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Prof. Jose Maria Sison
Founding Chairman, Communist Party of the Philippines
Chief Political Consultant, National Democratic Front of the Philippines
I join the Filipino people, the people’s revolutionary government, the Communist Party of the Philippines, the New People’s Army, the National Democratic Front of the Philippines, the revolutionary mass organizations and other revolutionary forces in mourning the death of Comrade Leoncio Pitao (Commander Parago) and in celebrating his achievements from the time he joined the NPA in 1978 until his martyrdom yesterday on June 28, 2015.
It is fitting and proper that all of us accord him with the Red salute and the highest respect and honor for serving the Filipino people and the international proletariat. He is a great patriot, outstanding communist fighter and revolutionary commander. He has made significant contributions and the supreme sacrifice in the Filipino people’s democratic revolution for national and social liberation against foreign monopoly capitalism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism.
Comrade Leoncio Pitao (Ka Parago) was devoted to the theory and practice of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and applied it successfully together with other comrades and the people in Southern Mindanao Region. He excelled as a cadre of the Communist Party of the Philippines and as a commander of the New People’s Army. He adhered to the Second Great Rectification Movement and carried forward the building of the Party, the people’s army and the united front.
In advancing the people’s war, he integrated revolutionary struggle with land reform and building the organs of political power and mass organization. He applied the line of extensive and intensive guerrilla warfare on the basis of a widening and deepening mass base. He developed the closest of relations with the working people, the indigenous people and allies.
He had a mastery of the strategy and tactics of guerrilla warfare, flexibly employing concentration, dispersal and shifting, depending on the need in a fluid war of movement. He became known nationally and internationally for the revolutionary victories as commander of the First Pulang Bagani Company in the Southern Mindanao Region.
As a result of correct political line and his effective tactical command, this heroic and glorious company has grown into the First Pulang Bagani Battalion. According to the Southern Mindanao Regional Command, Ka Parago planned and commanded the countless disarming operations in the 1980s and 1990s, the capture of General Obillo and Capt. Montealto in 1999, the raid on the Davao Penal Colony and other many tactical offensives.
Ka Parago was captured in November 1999 and was put in solitary confinement in the ISAFP headquarters in Camp Aguinaldo. He was offered by the enemy a huge amount of money as bribe for him to leave and denounce the revolutionary movement. But he outrightly refused the offer and upheld his loyalty and commitment to the Filipino people and the revolution.
The lawyers of the Public Interest Law Center and the Department of Justice pleaded to the court for his release as a goodwill measure of the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) in the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations. It was during this time that the Chairperson of the NDFP Negotiating Panel Luis Jalandoni and panel member Coni Ledesma were able to visit him and hold a press conference with him. Ka Parago was released from prison in 2001.
After his release, Ka Parago decided to rejoin the comrades in the countryside. And he continued to render outstanding service to the revolutionary cause of the Filipino people, especially in the battlefield. The enemy hated him so much that military agents abducted, tortured, raped and murdered his 22-year old daughter Rebelyn, a school teacher, and dumped her in a ditch in Panabo City in 2009. This barbarity became the subject of outrage among the people and human rights organizations in the Philippines and abroad.
Despite the abduction, torture, rape and murder of his daughter, he continued as a principled revolutionary to respect the policy of the CPP and NPA for according lenient treatment to prisoners of war as well as the International Humanitarian Law regarding respect for the human rights of the said prisoners. Exercising political wisdom, he went so far as issuing a statement to assure the families of enemy officers and men that there would be no retaliation on them. As a matter of justice under the people’s government, he sought out for punishment only those identified as the abductors and killers of his daughter.
So successful were the tactical offensives commanded by Ka Parago that prisoners were often captured. He and the Red fighters under his command used the necessary amount of force to achieve victory. But they were lenient and kind to the enemy officers and men who surrendered or survived the battle. The bodies of the dead were respected. The wounded were treated by NPA medical officers. The prisoners received the same food as the NPA fighters. They were released as soon as possible, as long as they were not liable for any serious criminal offense.
For an extended period already, Ka Parago had been ill with diabetes, hyperthyroidism, hepatitis and hypertension. He was under medical treatment at the time of his death. The comrades had advised him to take a leave for medical treatment outside his area of command but he insisted on staying close to the people. Investigation by the revolutionary authorities has established that on June 28, 2015 at 2:30 p.m., an enemy team raided Purok 9 of barangay Pañalum in the Paquibato district of Davao City, where Ka Parago was undergoing medical care, and that there was no encounter between units of the NPA and the enemy.
The enemy immediately raked Ka Parago with automatic fire upon sight of him. His unarmed medical aide Ka Kyle or Vanessa Limpag had the chance to raise her hands and shout that she was a medic. But she was mowed down by the enemy raiding team. The enemy has withdrawn the photo and video it previously published, showing the murdered Ka Parago in his homewear and barefooted, with two obviously planted Armalite rifles for photo takingclose to his and Ka Vanessa’s bodies .
The enemy in its propaganda is gloating over their brutal killing of Ka Parago and his medical aide. It is boasting that the revolutionary movement is “declining”. It is oblivious of the fact that before Ka Parago died he was able to educate and train so many revolutionary successors in 37 years of revolutionary struggle. In recent years, months and days, the reactionary armed forces and unwelcome foreign monopoly enterprises have been receiving lethal blows from the NPA in the Southern Mindanao region.
Ka Parago continues to live and fight for national liberation and democracy through his successors in the CPP, NPA and the mass movement. After his heroic martyrdom, his successors are inspired and are ever more determined to fight for a new and better world.
The reactionary armed forces have concentrated more than 50 per cent of their strength in Eastern Mindanao in the vain hope of defeating the NPA here since sometime ago. But within this area, the NPA has enough room for maneuver. The forces of the NPA are also taking advantage of the reduced strength of the reactionary armed forces in other parts of Mindanao and in the Visayas and Luzon in order to wage tactical offensives. These are not being reportedly fully by the bourgeois mass media.
There is no way for the imperialists and the local reactionaries to stop the growth of the CPP, NPA, the mass organizations and organs of political powers, because the crisis of the world capitalist system and the domestic ruling system of big compradors and landlords is ever worsening and the broad masses of the people detest the intolerable conditions of oppression and exploitation and are desirous of revolutionary change in the face of the ever worsening conditions of exploitation and oppression.
Long live the memory of Comrade Leoncio Pitao!
Advance the revolutionary cause which he fought and died for!
Long live the revolutionary struggle in Mindanao, Visayas and Luzon!
Carry forward the Philippine revolution!
Long live the Filipino people!

