the peasant masses in the Philippines and other countries. The CPI (Maoist) continues to successfully arouse and lead the masses of the adivasi or indigenous people in their struggle to defend their ancestral land against the aggression of mining and "development" projects. The adivasis, long neglected by the reactionary ruling classes, have found power by waging revolution. The CPI (Maoist) also continues to arouse, organize and mobilize the broad masses of workers, women, the Dalits (lower caste), the youth, progressive intellectuals and others oppressed classes and sectors in the fight to defend their welfare and democratic rights which are inextricably linked to the struggle to transform the entire Indian social system through revolution.

The Indian reactionary classes are threatened and terrified by the rise of the peopleʹs revolutionary resistance led by the CPI (Maoist). It has resorted to murdering revolutionaries and activists, persecution of dissent, illegal searches and arrests and other brutal forms of suppression. Over the past years, it has whipped up "anti-terrorism" and ethnic and religious fanaticism to step up fascist attacks against the oppressed and exploited classes and minority groups.

The viciousness of the attacks of the reactionary state in India is similar to the brutal and cruel suppression of the state terrorist drive being carried out by the reactionary fascist state in the Philippines under the regime of Rodrigo Duterte. Both Modi and Duterte have declared to put an end to the peopleʹs armed resistance by 2022 to please the imperialist big corporations who seek to intensify the exploitation of the people and plunder the vast resources of both countries. Like the Indian people, the oppressed and exploited classes and sectors in the Philippines aspire for national and social liberation.

The Filipino people are waging armed struggle and other forms of resistance. Under the leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines, the New Peopleʹs Army continues to wage protracted peopleʹs war by carrying out extensive and intensive guerrilla warfare on the basis of an ever widening and deepening mass base. It carries out widespread mass work, wages antifeudal struggles, builds revolutionary mass organizations, recruits Red fighters especially from the young peasants, and builds organs of political power in the countryside.

Units of the NPA mounts big and small tactical offensives within the current middle-phase of the strategic defensive stage to annihilate part by part the enemyʹs armed forces, seize its weapons and further strengthen the peopleʹs army, At the same time, the CPPʹs branches in the cities continue to expand and strengthen the revolutionary forces among the workers, the urban semiproletariat and pettybourgeoisie, in order to fight for their rights and welfare, rouse the peopleʹs patriotic spirit and wage struggles against imperialist intervention, and generate broad political support for the armed resistance in the countryside.

The Indian and Filipino peoples must build and strengthen their solidarity links as they wage common struggles against imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism. They must draw inspiration from each otherʹs struggles and victories. They can provide each other with every possible form of political, moral and material assistance with the selfless aim of helping one another carry forward their struggles and surmount all hindrances and obstacles.

On the occasion of the CPI (Maoist)ʹs 17th anniversary, the CPP expresses admiration for your strong determination to carry forward the peopleʹs armed resistance and democratic struggles despite the intensified attacks of the forces of state terrorism. We are inspired by your program to strengthen the communist party ideologically, politically and organizationally. You are showing extraordinary fortitude in upholding, promoting and applying Marxism-Leninism-Maoism to serve the purpose of achieving the emancipation of the oppressed and exploited classes of India.

It is without doubt that the CPI (Maoist) will continue to gain strength as it wages the peopleʹs war in India. Every achievement of the CPI (Maoist) serves to advance the cause of the international proletariat during this period of resurgence of socialist and new democratic revolution.

Uphold, defend and promote Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

Long live the Communist Party of India (Maoist)!

Long live the Communist Party of the Philippines!

Long live proletarian solidarity between the CPI (Maoist) and the CPP!

Victory to the peopleʹs war in India and the Philippines!

viernes, 17 de septiembre de 2021


¡Proletarios de todos los países, uníos!










El 11 de este mes, el Presidente Gonzalo ha entregado su vida por el inmarcesible marxismo-leninismo-maoísmo, el Partido, la guerra popular y la Revolución Proletaria Mundial en la más alta luminosa trinchera de combate de la Base Naval del Callao.


El gobierno reaccionario encabezado por el “rondero” oportunista Pedro Castillo Terrones ha consumado el plan contrarrevolucionario de aniquilamiento del Presidente Gonzalo buscando destruir la Jefatura y su todopoderoso pensamiento gonzalo. Con la entrega de la propia vida el Presidente Gonzalo ha aplastado el plan de la CIA-yanqui-reacción peruana-LOD.


