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In Bastar, Chhattisgarh On May 11, 2024, 12 Adivasis including grade 5 student were killed in a fake encounter and on May 12, 2 minor children were killed after they accidentally triggered an unexploded mortar shell left by government forces!

Oppose Operation Samadhan Prahar and Operation Kagar !


martes, 21 de mayo de 2024

ICSPWI - Mobilize in all kind of actions in support Indian revolution against Operation Kagaar !

 take up the appeal of the Indian comrades!

1 - diffusion in all pro-palestinian demostrations in the world the 
call 'against Operation Kagaar!
2 - in occasion of G7 Summit in Italy 13-15 june with Modi's presence 
we organise an delegation in the big demostration against 
the G7 in Taranto/Brindisi/fasano
3 - in occasion of International week for the George Abdallah's freedom 
8-15 june take denounce and solidarity against Operation Kagaar
4 - actions in 19th June in solidarity with Indian political prisoners
1 july International Day of actions against Operation Kagaar 
in all the countries possible - 
for this day ICSPWI makes a new call
may 2024 

INDIA: Call of Communist Party of India (Maoist) : ' actions against “Operation Kagaar”!

The Central Committee of the CPI (Maoist) makes an ardent appeal to comrades and

friends of the Indian Revolution abroad, to take up several programs and actions against
“Operation Kagaar”....

Let us defeat this fascist onslaught on the people of India and advance the Indian Revolution to new heights

 Dear Comrades,Red Salutes!

The Brahmanic Hindutva State continues its genocidal campaigns on indigenous people
of India particularly on the central Indian tribal people in a much ruthless manner. The Indian ruling classes, worried by the revolutionary movement of the people, extols all its armed machineries to eliminate the revolutionary movement in this mission of “Maoist-Free India” by the end of year 2024. In pursuit of its aim, RSS-BJP fascist forces have steadfastly intensified their ongoing genocidal campaign in the name of “Operation Kagaar”. After Aapatola genocide on 16th of April, in which the Indian armed forces brutally killed 11 unarmed comrades and 6 injured comrades out of 29 comrades, the armed forces carried out three more genocides. On 30th of April, in Tekametta and Kakur forests of Chhattisgarh-Maharashtra border region, 4 villagers of the indigenous Mariah tribe were killed by the state armed forces in a barbaric manner while they were performing their traditional rituals. Six revolutionary cadres and PLGA fighters were killed in this encounter. One senior most comrade, Cheemala Narsaiah (Joganna
(66) who was Regional Committee Member (RCM) was picked unarmed up and killed in a gory manner.

On 10th of May, in Pidia village of Bijapur district of Chhattisgarh state, 12 tribal villagers who were out in the forest to pluck tendu leaves (used to prepare beedi, the native cigar), were killed in a savage way by the armed forces. The Gadchilori C-60 commandos in the state of Maharashtra, killed three comrades in a fake-encounter in Kathrangatta on May 13. Central Home-Minister, Amit Shah and the Chief Minister, Dy. Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh State congratulated the armed forces and admired their barbaric acts as an act of bravery. 

They are encouraging the armed forces to continue and intensify this bloodshed. Thousands of Police personnel are combing the forest areas in a reckless manner. In addition to this, aerial bombings and 81mm mortar shell firing have become a new norm of the armed forces. All rubbish stories scripted by the police are being telecasted in the media. Media personnel are stating that armed forces are killing tribal people out of panic. When the tribal people see the police with modern sophisticated weapons and bombs in forest, they run out of fear. It is the tribal people who are living in panic. They are living in extreme fear and grief. 

But the logic of media personnel stating that armed forces are killing tribal people due to panic is nothing but to legitimize state violence on the indigenous people. In media, the armed forces display the dead bodies of the indigenous people along with bur mar (muzzle loader), which is a traditional weapon used by the tribal people of India for centuries to protect themselves from the attacks of wild animals. Carrying muscle loader or bow and arrows by the tribal people in the forests is quite natural. But today, they are being killed in a manner more ruthless than the wild animals by the armed forces of India. The Indian state has endangered the indigenous people of the country. RSS-BJP has launched “Operation Kagaar” at the behest of the ruling classes of India and imperialist forces. The massive corporatization-militarization of the forest areas are underway in order to hand over the natural resources to domestic corporate houses and their Imperialist bosses. Comrades and friends of the Indian Revolution abroad,

All these heinous acts by the Indian state on its own people are a testimony of genocides which are going to escalate in the coming days. Mainstream media and even the alternative media are maintaining terrific silence on these genocides. The indigenous people are committed to protect the natural resources of the country from the plunders of Imperialist and domestic big corporate companies. In such a catastrophic time, they are standing firmly determined with the revolutionary movement.