INDIA: Jailed DU Professor G N Saibaba gets bail for 3 months./ El profesor GN Saibaba en libertad provisional por tres meses.

Written by Aamir Khan | Mumbai |Updated: June 30, 2015 4:21 pm India Political Prisoners

Delhi University professor G N Saibaba, jailed for alleged Maoist links, was on Tuesday granted bail for three months by the Bombay High Court on health ground. Saibaba has been in jail since his arrest in May 2014 by the Maharashtra Police from the Delhi University campus.
Saying that it will be failing in its duty in protecting the fundamental rights of Saibaba, the Bombay High Court granted him bail to undergo medical treatment for his failing health condition.
The English professor will walk out of Nagpur Central Prison as the HC felt he needed his family’s round-the clock assistance. He has been asked to furnish a personal bond of Rs 50,000.
“If extra ordinary powers enshrined under Article 226 is not exercised, this court will be failing in its duty to protect the fundamental rights of professor G N Saibaba, professor of English at Delhi University. Therefore, this court is inclined to direct respondents (jail authorises) to release him for three months for medical treatment and support of his family,” Chief Justice Mohit Shah and Justice S B Shukre observed.
Public Prosecutor Sandeep Shinde, however, opposed the reprieve saying Saibaba is associated with the banned CPI (Maoist) and there was a possibility of him tampering with evidence.
He argued that the hard disk retrieved from Saibaba’s house corroborated with the evidence in memory cards gathered from a couple of accused who had claimed of getting it from Saibaba.
Activist Purnima Upadhyay, whose letter to the court highlighted Saibaba’s failing health, had pointed out the difficulties faced by his family in getting him treated. His family stays in Delhi and his wife and brother have to travel frequently to meet him.
The HC took note of the affidavit which says that Saibaba had to be wheeled with assistance. He had also dislocated his shoulder, besides having a crippled right hand due to spinal problems.
“He often gets muscle cramps. He has also been fainting. He said that complications in his kidney and gall bladder have led to urinal problems as he was on strong medication,” the petitioner had said. Keeping his deteriorating condition in mind, the court noted that there was a need to re-examine his bail plea.
Allowing Saibaba’s brother and wife to meet him, Chief Justice Mohit Shah and Justice A K Menon had earlier directed prison authorities to shift the professor to a hospital of his choice. The HC had also rapped the police for ‘working blindly’ and treating the ailing professor ‘like an animal’.
Senior counsel Gayatri Singh, appearing for the petitioner, had said that government facilities in Nagpur were incapable of handling Saibaba’s case. Escalating medical cost, up to Rs 1 lakh, which the family had incurred was worrisome, she had said.

FILIPINAS: Ka Parago remained strong and vigilant under no less than five reactionary regimes. / Nota de prensa del NEP informa de la muerte del comandate Ka Parago

""Larga vida a la revolución! Larga vida a las masas! Estas fueron las últimas palabras desafiantes pronunciadas por  Ka Parago, que resuenan en todo el archipiélago.""

