martes, 21 de mayo de 2024

ICSPWI - Mobilize in all kind of actions in support Indian revolution against Operation Kagaar !

 take up the appeal of the Indian comrades!

1 - diffusion in all pro-palestinian demostrations in the world the 
call 'against Operation Kagaar!
2 - in occasion of G7 Summit in Italy 13-15 june with Modi's presence 
we organise an delegation in the big demostration against 
the G7 in Taranto/Brindisi/fasano
3 - in occasion of International week for the George Abdallah's freedom 
8-15 june take denounce and solidarity against Operation Kagaar
4 - actions in 19th June in solidarity with Indian political prisoners
1 july International Day of actions against Operation Kagaar 
in all the countries possible - 
for this day ICSPWI makes a new call
may 2024

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