The Central Committee of the CPI (Maoist) makes an ardent appeal to comrades and
friends of the Indian Revolution abroad, to take up several programs and actions against “Operation Kagaar”. Let us defeat this fascist onslaught on the people of India and advance the Indian Revolution to new heights

Kanaky: Contre-offensive de l’état français - info

 secours rouge


Un homme est mort et deux autres ont été blessés samedi 18 mai en Kanaky/Nouvelle-Calédonie dans un échange de coups de feu sur un barrage érigé par des Kanaks dans le nord de la grande île. Les tirs ont été échangés quand deux Caldoches (Calédoniens d’origine européenne) ont voulu passer un barrage érigé par des indépendantistes. L’un d’eux est mort, l’autre a été blessé, ainsi qu’un Kanak. Ce décès porte à six le nombre de morts depuis le début, lundi, du soulèvement provoqué par le vote d’une réforme électorale à Paris – deux gendarmes et quatre civils, trois Kanaks et un Caldoche.

Vendredi, 1 000 renforts sont arrivés, en plus des 1 700 déjà déployés et le dégagement de la route, d’une soixantaine de kilomètres, entre Nouméa et son aéroport international a débuté dimanche matin. Sur cet axe stratégique, l’Etat a lancé une vaste opération de 600 gendarmes, dont une centaine de membres du GIGN. La soixantaine de barrages érigés par des indépendantistes ont été percés, mais l’axe est loin d’être accessible car les épaves de voitures, le bois et la ferraille brûlés restent en place et la voirie est abîmée à plusieurs endroits.

Les mesures exceptionnelles de l’état d’urgence sont maintenues, à savoir le couvre-feu entre 18 heures et 6 heures, l’interdiction des rassemblements, du transport d’armes et de la vente d’alcool, et le bannissement de l’application TikTok. La réforme constitutionnelle qui a mis le feu aux poudres vise à élargir le corps électoral lors des scrutins provinciaux, au risque de marginaliser encore plus le peuple autochtone kanak. Adopté mercredi par les députés, après les sénateurs, le texte doit encore être voté par les parlementaires réunis en Congrès, à une date non déterminée.

martes, 7 de mayo de 2024

INDIA: Condemn the firing and murder of people in Kakur-Tekametta forest - CPI(Maoist)


 Homage to the revolutionaries who laid down their lives in police firing

Thousands of police fired upon people in Kakur-Tekametta forest of Narayanpur district of Chhattisgarh bordering Maharashtra at around 9 am on 30th April during combing in which 4 indigenous tribal farmers weremurdered. The people were celebrating their traditional festival. The people started to flee out of fear when thepolice chased them like animals firing until 12’o clock.

The West Sub-Zonal Bureau (Gadchiroli) of Dandakaranya Special Zone of the CPI (Maoist) appeals to democrats, rights activists, well-wishers of tribal people and tribal organisations to condemn the brutal murders,to demand the government to come out with facts and to punish the responsible police officials. The Bureau pays revolutionary homage to our beloved martyrs who laid down their lives heroically retaliating the policefiring at various places in the area.

The facts are like this – The police had encircled the area on all sides by the time the people of Kakur and Mangeveda came there to celebrate the festival. The police suddenly opened fire on the people in whichfour tribal farmers died – Kovasi Pandu, Tekametta (wife, Soni), Mainu Korcha, Mangeveda, Lalsu Kovachi,Tekametta (wife Susheela), Ramulu Naroti, Mangeveda (wife Neela). Our party severely condemns the brutal murder of farmers. 