New People’s Army
Regional Command
Southern Mindanao
June 29, 2015
Press Statement

The Southern Mindanao Regional Command of the New People’s Army and the entire revolutionary forces express their deepest most profound salute to a great leader and warrior, Ka Parago or Leoncio Pitao who was killed in a raid together with guerrilla medic Ka Kyle on June 28, 2015 at 2:30 pm in Barangay Panalum, Paquibato district, Davao City.
Ka Parago was being treated for his diabetes, hyperthyroidism and hepatitis when the raiding team composed of the 6th Scout Ranger Company, 2nd Scout Ranger Battalion under the 1st Scout Ranger Regiment peppered him with bullets. Ka Kyle or Vanessa Limpag who was nursing Ka Parago had already raised her arms, shouting that she was a medic, when she too was razed to the ground by the military. She died instantly.
The Philippine Army must be very proud and happy to have killed a very sick man and an unarmed medic. They have no regard at all for the rules of engagement under the protocols of war as specified in the Geneva Convention and the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law. They kill with impunity.
Ka Parago had served the national democratic revolution for close to 37 years. He spent the greater part of his adult life serving the people, in unstinting dedication to the cause of national democracy. As a Red commander, he led and trained so many young warriors in the art of guerrilla warfare.
From the countless disarming operations in the 1980s and 1990s to the capture of General Obillo and Capt. Montealto in 1999 to the raid of Davao Penal Colony and the countless tactical offensives mounted by the Pulang Bagani Company.
Ka Parago remained strong and vigilant under no less than five reactionary regimes, from the Marcos dictatorship to the current US-Aquino regime.
When he was detained in 1999 and the enemy offered him so much “reward money,” he never turned his back to the people and the revolution. He remained stalwart in his convictions and ever faithful to the communist spirit of defending the security of the revolutionary forces and the interest of the people.
Even when he was grieving and agonizing over the tragic death of his daughter Rebelyn who was raped and killed by military intelligence operatives in 2009, Ka Parago exercised political wisdom.
The people in Southern Mindanao remember him as their most beloved son who was always at their side, ready to help them solve their problems- -so unlike the AFP generals who do nothing but attack and burden the people.
He lived very simply. He was the exact opposite of the corrupt generals of the AFP. Ka Parago’s spartan life became an enduring example for every revolutionary who knew him or worked with him. As a matter of fact, for many years since the onset of his illness, he declined the Party’s offer of a sick leave. All he wanted to his last dying breath was to live with the masses and to serve them.
Long live the revolution! Long live the masses! These were the last defiant words uttered by Ka Parago—words that reverberate throughout the entire archipelago.
Truly he lives in the hearts of the people as we honor his death. Thousands of young revolutionaries who have been inspired by this great guerrilla warrior now follow in his footsteps. The masses and the comrades grieve his death, yes, but they turn his grief to greater revolutionary fervor as the people’s war goes on.

(sgd.) Rigoberto F. Sanchez
Southern Mindanao Regional Command
New People’s Army

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FILIPINAS: Profundo pesar por la muerte en combate contra el ejercito reaccionario del camarada Leoncio Pitao "Ka Parago"

Leoncio Pitao: Legendary rebel, defender of the poor and oppressed

Legendary leader Parago | Photo courtesy of Bulatlat
Legendary leader Parago | Photo courtesy of Bulatlat

THE death of Leoncio Pitao on Sunday came a shocker for many of those who know the most elusive rebel leader in Southern Mindanao.
The military lauded his death — with a top military official declaring that this is the start of peace in Davao City Paquibato District.
Major Gen. Eduardo Ano, commander of the 10 th Infantry Division, said Parago’s death is hoped to spark “true and lasting peace” in Paquibato District.
He credited the death of the long-time leader of First Pulang Bagani Company of the Merardo Arce Command of the New People’s Army to some villages who “have been fed up with the group’s banditry and terrorism.”
But for some, Parago is far from terrorist or bandit.
“He is the community’s defender, the head of the family — our tatay, our father,” said a woman who requested not to be named.
And the 57-year-old Parago is known in Paquibato as ‘Tatay’.
Parago is a soft-spoken, almost shy, rebel leader. He joined the movement in 1978. He was arrested in 1999 while he was visiting his family in Davao. He was released in 2002 and shortly after, he joined his comrades in the mountains of Paquibato once again.
He was never captured again since. He gained the ‘notoriety’ of being an elusive rebel leader in Southern Mindanao. Many said this was primarily because of his charisma. He, too, has earned the respect and admiration of the masses.
“He is a defender of the poor people of Paquibato. He will always be remembered as the rebel leader who always made sure that the rights of the people are protected,” a farmer said.
On March 5, 2009, Parago’s daughter, Rebelyn, disappeared after taken by suspected agents of the military.  Her body was later found with signs of sexual abuse and torture. The 22-year-old Rebelyn was a volunteer teacher.
In his grief, Pitao continued to serve the “revolution of the poor”. He constantly stood for the people and against anti-poor programs and projects.
He has been vocal against the entry of large-scale mining in Davao communities and warned that mining trucks and equipment will be torched down by the rebels in Paquibato.
“These projects, these companies, can only expect punitive actions from us,” he told journalists once.
Online, people expressed their shock over the death. Then came the expressions of grief.
“You are a respected person because of your principles and goodness to the masses” said Eric de Guzman Agdon.
A Muslim, Rappa Nui, said “I salute you because you are real revolutionarian.”
The death of Parago came only two weeks after the government said it is ready to open negotiations with the National Democractic Front of the Philippines, the political wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines.
Human rights lawyer Angela Librado-Trinidad scored the military celebration over Parago’s death, saying it showed how the government views the insurgency problem in the Philippines.
“There is something innately wrong here. It is obvious that the government is not serious in dealing with this problem. It is wrong when only see this as a numbers game. There has never been a single mention about proceeding with talks to prevent further deaths of combatants and civilians,” she said.
This is dangerous, she said.
“When the government sees revolutionarians like Parago as TV personalities, and not an opportunity to campaign for peace, the Filipino people are doomed,” she said. | JMT, NewsDesk