Con el más profundo odio de clase aplastamos, condenamos y rechazamos este horrendo e inconmensurable crimen contra el Presidente Gonzalo consumado por mandato del presidente del viejo Estado peruano Pedro Castillo Terrones. Este gobierno reaccionario encabezado por el oportunismo se ha quitado todo disfraz para cubrirse de infamia genocida contrarrevolucionaria, que ninguno de sus antecesores quiso asumir, emulando solo a su maestro el fascista, genocida y vendepatria Alberto Fujimori. El pueblo y solo el pueblo con guerra popular aplicará la debida sanción por el inmenso e ignominioso crimen a todos estos miserables imperialistas reaccionarios y ratas traidoras de la LOD.


El plan reaccionario aplicado con extrema crueldad por cerca de 29 años se estrelló siempre contra la indoblegable, férrea feroz resistencia de gran Jefe proletario, gran comunista, quien devenido en prisionero de guerra del viejo Estado peruano transformó el campo de concentración de la Base Naval del Callao en la más alta luminosa trinchera de combate.


Con su heroica entrega el Presidente Gonzalo ha aplastado a la línea oportunista de derecha revisionista y capitulacionista, encabezada por la rata Miriam. LOD, que llamó a terminar la guerra popular, renegando del Presidente Gonzalo, del maoísmo, del pensamiento gonzalo, de la Base de Unidad Partidaria aprobada en el I Congreso del PCP, todo a cambio de mejores condiciones de prisión clamando de rodillas por la amnistía para servir a los planes del imperialismo y la reacción de destruir la Jefatura del Partido y el pensamiento gonzalo, sirviendo al aislamiento absoluto y perpetuo del presidente durante cerca de 29 años.


El Presidente Gonzalo, como los comunistas, los combatientes y los hijos de las masas durante estos más de 41 años de guerra popular, enarbolando ideología, valor y heroicidad desplegadas audazmente en encendido desafío bélico entregó su vida por la guerra popular.


El Presidente Gonzalo ha conquistando una gran victoria política, militar y moral para el maoísmo, el Partido Comunista del Perú, la guerra popular, la revolución democrática en marcha ininterrumpida al socialismo y el comunismo para la clase, para el pueblo peruano y los pueblos del mundo, para el movimiento comunista internacional. El 11 de septiembre será recordado por todo los comunistas de la Tierra por este gran significado histórico de alcance universal, que es cierre de un período y sello de la apertura del nuevo período de revoluciones.


Llamamos a los partidos del Movimiento Comunista Internacional, a los revolucionarios y pueblos del mundo para llevar conjuntamente la Campaña Internacional por la Defensa de la Jefatura del Presidente Gonzalo y su Todopoderoso Pensamiento, que empieza con el día internacional de acción este 24 de septiembre, día celebratorio del 29º aniversario del discurso del Presidente Gonzalo, que brilla victorioso y desafiante ante el mundo como arma de combate de comunistas, combatientes y masas. Unámonos bajo la rojísima, aún más roja sangre derramada heroica, históricamente a raudales por el Presidente Gonzalo, bandera del maoísmo izada en la más alta cumbre.


Llamamos al Día Internacional de Acción como inicio de la campaña que debe expresar y honrar la vida y obra del Presidente Gonzalo, el gran triunfo conquistado con su heroica muerte.


El día internacional de acción, debe ser, una celebración de la victoria política, militar y moral de la guerra popular en el Perú conquistada por el Presidente Gonzalo. Su muerte heroica a iluminado y estremecido el mundo dándonos una gran victoria para la revolución proletaria mundial, la defensa del maoísmo, la guerra popular y el Partido, propinando un golpe contundente al imperialismo, la reacción y sus sirvientes del nuevo revisionismo encabezado a nivel mundial por las ratas de la LOD revisionista y capitulacionista.


¡Honor y gloria eterna al Presidente Gonzalo!

¡Guerra popular hasta el comunismo!



Partido Comunista del Perú

Partido Comunista de Brasil (Fracción Roja)


12 de septiembre de 2021

CANADA: Comrade Martín Naya: Present in the Struggle! (CWF(OC))


On behalf of the Communist Workers Front (Organizing Committee), we express our grief at the loss of Comrade Martín Naya (Miguel Alonso) as well as our solidarity with Dazibao Rojo, the Galician proletariat, and their Vanguard-in-formation, the Construction Committee of the Maoist Communist Party of Galicia.