Six revolutionaries became martyrs in police firing at various places in the vast forest – Comrades Joganna, (Cheemala Narasayya, Vadakapalli, Peddapalli district, Telangana), Regional Committee member,Comrade Vinay (Bellampalli, Adilabad, Telangana), Platoon Party Committee Member, Comrade Malesh(Mallepad, Bijapur district), Company Party Committee Member, Comrade Sarita Party Members (Vetya,Kodduru, Narayanpur, district), Comrade Sindhu (Musramguda,Etapalli tehsil, Gadchiroli district) and ComradeChilaka (Komatpalli, Bijapur district). 

The news of their martyrdom will put their relatives and friends in grief. Our party appeals to them to understand that the martyrs selflessly laid down their lives for the sake of peopleand that to uphold their ideal of sacrifice. It also appeals to condemn the police brutal massacre and ‘OperationKagaar’. Sixty-year old Comrade Joganna tried to break the police cordon and escape. But he was tired due to the scorching heat when the police caught him alive. By that time Comrade Joganna handed over his AK 47 Rifleto his comrades. The unarmed comrade was utmost brutally killed by the police.

The police wish to create terror among the people and revolutionaries with such massacres. However, this only reveals police brutality and would lead to further people’s anger.

Our party appeals to the revolutionary classes and people to come forth courageously to condemn such brutal deeds and to preserve the revolutionary movement.


Spokesperson West Sub Zonal 

Bureau Dandakaranya

jueves, 2 de mayo de 2024

GALIZA:Por um Primeiro de Maio que resgate o legado do Movimento Comunista Internacional. (Galiza Vermelha)


Por um Primeiro de Maio que resgate o legado do Movimento Comunista Internacional.

O Primeiro de Maio é o fruito do poder político, da capacidade de mobilização que fai anos tinha o MCI (Movimento Comunista Internacional). Marx desde a Primeira Internacional criou o Primeiro de Maio como umha data na que reivindicar principalmente a jornada de trabalho de oito horas e denunciar a reprerssom mas posteriormente, a Uniom Soviética, A República Popular da China, outros estados socialistas e todo o MCI, aproveitaram ao 1 de Maio para denunciar os crimes das potências imperialistas e apoiar as diferentes revoluçons populares, as guerras populares, as luitas de libertaçom nacional e demais guerras justas.

Hoje igual que onte devemos aproveitar o 1 de Maio para denunciar os grandes crimes realizados pola burguesia ao longo do mundo. Som exemplo disto o xenocídio colonial que está a sofrer Palestina ou, a carnificina em que se transformou Ucrânia. O bombardeamento da populaçom civil de Gaza e a fame criada pola destruiçom dos depósitos de água, das terras de cultivo e o bloqueio da ajuda humanitária provoca, a desnutriçom e a morte de crianças. A barbárie do colonialismo segue viva na Palestina graças ao sionismo, aos Estados Unidos e à Uniom Europeia.

Na Ucrânia segue a guerra entre a OTAN-UE e a Rússia. A guerra entre os interesses das burguesias da OTAN-UE e os interesses da burguesia da Rússia. Umha guerra na que morrem ucranianos mobilizados pola força. Umha guerra onde morre a populaçom civil tanto do território ucraniano e como do russo. Umha guerra que transformou a Ucrânia em um ninho de fascistas e lançou umha onda de militarismo que percorre todo mundo.
Ademais esta guerra mostrou até que ponto a tendência mundial ao militarismo está presente em praticamente todos os estados. Agora toca o rearme mundial, restaurar o serviço militar e dedicar uns anos à preparaçom para a próxima guerra mundial.

Porque o enfrentamento do bando da OTAN-UE contra Rússia e contra China começou em Ásia e em África (Síria, Taiwuan, Líbia, Sudam, Mali, Níger, etc), tamém chegou à Europa em Ucrânia mas, umha guerra proxy como a de Ucrânia ao dar-se entre grandes potências imperialistas pode levar a um enfrentamento a nível mundial. Um enfrentamento militar de este tipo facilmente pode escalar a um enfrentamento nuclear e como resultado a um inverno nuclear.

Frente a o horror imperialista, a resistência da Palestina, as guerras populares da Índia e das Filipinas, as mobilizaçons contra o xenocídio, etc, segue demonstrando que som as massas as que escrevem a história. Há muitas lutas justas no mundo que os comunistas devemos apoiar mas, as pessoas que tenham interesse polo Marxismo da nossa época (o Marxismo-Leninismo-Maoismo), tenhem que ter presente que o mais importante é a linha política, que a linha política justa cria a consciência. O tempo que dedicamos a estudar a realidade social forma parte do nosso trabalho como comunistas e o trabalho nas organizaçons de massas nom pode ser umha escusa para ignorar a ciência do proletariado.