INDIA: PCI (Maoísta) llama a protestar contra la represión la semana del 1-7 de julio.

Paderu (Visakhapatnam) 26 de Junio 2015 –
La agencia de noticias TNN informa que el PCI (Maoísta) ha llamado al pueblo a protestar entre el 1 y 7 de julio contra los falsos enfrentamientos, las atrocidades, detenciones, acosos y falsas rendiciones llevadas a cabo por la policía. En un comunicado del Comité de la división Malkangiri-Visakha-Koraput, firmado por su secretario Venu, se llama a los trabajadores, estudiantes, comerciantes y establecimientos comerciales a que se unan al bandh (huelga general) los días 6 y 7 de julio. En el mismo comunicado se señala que los policías estaban implicados en falsos enfrentamientos con armas de fuego, cometiendo atrocidades contra las mujres, saqueando la propiedad de los aldeanos y efectuando detenciones ilegales. “Están realizando detenciones ilegales y poniendo a los aldeanos tras las rejas. Tras varias semanas, son presentados como maoístas que se han rendido y son forzados a emitir declaraciones contra los maoístas”, afirma el comunicado que señala además que en un reciente incidente, unas 20 personas de Boitili y Killamkota fueron detenidas ilegalmente por la policía, torturadas y luego presentadas como maoístas que se habían rendido. El comunicado desafía a los mandos policiales a demostrar que las rendiciones eran auténticas y afirma más adelante que: “Todos estos actos ilegales de la policía unirán al pueblo que tomarán la senda revolucionaria” y hace un llamamiento a los intelectualesy miembros de las tribus a condenar estos actos ilegales y apoyar la semana de protesta.
Igualmente, el despacho de la agencia TNN informa que guerrilleros maoístas quemaron maquinaria para construcción de carreteras en la aldea Moyyalagummi en la noche del martes día 23 de junio. En una nota de prensa que dejaron en Odiya en el lugar del incidente se señalaba que la policía ha estado involucrada en falsos enfrentamientos y deteniendo aldeanos de manera ilegal. Además, el jueves día 25 los maoístas colocaron pancartas en Boitili y otras zonas de los municipios de G Madugula y Pedabayalu.

(Traducido del ingles por LMHC)

NEPAL: 25 detenidos y 9 heridos al atacar la policía una manifestación contra el tratado del Paso de Lipulekh en Kathmandu. (Ignite)

“Lipulekh is ours” rally lathi-charged by police, 25 arrested, 9 injured

A demonstration rally against Lipulek agreement organized by CPN Maoist, ended up in brutal intervention by Nepal Police. A peaceful demonstration started from Ratnapark and was on its way around the core alleyways of Kathmandu, which was blocked and lathi-charged by Nepal Police in the Sundhara junction.

“Nepal’s silence on “Lipulekh Agreement” between India and China is going to cost Nepal a lot,” says Maoist central committee leader Anil Sharma Birahi. An agreement between both huge economic giants assures about using Lipulekh pass, which lies in Darchula district of Nepal, as their business transit to improve their economy.
“Foreign affairs ministers from both India and China would be here for ‘Donors meeting’ tomorrow. We organized this rally to make them aware about the issue,” another maoist leader Sabitra Dura says, “Our government is so helpless that it can’t even raise a voice against this land encroachment rather this government chose to brutally thrash the nationalists who agitated to get their land back. We condemn and demand release of all the arrested protestors” she added. More than 25 protestors were arrested and 5 seriously injured.
This agreement took place when Nepal was struggling to return to the normal life after two massive earthquakes.



PALESTINA: Armada sionista secuestra buque Marianne, da Flotilla da Liberdade, en augas internacionais.

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GALIZA: FREE SAIBABA ! Chamado a recoller fondos para o tratamento do Dr. GN Saibaba. Solidaredade !