Comrade Martín Naya’s death on September 3 is a loss felt by the entire international proletariat, including its Canadian detachment. Although the Communists-in-formation of Canada were not fortunate enough to have directly experienced working alongside Comrade Naya, his work and writings have found their way even to our country and will fuel our struggle to reconstitute the Communist Party of Canada for People’s War.

This departed comrade has made several important interventions in the International Communist Movement, struggling toward its greater unity with the aim of forming a New International Organization of the Proletariat. Among Comrade Naya’s important interventions were his struggle against the attempts of revisionism to attack the very existence of the People’s Wars in Peru and Turkey. Faced with the General Counter-Revolutionary Offensive of imperialism, revisionism, and reaction attempting to prevent the New Great Wave of the World Proletarian Revolution, it is imperative for all Maoists today to embody the spirit of Comrade Martín Naya and defeat these petty attacks of revisionism which aim to liquidate Maoism on all levels, principally ideologically.

Comrade Naya was a partisan and student of Chairman Gonzalo, the head of the World Proletarian Revolution. Yesterday, only a week after the loss of Comrade Naya, reports emerged that Chairman Gonzalo has died after nearly 30 years of slow assassination by the fascist Peruvian State. Comrade Naya was deeply involved in the International Emergency Campaign to Defend the Life of Chairman Gonzalo from the very beginning. The proletarian revolutionaries of the world must now develop this campaign toward avenging the death of Chairman Gonzalo, just as Comrade Naya would surely have it. And in this task it is more important than ever to learn from Comrade Martín Naya’s strong defence of Chairman Gonzalo, Maoism, and the universal aspects of Gonzalo Thought.

We pledge to continue the work of both of these fallen comrades by raising the Red Flag of Maoism even higher through the two-line struggle and class struggle in the process of reconstituting the Communist Party of Canada and the Communist International.

Comrade Martín Naya: Present in the struggle!

Reconstitute the Communist Parties of Galicia and Canada!

Avenge the death of Chairman Gonzalo!

Political Bureau of the Central Committee
Communist Workers Front (Organizing Committee)

We include here a number of articles that were written by Comrade Martín Naya that are of particular importance to the ongoing two-line struggle in the International Communist Movement and for the reconstitution of the Communist Party of Canada in particular:

ITALIA: Reedición en Italiano de la histórica entrevista al Presidente Gonzalo (Proletari Comunisti)


Teoría e ideología - La histórica entrevista al presidente Gonzalo - publicada por primera vez en Italia en enero de 1990 por el diario Rossoperaio - hito del pensamiento ideológico-teórico y político del gran líder histórico marxista-leninista-maoísta de la revolución peruana

se puede solicitar en forma impresa a pcro.red@gmail.com - será reeditado por la revista 'la Nuova Bandiera' y presentado en la transmisión en vivo por su muerte el 24 de septiembre de 2021 - ahora e información en el próximo dias.


BRASIL: Por el derecho al entierro digno del profesor Abimael Guzmán Reynoso. (CEBRASPO)


Por el derecho al entierro digno del profesor Abimael Guzmán Reynoso.

El profesor Abimael Guzmán Reynoso (Presidente Gonzalo), prisionero de guerra del Estado peruano y presidente del Partido Comunista del Perú, que había estado encarcelado e incomunicado en una celda submarina en la base naval del Callao durante 29 años, murió en la mañana del 11 de septiembre. Como denunciamos en un reciente comunicado, todo lleva a culpar al Estado peruano por dejar al maestro sin el tratamiento adecuado, lo cual es asesinato por negligencia.

No tenía derecho a pasar sus últimas horas en compañía de ningún familiar o amigo. Y para aumentar el abanico de derechos vulnerados desde la detención del profesor Abimael Guzmán el Estado peruano, en la figura de su ministro de Justicia, de un gobierno autodeclarado progresista, quiere negar el derecho al entierro de su cuerpo. El derecho al entierro digno es un derecho humano fundamental, que compone los convenios de Ginebra relativos a las situaciones de guerra y conflicto armado.

Es parte de las directrices básicas de todas las religiones monoteístas actuales y el cristianismo dominante en el mundo occidental. Este derecho está profundamente arraigado en la matriz cultural occidental, incluso hay famosas tragedias griegas. El Estado brasileño ya ha sido sancionado por la Corte Interamericana de Derechos Humanos por la desaparición de los cuerpos de los combatientes de la guerrilla de Araguaia.