O proletariado mais avançado politicamente nom se pode deixar arrastrado polo esnobismo, por um pós-modernismo que pretendendo ser original mas que na realidade repete as mesmas velhas e podres teses dos mencheviques contra os que tivo que luitar Lenin.

O menchevismo de qualquer classe (incluído o Trotskismo) demonstrou que nom é umha guia para açom senom que simplesmente, é um instrumento para criar confusom entre o proletariado.

A consciencia ao mando!

Galiza Vermelha

Joint Declaration 2024 - Proletarian and Internationalist May Day - English and spanish



Proletarian And Internationalist May Day


                                             Proletarians and oppressed peoples around the world, unite!

Proletarians, exploited masses, peoples of the world it is now clear for all : imperialism is war, reaction, misery and oppression of peoples!

The imperialist powers US, EU and NATO are marching step by step towards a new imperialist world war; all countries are equipping themselves with increasingly modern and devastating armaments and foresee the use of nuclear weapons which put the future of the world at risk, combined with the growing environmental crisis. All imperialist countries strengthen their armies, militarize territories and society, prepare public opinion for war, develop a war’s economy. War originates from the global, systemic, economic crisis that requires a new division of the world.

Russian imperialism and Chinese social imperialism are, on the one hand, the target of this offensive and, on the other one, they are riding the crisis of Western imperialism, mainly the US, for a new order favourable to them, in the name of ‘new multipolar world’.

Imperialism unleashes its watchdogs as the front line in the war - see Israel, Ukraine and the governments of the countries subservient to them.

All the imperialist powers, in collusion and dispute with each other, and the governments subservient to them are united against the proletarians and peoples of the world.

Imperialism is reactionarization:old and new fascism.

All imperialist states and their subservient governments advance in the transformation of states by reducing and erasing bourgeois democracy, attacking the democratic freedoms and rights of workers and the masses, filling the prisons with political opponents, establishing more and more open forms of dictatorship, which attack the women's rights, freedom of thought, etc. and foment suprematism, racism, obscurantist culture and religious fundamentalism.

Imperialism is relative and absolute misery for the proletariat and the oppressed masses, for the impoverished petty bourgeoisie in the cities and countryside.

It means cutting of wages, precariousness, unemployment, cutting of social spending, healthcare, school, environment; widening of the gap between rich and poor regions; new slavery, youth unemployment, women's inequality; high cost of living.

In the countries oppressed by imperialism all this is aggravated by the permanence and conservation of national, colonial, semicolonial and feudal oppression


In all the countries of Asia, Latin America and Africa, popular revolts and anti-imperialist struggles are developing, often bloodily repressed, to the edge of genocide, as is the case today in Palestine. And the war of imperialism and lackey governments continues against the people's wars in India, the Philippines, Turkey, Peru and against all the forces in the world that pursue the revolutionary path of the people's war.

In these objective conditions the need for revolution increases.

The need for a genuine revolutionary path, able to make New Democratic, socialist revolutions advance and win, in a context of the world proletarian revolution marching to communism.

To achieve this goal, the experience of proletarians and peoples in struggle (the Commune of Paris, the October Revolution, the Chinese Revolution and the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution) historically showed that three tools are indispensable to fight and win.

The revolutionary, communist Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Party of the proletariat, as organized vanguard detachment of the working class, vanguard political fighter, equipped with strategy and tactics suited to the conditions of each country for the seizure of political power, the construction of the Dictatorship of the proletariat and new State.

The united front of proletariat and people’s masses.

In the imperialist countries this requires the leadership and majority participation of the proletariat and its central nucleus, the industrial working class, which allies the poor masses, the students, the impoverished sectors of the urban and agricultural petty bourgeoisie.

In countries oppressed by imperialism the fundamental alliance is between workers and peasants who unite the poor masses and the large sectors that suffer national, colonial, semicolonial, feudal oppression.