The medical expenses for Dr. Saibaba in the private hospital in Nagpur are turning out to be exhorbitant. A deposit of Rs. 40,000 has already been made, and he has to stay there till at least the next hearing on 30th, when he may get bail and be able to come to Delhi to get treatment in AIIMS. With room charges of Rs. 5000 per day and a whole of tests that have been prescribed, an additional cost of over Rs 1 lakh is likely to be incurred. The family is already at the end of their tether, with the Univ giving only 505 of salary and refusing to follow the rules of paying 75% of salary after three months of suspension, despite repeated appeals by Vasantha as well as DUTA. I appeal to friends and well-wishers to contribute generously to ensure that he gets proper treatment for restoration of his health, which is now in a precarious condition. Contributions may be sent directly to the account of Saibaba's wife Vasantha whose account is given below.

State Bank of India
Delhi University Utility center branch
A/c No. 30577065300
IFSC code: SBIN0001067

In solidarity,
Nandita Narain
Member, Defence Committee for Dr. G.N. Saibaba

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KOBANE: Combatientes kurdos aplastan la ofensiva de los mercenarios de ISIS


Las fuerzas kurdas de Siria recuperaron el pleno control de Kobane, tras dos días de combates contra mercenarios del Estado Islámico (ISIS), que atacó el jueves la ciudad fronteriza con Turquía, informó el Observatorio Sirio para los Derechos Humanos.
Tras el cese de los combates, las Unidades de Protección Popular kurdas (YPG) y la policía local están buscando a los milicianos que podrían permanecer ocultos.
Un portavoz de las unidades kurdas había informado, sin embargo, de enfrentamientos en los alrededores de un hospital a las afueras de la ciudad, donde los asesinos fanáticos se habrían atrincherado.
También se informa que durante los combates en los últimos días murieron 174 civiles, muchos de ellos, niños y ancianos, asesinados a sangre fría por los mercenarios.
Kobane fue liberado del control del Estado Islámico a finales de enero. Entonces los combatientes kurdos, con ayuda de ataques aéreos internacionales, infligieron una dolorosa derrota a los combatientes del IS, que el jueves volvieron a atacar por sorpresa la ciudad.

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Con profunda satisfacción los estudiantes democráticos de la Universidad Central del Ecuador dieron cuenta del aparecimiento de los GUARDIAS ROJOS en los predios universitarios, fundamentalmente en la Facultad de Jurisprudencia.
Definitivamente el marxismo-leninismo-maoísmo va consolidando posiciones como  fuerza estudiantil cobijada por la línea ideológica correcta y que remecerá la estructura organizativa estudiantil manejada por el régimen fascista en la universidad y por el revisionismo, quienes han aherrojado a las masas estudiantiles a la inacción política y a convertir las universidades en centros elitistas donde la reacción reproduce académicamente a sus cuadros burocráticos.
El accionar de potentes bombas panfletarias y  el desplegar una enorme pancarta roja de los GUARDIAS ROJOS, con proclamas alusivas al marxismo-leninismo-maoísmo, la necesaria lucha en contra del revisionismo, las imágenes del presidente Mao y del Presidente Gonzalo, causaron gran curiosidad entre los estudiantes, preocupación entre el revisionismo, miedo entre las filas de los miembros de Nueva Universidad, organización de Alianza País en la universidad y desde luego, mucha expectativa por parte de los estudiantes consientes que están de frente al futuro combativo de los jóvenes que bregan por el libre ingreso y democratización de la educación superior en el país.



INDIA: Nota de prensa del Comité de la Zona Especial de Dandakaranya del PCI (Maoist)



 -Press Release 19 June,2015

The closure of three thousand schools and ashrams by the CG government is a symbol of the economic and academic bankruptcy and its anti people character