Estará o atual governante Castillo que ganhou recentemente eleições no Peru com bandeiras “democráticas” contra a filha do genocida e fascista Fujimori se igualando ao regime militar fascista brasileiro no ocultamento de cadáveres, e a negação do direito de um sepultamento? 

¿El actual gobernante Castillo, que recientemente ganó las elecciones en Perú con banderas "democráticas" contra la hija del genocida y fascista Fujimori, equipara al régimen militar fascista brasileño en el ocultamiento de cadáveres y la negación del derecho a un entierro?

¿Qué temor tendrá el gobierno peruano, ya que habría habido una supuesta pacificación de un conflicto armado donde es cómodo poner en cuenta de una de las partes -la guerrilla- todas las muertes, siendo un hecho comprobado que el gobierno del fascista Fujimori pasó por encima de cualquier derecho democrático de la población, implementando una guerra sucia?

¿Teme que los factores económicos y sociales subyacentes de la realidad peruana sigan presentes y no tengan soluciones para enfrentarlos? ¿Cuántas muertes por covid se han producido como resultado de la falta de una política de salud pública? 190.000 muertes, la tasa más alta de muertes en el mundo por COVID en relación con su población.

No se puede atribuir ninguna muerte al profesor Guzmán, ni por asesinato ni por diseminación de enfermedades infecciosas. Aun así, fue detenido en régimen de incomunicación y se cuestiona su derecho a un entierro digno. ¿Las manchas genocidas oficiales de las personas serán tratadas por covid de la misma manera?

CEBRASPO Centro Brasileño de Solidaridad con los Pueblos - Brasil



Centro Brasileiro de Solidariedade aos Povos

MEXICO: ¡Alerta! Imperialismo y estado mexicano censuran cuenta de Sol Rojo!


A la clase obrera y el pueblo de México

Al proletariado internacional y los pueblos oprimidos del mundo

A las organizaciones democráticas y revolucionarias fraternas

El México de las “libertades democráticas”, el México de la “libertad de expresión”, el México “independiente” que se desgañita en gritos patrioteros de su falsa “independencia”, es en realidad EL MÉXICO DE LA DICTADURA DE TERRATENIENTES Y GRANDES BURGUESES SUBORDINADOS AL IMPERIALISMO YANQUI.

Esto lo hemos sabido y denunciado desde siempre. La condición semicolonial que pesa sobre el pueblo de México determina el desmantelamiento de la “soberanía nacional” y la entera supeditación económica, política, cultural, militar, etc. de nuestro país ante el imperialismo, principalmente yanqui. ¡Así se explican la imposición de megaproyectos de despojo y muerte, la firma de tratados económicos favorables al imperialismo y la aprobación de políticas antipopulares dictadas por los organismos económicos internacionales en contra de nuestro pueblo!

Esto se observa desde todos los ángulos de la vida social, en el caso que hoy denunciamos, desde las “benditas” redes sociales (como les llama AMLO) controladas por el imperialismo.

No es de extrañarse. La propiedad de los medios de comunicación la detenta la oligarquía, en este caso el magnate Jack Dorsey propietario de Twitter y parte del monopolio de comunicación digital yanqui. No nos extraña porque es claro que no existen los magnates progresistas ni los imperialistas buenos; ambos constituyen el enemigo de clase del proletariado y las masas populares del mundo entero.

En virtud de lo anterior denunciamos que:

      I.        Durante años, a partir de nuestra actividad y nuestra lucha política difundida en redes sociales y medios digitales, el imperialismo yanqui, en connivencia con el estado mexicano, han saboteado en múltiples ocasiones nuestros medios digitales, hackeándolos en más de una ocasión.

     II.        A lo largo de todo el año 2021 habíamos estado registrando actividades sospechosas en nuestro blog: https://solrojista.blogspot.com/ en nuestra cuenta de Facebook: Sol Rojo y en la cuenta de Twitter: @SolRojoOax

    III.        Ahora, de manera concreta nuestra cuenta de Twitter: @SolRojoOax ha sido bloqueada por reportar “actividades sospechosas” que “incumplen las reglas de seguridad”.