The proletarian revolution requires armed struggle, as vanguard and mass struggle, and the construction of the people’s army to wage class war and revolutionary war resulting in people’s insurrection for the seizure of state power and the construction of the proletarian state, indispensable for the socialist transformation, marching, with all the countries of the world, to communism.

It is Fundamental in this process the slogan of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution:

The working class must lead everything.

We need the unity of the communists, in the fire of the class struggle in close connection with the masses, who fight revisionism, economism, wright opportunism and ‘left opportunism’, factor of sectarianism, division in the ranks of the communist movement.

Let us unite under the leadership of the proletariat to make the peoples of the world towards the world advance to world socialist revolution, to eradicate imperialism and thereby establish communism on earth.

We need an international conference and a new international organization of Marxist-Leninist-Maoist parties and organizations, at the stage possible today, of coordination, unity of action and the working out a new general line of the international communist movement.

Free Palestine – Stop the Zionist/imperialist genocide – Support the Palestinian Resistance until victory!

Support people's wars in all countries of the world!

Stop imperialist war and fascism!

Defend the lives and conditions of political prisoners!

Unleash the fury of women as a powerful force of the revolution!

Death to imperialism / the future is socialism and communism!

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

Long live proletarian internationalism!

Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan

Construction Committee of the Maoist Communist Party of Galicia

Communist Party of India (Maoist)

Communist Party of Turkey - Marxist Leninist (TKP-ML)

Communist Worker Union (mlm) Colombia

Maoist Communist Party – Italy

 Proletarian Party Of Purbo Bangla( PBSP/Bangladesh)

 Red Road of Iran (Maoist group)

 Revolutionary Communist  Party of Nepal. 

Worker Voice - Malaysia

Chinese Proletarian Alliance Communist Party

Revolutionary Maoist Coalition - USA


other signatures are possible  - adress:maoistroad@gmail.com 

Texto en castellano


Primero de Mayo proletario e internacionalista

¡Proletarios y pueblos oprimidos del mundo entero, uníos!


Proletarios, masas explotadas, pueblos del mundo, ahora está claro para todos: ¡el imperialismo es guerra, reacción, miseria y opresión de los pueblos!

Las potencias imperialistas de EE.UU., la UE y la OTAN están marchando paso a paso hacia una nueva guerra imperialista mundial; todos los países se están equipando con armamentos cada vez más modernos y devastadores y prevén el uso de armas nucleares que ponen en riesgo el futuro del mundo, combinado con la creciente crisis medioambiental. Todos los países imperialistas fortalecen sus ejércitos, militarizan los territorios y la sociedad, preparan la opinión pública para la guerra, desarrollan la economía de guerra. La guerra es originada por la crisis económica sistémica global, que requiere una nueva división del mundo.

El imperialismo ruso y el socialimperialismo chino son, por un lado, el blanco de esta ofensiva y, por otro, aprovechan de la crisis del imperialismo occidental, principalmente de los EE.UU, en busca de una nueva marco global que les favorezca, en nombre del ‘nuevo mundo mulipolar’

El imperialismo desata a sus perros guardianes como primera línea de la guerra: véanse Israel, Ucrania y los gobiernos de los países subordinados a ellos.

Todas las potencias imperialistas, en colusión y pugna entre sí y los gobiernos subordinados a ellas están unidos contra los proletarios y los pueblos del mundo.

El imperialismo es reaccionarización: viejo y nuevo fascismo.

Todos los estados imperialistas y los gobiernos sus lacayos avanzan en la transformación de los estados restringiendo y borrando la democracia burguesa, atacando las libertades y derechos democráticos de los trabajadores y las masas, llenando las cárceles de opositores políticos, estableciendo formas de dictadura cada vez más abiertas, que atacan los derechos de las mujeres, libertad de pensamiento, etc. y fomentan el supremacismo, el racismo, la cultura oscurantista y el fundamentalismo religioso.

El imperialismo es miseria relativa y absoluta para el proletariado y las masas oprimidas, para la pequeña burguesía empobrecida de las ciudades y del campo.

Recorte de salarios, precariedad, desempleo, recorte del gasto social para la sanidad, la escuela, el medio ambiente; ampliación de la brecha entre regiones ricas y pobres; nueva esclavitud, desempleo juvenil, desigualdad de las mujeres; alto costo de vida.