The Chathisgarh government started the present academic year of 2015-16 with the closure of three thousand schools and ashrams (residential schools). It closed all these ashrams in the name of lack of admission. The teachers in these schools were transferred to the near by schools. Most of these are primary and middle schools and happen to be in the adivasi area, especially in Bastar division. This not only reveals the anti people and anti adivasi character and history of the BJP government but also exposes its economic and academic bankruptcy. Of late, due to the shameful conditions of the imperialist financial institutions like the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, the government adopted anti people policy and brought down people’s welfare schemes. Education is being more and more privatized. This is a step towards the conspiracy to deprive the poor adivasis, dalits and backward sections of education and development. In the name of bringing down the expenditure on establishment, the appointment of teachers and the third and fourth class government employees were withheld long back.
In the name of appointment of siksha karmi, contract teachers, daily wage, and casual employees and on contract, temporary appointments are being made with low wages. Now thousands of ashrams in the state were closed. The adivasi area that has been facing the problems of lack of schools, teachers, and illiteracy has now been much deprived of children’s education. The appointment in the vacancies of tens of thousands of teachers was permanently brought to a stop. The unemployed in the backward adivasi areas have been deprived of employment. Due to the financial bankruptcy of the CG government it implemented cuts in providing infrastructure like library, laboratory, uniforms, note books, and text books, mid day meals, recruitment of new teachers, their wages and other facilities. The actual meaning of the constant fake propaganda in the TV and Radio ‘bachho, padho-likho, aage bado’ (children, read-write, go forward) and that Maoists are against tribals’ education has been nakedly revealed to the people. For children, especially girls who cannot afford to go to school even in their own villages; it would be almost difficult to go to schools far away.
The inevitable situation in which the girls and boys of the family are forced to do domestic work, labor, and farming is itself a curse. This is depriving them of education. Instead of bettering the situation of such kind of families and educating the children, the government is closing the ashrams in the name of lack of admission. This is nothing but worse conspiratorial and negligent attitude of the government towards the education of the oppressed sections. This would affect women’s literacy and the literacy of adivasi women would fall under the dark. Narendra Modi’s reiterating slogan, ‘beti bachao, beti padhao’ (meaning ‘protect girls, educate girls’) is clearly revealed to the people. These kinds of slogans are given only to mislead and mystify the people. On one hand thousands of ashrams are being closed and on the other the Minister of education of Chathisgarh, Kedar Kashyap announces that in the present academic year six and a half lakhs of children would join the ashrams. This is not only ridiculous but also misgiving. Backward classes, dalits and adivsis, especially the women in these sections are deprived of education which proves the anti adivasi, anti education and anti development. The Raman singh government that is depriving the backward sections, Dalits, adivasis of education is in fact anti development.
The real meaning of Raman singh’s development is that of the domestic and foreign corporate giants and is giving away the jal jungle and zameen of the people to them. The meaning of development is the absolute deprivation of the poor, backward, dalits and adivasis of basic amenities like food, shelter, clothing, education, health, drinking water etc. Raman Singh is afraid that if the adivasis are educated, they would become elite and would raise their voice much more strongly against their exploitation and repression and that they would intensify armed struggle for their genuine development and self rule. Many of the schools in Bastar Division even now happen to be the shelters of the police and para military forces.
In spite of the direction of the Supreme Court of the country this situation exists as and how the forces wish. On the other side the schools that are being run by the Revolutionary Janathana Sarkar(RPC) that has been formed under the leadership of our Party are being targeted by the armed forces of the government. The dozens of schools of the janathana sarkar (people’s government) that are being run in Narayanapur, Kanker, Bastar, Bijapur, Dantewada and Sukma districts were attacked and the notebooks, textbooks, clothes and other such essential articles have been burnt. This clearly reveals the fakeness of the Raman singh government regarding the education of the adivasis. Our party calls upon all the students, teachers, parents and guardians, progressive and democratic intellectuals, human rights organisations, adivasi and non adivasi social organisations to strongly protest the anti education policy of the Chathisgarh government and to take up programs to demand the withdrawal of the decision of closing the ashrams. We call upon the people and teachers of the affected villages to come forward and demand the retaining of the ashrams in their original places.

(Gudsa Usendi)
Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee,
CPI (Maoist).

BRASIL: Grande vitória da movilización popular ! Igor Mendes xa esta en liberdade !

Amosamos o nosa alegria pola liberdade do camarada Igor Mendes e tamen recordamos o noso compromiso con todolos camaradas presos nas cadeas da dictadura burguesa.
Presos Políticos Liberdade !

Foto de Jornal A Nova Democracia.
Por RAFAEL GOMES PENELAS / A Nova Democracia
Após mais de 2 dias de espera, finalmente o ativista Igor Mendes foi liberto do Complexo Penitenciário de Bangu, Zona Oeste do Rio, na tarde desta quinta-feira, 25 de junho.
Enfrentando, dia e noite, o frio de Bangu neste início de inverno, durante estes últimos dias, ativistas da Frente Independente Popular (FIP-RJ), do Movimento Estudantil Popular Revolucionário (MEPR), do Movimento Popular Combativo (MPC), da Unidade Vermelha, da Frente Internacionalista dos Sem-Teto (FIST), ativistas independentes e outros apoiadores da luta permanecerem na entrada do complexo penitenciário com faixas, bandeiras e um elevado espírito de combate.
Os trâmites burocráticos no "sistema" para a soltura do jovem, que teve liminar concedida no último dia 22/6, terminaram nesta tarde, quando Igor saiu do presídio com os punhos cerrados e entoando canções revolucionárias e palavras de ordem com seus companheiros e companheiras que ele não via há mais de 6 meses. Foi um momento emocionante que coroou mais uma grande vitória do movimento popular brasileiro e da campanha pela liberdade de todos os presos políticos.

jueves, 25 de junio de 2015

BRASIL: O camarada Igor Mendes xa foi posto en Liberdade ! Liberdade para todolos presos políticos no Brasil !

Depois de 6 meses e 22 dias de resistência do ativista Igor Mendes na prisão e três dias de espera pela sua libertação, ele acaba de sair do Complexo Penitenciário de Gericinó, em Bangu, onde foi recebido e saudado pelo advogado Marino D Icarahy.