Imagen actual del perfil de la cuenta @SolRojoOax


Las fechas de ataques contra nuestros medios digitales coinciden con el momento en que nuestra organización resolvió firmar la Declaración por la Vida emitida por el Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional y de la cual somos adherentes, siendo partícipes de los diversos llamados del EZLN, como el SÍ en la consulta del pasado 1° de agosto llamando a luchar por verdad y justicia para las víctimas del terrorismo de estado, la propia Campaña Nacional por Verdad y Justicia, difundiendo los nombres de las víctimas, incluyendo los nombres de nuestros camaradas Ernesto Sernas García y Luis Armando Fuentes Aquino, en solidaridad con las delegaciones 421 y “Extemporánea” que han partido hacia la Europa Insumisa y  más recientemente en solidaridad con los trabajadores migrantes que están presos en la ciudad-cárcel de Tapachula, Chiapas asediados por el Instituto Nacional de Migración y la Guardia Nacional (cuarto cuerpo de ejército reaccionario en la guerra contra el pueblo).

Ahora que se ha difundido la noticia sobre la muerte biológica del gran Presidente Gonzalo, jefe de la revolución peruana y de la revolución proletaria mundial, también hemos denunciado que el viejo estado peruano en complicidad con el imperialismo yanqui lo asesinaron tras casi 29 años de prisión, aislamiento, torturas y tratos crueles. Hemos tomado posición señalando que el Presidente Gonzalo ha sido el más grande marxista-leninista-maoísta -principalmente maoísta- viviente sobre la faz de la tierra, y que así como ayer correspondió defender su salud y su vida, hoy corresponde defender su todopoderoso pensamiento, el cual es cierto y tiene validez universal para la clase obrera y los pueblos oprimidos del mundo.

Seguramente el imperialismo y el viejo estado mexicano piensan que podrán callar nuestra voz hackeando, saboteando, bloqueando o cancelando nuestros medios digitales. Ante ello respondemos que la nuestra es una lucha de clases, y esta se define principalmente en las calles, con organización y lucha política. Las redes sociales y los medios digitales están controlados por la oligarquía y el imperialismo ¡Las calles son nuestras!

Sin embargo, es preciso señalar que los ataques a la seguridad digital de los movimientos populares, suelen estar acompañados de la represión física, sea masiva o selectiva, en contra de estos.

Por lo anterior, responsabilizamos al viejo estado mexicano, a sus diferentes niveles de gobierno y al imperialismo yanqui de cualquier agresión que pueda desarrollarse en contra de nuestra organización o militancia en cualquier lugar de la república.

¡Ante la represión, la movilización!

¡Con el Sol Rojo, el pueblo vencerá!

Corriente del Pueblo Sol Rojo

Comité Central


16 de septiembre de 2021

Mensaje de censura de Twitter a la cuenta @SolRojoOax



jueves, 16 de septiembre de 2021

CHILE: Presidente Gonzalo seguirá ganando una y mil batallas ¡Honor y Gloria al Presidente Gonzalo! (FRPCCH)

¡Proletarios de todos los países, uníos!


Presidente Gonzalo seguirá ganando una y mil batallas

¡Honor y Gloria al Presidente Gonzalo!

“Los comunistas siéndolo no tenemos miedo a nada; más, el Partido nos ha forjado en retar a la muerte y llevar la vida en la punta de los dedos para entregarla en el momento que la revolución nos lo demande.”

Presidente Gonzalo, 1988.

Reafirmados en la ideología científica del proletariado, el marxismo-leninismo-maoísmo, principalmente maoísmo, ideología todopoderosa porque es verdadera, saludamos al heroico pueblo peruano, al Partido Comunista del Perú, a sus dirigentes, cuadros, militantes, combatientes del EPL y masas que junto a ellos bregan en lucha indeclinable para alcanzar la meta inalterable: el luminoso comunismo.

El Presidente Gonzalo ha muerto, clama la prensa reaccionaria. El proletariado internacional sin embargo les dice que la muerte física del Presidente no podrá acallar jamás el acero de su voz. Sus ideas, su todopoderoso pensamiento vuelan sin alas, vuelan alto y lejos a todos los rincones del mundo. Su paso firme indica claro el camino hacia donde marcha la humanidad, hacia el porvenir resplandeciente e inevitable de toda la humanidad: el dorado comunismo.