En los países oprimidos por el imperialismo todo esto se ve agravado por la permanencia y conservación de la opresión nacional, colonial, semicolonial y feudal.


En todos los países de Asia, América Latina y África se desarrollan revueltas populares y luchas anti-imperialistas, a menudo reprimidas sangrientamente, hasta llegar al genocidio, como ocurre hoy en Palestina. Y la guerra del imperialismo y los gobiernos su lacayos continúa contra las guerras populares en India, Filipinas, Turquía, Perú y contra todas las fuerzas en el mundo que siguen el camino revolucionario de la guerra popular.

En estas condiciones objetivas, se desarrolla la necesidad de la revolución.

La necesidad de un auténtico camino revolucionario, capaz de hacer avanzar y ganar las revoluciones de Nueva Democracia, las revoluciones socialistas, en un contexto de revolución proletaria mundial que marcha hacia el comunismo.

Para lograr este objetivo, la experiencia de los proletarios y los pueblos en lucha (Comuna de París, Revolución de Octubre, Revolución China y Gran Revolución Cultural Proletaria) demuestra históricamente que las tres herramientas para luchar y vencer son indispensables.

El Partido Revolucionario del proletariado, comunista, marxista-leninista-maoísta, destacamiento organizado de vanguardia de la clase obrera, luchador político de vanguardia, dotado de estrategia y táctica adecuadas a las condiciones de cada país, en función de la conquista del poder político, para la construcción de la dictatura del proletariado

El frente único del proletariado y masas populares.

En los países imperialistas esto requiere la dirección y participación mayoritaria del proletariado y su núcleo central, la clase obrera industrial que se alía con las masas pobres, los estudiantes, los sectores empobrecidos de la pequeña burguesía urbana y rural.

En los países oprimidos por el imperialismo la alianza fundamental es entre obreros y campesinos que unen a las masas pobres y a los grandes sectores que sufren la opresión nacional, colonial, semicolonial, feudal.

La revolución proletaria requiere lucha armada, de vanguardia y de masas, y la construcción del ejército popular para conducir la guerra de clases y la guerra revolucionaria que desemboque en la insurrección popular por la conquista del poder estatal y la construcción del Estado proletario, indispensable para la transformación socialista, marchando, con todos los países del mundo, hacia el comunismo.

Fundamental en este proceso es la consigna de la Gran Revolución Cultural Proletaria:

La clase obrera debe dirigir todo.

Necesitamos la unidad de los comunistas marxistas-leninistas-maoistas, en el fuego de la lucha de clases en estrecha conexión con las masas, que luchan contra el revisionismo y neorevisionismo, el economicismo, el oportunismo de derecha y de 'isquierda'  factor de sectarismo y división en las filas del el movimiento comunista.

Unámonos bajo la dirección del proletariado para hacer avanzar a los pueblos del mundo hacia la revolución socialista mundial, es decir, erradicar el imperialismo y así establecer el comunismo en la Tierra.

Necesitamos una conferencia internacional y una nueva organización internacional de partidos y organizaciones marxistas-leninistas-maoístas, en la etapa posible hoy, de coordinación, de unidad de acción y elaboración de la nueva línea general del movimiento comunista internacional.

¡Palestina libre – detener el genocidio sionista/imperialista – apoyar a la Resistencia Palestina hasta la victoria!

¡Apoyar las guerras populares en todos los países del mundo!

!Alto a la guerra imperialista y al fascismo!

!Defender las vidas y condiciones de los presos políticos!

!Desencadenar la furia de las mujeres como fuerza poderosa de la revolución!

¡Muerte al imperialismo, el futuro es el socialismo y el comunismo!

¡Viva el marxismo-leninismo-maoísmo!

¡Viva el internacionalismo proletario!


Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan

Construction Committee of the Maoist Communist Party of Galicia

Communist Party of India (Maoist)

Communist Party of Turkey - Marxist Leninist (TKP-ML)

Communist Worker Union (mlm) Colombia

Maoist Communist Party – Italy

 Proletarian Party Of Purbo Bangla( PBSP/Bangladesh)

 Red Road of Iran (Maoist group)

Revolutionary Communist  Party of Nepal. 

Worker Voice - Malaysia

Chinese Proletarian Alliance Communist Party

Revolutionary Maoist Coalition - USA

TURQUIA: May Day in Turkey