Fotos: Luisa Maranhão/A Nova Democracia
"Foto: Luisa Maranhão/A Nova Democracia"

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KOBANE: Mazlum Aktaş is immortal! Pesar por la muerte en combate del camarada Mazlum Aktas, militante del MLKP. ! Honor y Gloria a los héroes del Pueblo !


We friends and comrades of Mazlum Aktaş (Halil Aksakal) are in misery about the death of our beloved comrade, who became martyr on the 18th of june 2015 in a village between kobane kanton and rakka. The death of Mazlum Aktaş, who was a militant of mlcp and a founding member of the international freedom battalion is a big loss for us and it is hard for us to take. With his experience and professionalism, his love to the people and the revolution, his comradery and kindness he is role model for us and a symbol for the ideas and values we are fighting for.
Mazlum Aktaş became immortal, because there are comrades and thousand of people, who will not forget him and who will continue the struggle for his dream of a free and socialist middle east and communist world revolution. As a Arab, who died in rojava revolution on Arab soil in the war against IS, his death will effect the brotherhood of Arab and Kurd people in this region, like he effected in his daily practice. We will take the responsibility to continue and to protect the revolution he lived and died for. This is our oath to his family,friends, comrades and the people of rojava.

Via International freedom battalion  

martes, 23 de junio de 2015

GRAN REVOLUCION CULTURAL PROLETARIA: Un editorial del Diario del Pueblo ensalza el uso del dazibao.

Los carteles revolucionarios en grandes caracteres son “espejos mágicos” que muestran todos los monstruos (1966)

La gran revolución cultural proletaria ha alcanzado ya un punto muy alto. Hemos de colocarnos a la vanguardia de este movimiento y guiarlo activamente.
Es indispensable movilizar con audacia a las masas y adoptar el método de expresar franca y plenamente opiniones y criterios, escribir carteles en grandes caracteres chinos (dazibaos) y realizar grandes debates. Es preciso que las masas exterioricen plenamente lo que piensan, que descubran a todos los representantes de la burguesía que se oponen al Partido Comunista, al socialismo y al pensamiento de Mao Tse-tung, que pongan en evidencia a todos los monstruos y que reduzcan a cenizas, uno por uno, a todos los bastiones reaccionarios de la burguesía.
El Presidente Mao dice: “Los carteles escritos en grandes caracteres son un nuevo tipo de arma extremadamente útil“.
¡Los carteles revolucionarios en grandes caracteres son algo muy bueno!
Son “espejos mágicos” que muestran todos los monstruos.
Si cada uno de nosotros se vale de ellos, es posible que se descubran rápidamente y desde cualquier ángulo a los verdaderos rostros de las siniestras pandillas anti-partido y antisocialistas.
Estos carteles presentan diversas opiniones y revelan contradicciones de toda especie. A través de dichas opiniones y contradicciones, debemos llegar a comprender la situación, descubrir los problemas y resolverlos.
Estos carteles plantean el problema de que justo y que es injusto en los asuntos primordiales para que todo el mundo discuta, analice y critique.
En lo referente a la educación de las masas, esto significa concentrar veinte años en un día y particularmente en lo que atañe a la elevación de la conciencia proletaria de la joven generación.

Estos carteles revolucionarios elevan mucho la firme voluntad del proletariado, de las masas de obreros, campesinos y soldados, y al mismo tiempo aplastan la arrogancia de todos los reaccionarios anti-partido y anti-socialistas, así como de las altas y poderosas “autoridades” burguesas.
La actitud asumida ante dichos carteles revolucionarios es una criterio importante para distinguir entre los revolucionarios auténticos y los falsos y entre los revolucionarios proletarios y los defensores burgueses de “Su Majestad” en la actual gran revolución cultural.
¿Es usted revolucionario? Entonces acogerá con entusiasmo los carteles, estará a favor de ellos, se pondrá a la cabeza para escribirlos y movilizará sin reservas a las masas para que hagan lo mismo y saquen a relucir los problemas.
¿Es usted defensor de “Su Majestad”? Entonces estará muerto de miedo con los carteles. Palidecerá de terror, sudará frío al verlos y tratará, por todos los medios, de impedir que las masas los escriban.
El miedo a los carteles de grandes caracteres significa miedo a las masas, miedo a la revolución, miedo a la democracia popular y miedo a la dictadura del proletariado.
Existen algunos individuos con autoridad, que han tomado la vía capitalista; sus cabezas son como el granito. No permiten que las masas hagan la revolución ni escriban dichos carteles. Y, cuando las masas los escriben, se valen de su posición y poder y, con una cantidad de pretextos, organizan a los defensores de “Su Majestad” para que escriban carteles contrarrevolucionarios con miras a cercar y atacar los carteles revolucionarios y reprimir a los revolucionarios proletarios.
No tememos a tales acciones. El hecho de que salgan sirve como ejemplo negativo, eleva la vigilancia de las grandes masas y las ayuda a distinguir entre lo justo y lo injusto en los asuntos primordiales. ¡Esto es sumamente positivo!
El presidente Mao dice: “Debemos tener fe en las masas; debemos tener fe en el partido. Estos son dos principios fundamentales. Nada lograremos si ponemos en duda estos principios“.
Precisamente por esta razón -porque tenemos plena confianza en las masas y porque estamos absolutamente convencidos de que, bajo la dirección del Presidente Mao, nuestro glorioso, grande y correcto Partido goza de un enorme e inconmovible prestigio entre ellas- estimulamos a las masas para que escriban carteles en grandes caracteres a fin de facilitar nuestra lucha contra el enemigo, el mejoramiento de nuestro trabajo y el más sano y gigantesco avance de nuestra causa socialista.
¡Movilicemos sin reservas a las masas, movilicémoslas sin reservas para que escriban carteles de grandes caracteres y, bajo la bandera del gran pensamiento de Mao Tse-tung y la dirección del CC del Partido, llevemos resueltamente hasta el fin la gran revolución cultural proletaria!