El día 11 de septiembre de septiembre la prensa monopolista peruana comunicaba la consumación del asesinato del Presidente Gonzalo. Como hienas rabiosas escupían sus vómitos negros y celebraban en medio de carcajadas que más bien parecían destemplados alaridos. El vil sirviente Castillo cumplió con el mandato del imperialismo yanqui al servicio de todos los reaccionarios. Para esta siniestra tarea contaron con el activo apoyo de la LOD en Perú y no crean las ratas de la LOD, revisionista y capitulacionista que van a engañar al proletariado y pueblos del mundo con sus patrañas y mamotretos. No lo hicieron ayer no lo harán hoy y menos mañana. El asesinato del cual han sido cómplices no ha derrotado al Presidente, al contrario el Presidente Gonzalo ha logrado arrancar una nueva victoria para la clase y el pueblo. No sólo convirtió las mazmorras del enemigo en la más alta y luminosa trinchera de combate, si no que aplastó sus protervos planes de aniquilar su gran legado, su pensamiento, que hoy es arma de combate para los comunistas del mundo entero.

El proletariado y el pueblo no olvidarán jamás este asesinato y tarde o temprano cumplirán la sentencia de muerte contra estos cobardes criminales.

El Presidente Gonzalo se entregó plenamente a la reconstitución del Partido Comunista del Perú, concluido esto y en medio de la lucha de clases y de la lucha de dos líneas logró imponer el Inicio de la Lucha Armada en 1980. Con el desarrollo de la guerra popular en el Perú y gracias a esto reconoció al maoísmo como una nueva, tercera y superior etapa del marxismo. Decía en 1988 “para nosotros ha sido decisivo llegar a comprender en la teoría y en la práctica el maoísmo como una tercera, nueva y superior etapa.”

Nos reafirmamos en lo señalado por la Declaración Conjunta del 24 de septiembre de 2018: “sólo partiendo de lo establecido científicamente por el Presidente Gonzalo es que podemos entender el maoísmo como una unidad, como un sistema armónico.”

Ha cumplido su jornada un comunista a carta cabal, toda una vida sirviendo de todo corazón al pueblo, combatiendo tenaz y sagazmente al revisionismo, a todo oportunismo de forma inseparable del combate al imperialismo. Hoy juramos continuar bregando por mantener el rumbo que el Presidente Gonzalo nos legara, enarbolando, defendiendo y aplicando el marxismo-leninismo-maoísmo en medio de la lucha de clases y de la lucha de dos líneas y cumplir con la campaña que él iniciara de imponer el maoísmo como mando y guía de la revolución proletaria mundial.

Hoy somos testigos de sus preclaras palabras pronunciadas hace 29 años: “al fin y al cabo al hombre le pueden quitar las cosas menos lo que tiene acá [tomando su cabeza], a nadie, a si lo maten, y si uno muere, esto [apuntando con su dedo índice a la cabeza] queda en los demás, y eso nunca se va a borrar...”

¡Viva el Presidente Gonzalo y su todopoderoso pensamiento!

¡Viva el marxismo-leninismo-maoísmo!

¡Abajo el revisionismo!

¡Honor y gloria al Presidente Gonzalo!

Fracción roja del Partido Comunista de Chile

13 de septiembre del 2021

NEPAL: CPN (Revolutionary Maoist) General Secretary Kiran pays a heartfelt tribute to com. Gonzalo and expresses solidarity with the Communist Party of Peru and her revolutionary people


September 11 2021 kathmandu.

Dr. Abimael Guzman (com. Gonzalo), leader of the Peruvian Communist Party (Shining Path), died in September 11 at the naval base in Callao, Peru. Com. Gonzalo was a symbol of conviction and a revolutionary who never bowed before the enemy. His death is a serious loss for the world communist movement. In this hour of grief, CPN(Revolutionary Maoist) General Secretary com. Kiran pays a heartfelt tribute to com. Gonzalo and expresses solidarity with the Communist Party of Peru and her revolutionary people. His homage is given as below:


Born on December 3, 1934, in Molendo, a small town in Peru, Dr. Abimael Guzman (com. Gonzalo), leader of the Peruvian Communist Party (Shining Path), died in September 11 at the naval base in Callao, Peru. Comrade Gonzalo, who was arrested in Lima on September 12, 1992, was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Fujimori government, a puppet of US imperialism, and was kept in a dungeon. Lately, he was suffering from skin cancer. Despite serious voices from revolutionary parties and human rights organisations around the world, Peru’s reactionary government had never been sensitive to his treatment and life. Even though the government has said he died in a military hospital, voices are being raised around the world that it was a premeditated assassination.

Com. Gonzalo began the process of reorganising the Communist Party of Peru in the 1960s. Under the ideological guidance of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Shining Path initiated the protracted people’s war in Peru from 1980. After about twelve years of initiation, he was arrested in Lima while planning a strategic counter-offensive. He then struggled in the enemy’s dungeon for 29 consecutive years. We can never forget the important ideological role the Peruvian revolution had played in initiating the people’s war in Nepal. The song, “Whether one likes it or not, a red flag is fluttering in Peru” written by a martyred comrade Ram Brikshya Yadav at that time, is still ringing in the ears of every revolutionary in Nepal.

Com. Gonzalo was a symbol of conviction and a revolutionary who never bowed before the enemy. His death is a serious loss for the world communist movement. In this hour of grief, our party pays a heartfelt tribute to com. Gonzalo and expresses solidarity with the Communist Party of Peru and her revolutionary people.

Date: September 12, 2021


 General Secretary

CPN (Revolutionary Maoist)

USA: Honor and Glory to Chairman Gonzalo, Greatest Son of the International Proletariat (tribuneofthepeople)

 By the Editorial Board

Chairman Gonzalo, also known as Dr. Abimael Guzman Reynoso, died on September 11 at the age of 86, following 29 years of a prolonged assassination by the old Peruvian State, backed by US imperialism. Chairman Gonzalo is the celebrated leader of the Communist Party of Peru (PCP, Partido Comunista del Peru) and the Peruvian Revolution. He is the greatest Communist of the modern era, who, through his leadership and thought, developed the highest stage of the ideology of the proletariat, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, a weapon which can never be taken away from the workers and oppressed peoples of the world.

The recently elected reactionary president of Peru, Pedro Castillo, carried out the final act of Gonzalo’s execution, which has been 29 years in the making since his capture on September 12, 1992. Since then, Gonzalo has been held in solitary confinement at the Callao Naval Base in a prison specially built for him. He lived there in subhuman conditions, constituting physical and psychological torture. Over time, his jailers allowed for an easily treatable skin cancer to metastasize in order to kill him in a manner that they believed would strip him of his dignity and diminish his stature.

In July, reports emerged that Gonzalo’s health was worsening and he had been transferred to a military hospital. This led to another surge of the international campaign to defend the life and health of Chairman Gonzalo, which has persisted since his capture. Across the world, revolutionaries and progressives have carried out actions and events to denounce the assassination plans of the US-backed Peruvian State. With his death, the campaign is flourishing to honor Chairman Gonzalo, his all-powerful thought, and the People’s War in Peru, which still continues undefeated against the Peruvian state.

An action in Oxnard last month as part of the campaign to Defend the Life of Chairman Gonzalo

A Defeat for the Reactionaries

Chairman Gonzalo was born on December 3, 1934, in Arequipa. He became a philosophy professor and took up the dialectical and historical materialism of Marxism, mastering it while teaching at the public university in Ayacucho, which became the initial stronghold of the PCP.

Gonzalo visited China during the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (GPCR) led by Chairman Mao, where he was inspired by the greatest mobilization of the masses in history as they bombarded the bourgeois elements in society, struggling with and without arms to continue the revolution under socialism. Gonzalo returned to Peru to continue the process of fighting as the red fraction of the PCP. He fought for the revolutionary line and expelled the 1st Right-Opportunist Line (ROL) from the Party in order to initiate the armed struggle on May 17, 1980.

In the reactionary media’s announcement of Gonzalo’s death, they called him a “terrorist” and used the occasion to spread anti-communist propaganda. Opportunists and revisionists (false Marxists) join in this, and seek to downplay or dismiss Chairman Gonzalo’s role and importance as the leader of the world proletarian revolution. To be attacked by the enemy is a good thing and shows that one is beyond co-optation and a line has been drawn. While the reactionaries of the world spit on Gonzalo’s grave, Gonzalo delivered a defeat to them upon his death. He died never once betraying the People’s War in Peru, and gave his life as part of the quota to pay for making revolution.

When asked by El Diario in 1988, “How does it feel to be the man most wanted by the repressive forces of the government?” Gonzalo responded:

“It feels like you are doing your job and working hard at it. What remains is to shoulder more responsibility for the revolution, the Party, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, for our class, the people and the masses. And to always understand that we carry our lives on our fingertips. If that weren’t so, we couldn’t be communists.”

Creatively Applying Marx, Lenin, and Mao to Peru

At the time of Gonzalo’s CIA-backed capture in 1992, the PCP controlled up to 60% of Peru and was on the verge of taking power throughout the entire country. Remarkably, they accomplished this feat without there being another socialist country in the world to assist them.

The People’s War in Peru began in 1980, four years after China had fully taken the capitalist path following the death of Chairman Mao in 1976, and long after the Soviet Union had become revisionist since Nikita Khrushchev’s rise to power in the 1950s. The imperialists used these setbacks to claim that Communism had ‘failed’, but Chairman Gonzalo proved the reaction’s evaluation was bankrupt, as the PCP waged struggle to reconstitute the Party and initiate the People’s War in these conditions. The People’s War in Peru is a self-sustained revolution fighting the odds against the biggest imperialist in the world, the United States, which has constantly provided the old Peruvian state with weapons and resources.

Chairman Gonzalo took the lessons of the international proletariat, beginning with Karl Marx and the workers struggles of the 1800s; from the Russian Revolution led by Lenin; and from the Chinese Revolution and GPCR led by Chairman Mao Zedong, and creatively applied these to the concrete reality of Peru. This process synthesized the ideology of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, confirming its truth in the People’s War in Peru.

The reactionaries paint Gonzalo, the PCP, and the masses under their leadership as “terrorists,” however, it is the backwards, semi-feudal, semi-colonial system of the big bourgeoisie which commits genocide and brings poverty and misery to the people of Peru. The People’s War has mobilized the most exploited workers of the cities and the poorest people of the countryside–mostly indigenous peasants who live under a semifeudal, racist order.

While the megacities of Latin America crawl into the capitalist epoch, the countryside of Peru is even more backwards, where the only solution to the misery sowed by the big landlords is an agrarian revolution that will give land to those who live and work on it, and tying this fight to the New Democratic Revolution. The New Democratic Revolution is an alliance between the progressive classes, especially the proletariat which leads the revolution and the peasantry which serves as its principal force. Their goal is to expel imperialism, overthrow semi-feudalism by seizing the land from the big landlords and redistributing it among the poor peasants, and taking control of capital to develop the national economy.

Art from the People’s War in Peru, the text reads “The masses make history, the Party leads them,” PCP

Through his leadership of the PCP and its People’s War, Chairman Gonzalo championed those people who have nothing, but have everything to gain. He gave his life in service to the people and the fight for Communism. Chairman Gonzalo’s death is heavier than the Andes mountains, and revolutionaries worldwide are shedding tears and deeply mourning his passing.

However, it is not the time to pause or slow down the fight for revolution. When comrades are martyred, the most fitting tribute is to take up a post in revolution, to dedicate yourself to the study and practice of the scientific, proletarian ideology: Maoism. The task is left to the proletariat and people of the world, as directed by Chairman Gonzalo, to constitute or reconstitute militarized Communist Parties, based in Maoism, in order to launch People’s Wars against the old societies, whether in the imperialist countries or in the countries oppressed by imperialism.

Communists Fear Nothing

In his interview with El Diario, Chairman Gonzalo described courage as a unity of opposites, saying, “I believe that fear and lack of fear form a contradiction. The point is to take up our ideology, and unleash the courage within us.”

Chairman Gonzalo did not fear death, because he had faith in the masses of the world, who he knew would continue his work in their inevitable march towards Communism. This will take place through New Democratic Revolution in the Third World, uninterrupted towards socialism, while Socialist Revolution is necessary in the imperialist countries. Under socialism, societies require waves of Cultural Revolutions in order to reach the day that the state, money, and classes are obsolete. Only then, when this happens across the globe, will all of humanity enter Communism together. This process is what is meant by the slogan, People’s War Until Communism!

Tribune of the People joins the people of the world to salute Chairman Gonzalo as the greatest son of the Communist Party of Peru and the international proletariat, who will continue his fight for a new world. Chairman Gonzalo gave his life for the World Proletarian Revolution, never once dropping the red flag which represents the blood that he and many other sons and daughters of the masses have given and will continue to give–the red flag which leads us towards humanity’s Communist future.

In Chairman Gonzalo’s own words: “What remains is the satisfaction of contributing together with others to laying the foundation so that some day communism may shine and illuminate the entire earth.”

Eternal Honor and Glory to Chairman Gonzalo!

Long Live the Communist Party of Peru!

Long Live the People’s War in Peru!

Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Down with Revisionism!