Editorial del “Renmin Ribao”, del 2 de junio de 1966

Tomado del blog de los camaradas de Cultura Proletaria


Notícias boas para todas e todos que lutaram pela liberdade dos ativistas Igor Mendes, Elisa Quadros e Karlayne Moraes.

"Liberdade para todos os presos políticos! Lutar não é crime!"

Foto de Jornal A Nova Democracia.

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EE.UU.: What is Red Guards – LA? / ¿Que son los Guardias Rojos - Los Angeles.? (

This interview was conducted between and Red Guards - LA

[SC]: What is Red Guards - LA?
[RGLA]: Red Guards – Los Angeles is a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist cadre formation based in Los Angeles, specifically in Boyle Heights and East Los Angeles. Since our formation on October 4, 2014, we’ve been affiliated with the New Communist Party (Liaison Committee) (NCP-LC) as part of the organization’s mission to forge a new Maoist communist party in the U.S. Although we’re a relatively new Maoist formation, we’ve already gained some modest traction.

[SC]: How did you get started?
[RGLA]: That’s a long story, but we’ll try to be brief.
The Red Guards – Los Angeles basically was born from the Southern California Young Communist League (SoCal YCL), which was the local youth wing affiliated with the revisionist Communist Party, USA (CPUSA). A few of our members became members of the CPUSA in 2008/2009. We were heavily involved in communist organizing both locally and internationally during this time. We had regular political education courses coupled with cultural and political projects and campaigns. To their credit, much of our fundamental understanding of Marx, Engels and Lenin began with the CPUSA in political education courses, such as the labor theory of value and the role of the proletariat and the bourgeoisie under capitalism. But after the day’s lesson was over, ours was not. We would crack upon more books, continue our reading and studying. We continued studying revolutionary Marxist theory and history, whereas the CPUSA was satisfied in stopping with the classics, such as Marx’s “Communist Manifesto” or Lenin’s “Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism,” which isn’t to say that there’s something wrong or limiting with those works. However, to be Marxist, certainly we had to study the continued development of Marxism and within the context of historical developments.
After some time, probably as early as 2013, our political line began to contradict the CPUSA’s supposed commitment to Marxism-Leninism. There were other divisions and factions splitting within the Party nationally around the question of whether or not Stalin should still be defended, on how revolution would look like in the U.S., the national question, on prioritizing community involvement and grass-roots organizing over supporting bourgeois elections and bourgeois political parties, such as the Democrats. Looking back, in a way, our experience with the CPUSA and the political disagreements was a micro-version of the political trajectory of New Communist Movement’s experience with the development and eventual rupture of Marxism-Leninism to Marxism-Leninism Mao Zedong Thought to Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.
But we carried on as dedicated cadre within the CPUSA and the SoCal YCL. This was mainly for two various reasons: 1.) All other communist groups in Los Angeles and surrounding areas were either ultra-left, reactionary or ineffective, and 2.) Some of us felt that we could successfully influence the CPUSA, as a democratic organization, with our political line, which at the time was an anti-revisionist Marxism-Leninism.
But that didn’t work out.
In 2014, personal attacks, as well as political attacks, were launched against the SoCal YCL by national and regional CPUSA leadership. In turn, we retaliated with some polemics, principally against their defense of white chauvinism and denouncing proletarian revolution as “ultra-left.”
All this came to a Shakespearean end when two members of the SoCal YCL were called to Party stand trial for two accusations, which were, 1.) “Repeatedly took actions detrimental to the interests of the Party by organizing against and publicly undermining collective decisions,” and 2.) “Promoting violence by idealizing violent imagery and language.”
Presiding over the trial were a married couple in regional leadership (one of which was instrumental in launching the original attacks), as well as two other members who publicly sided with the politics of regional and national leadership over ours. After the façade of a fair trial, in which we defended our politics as being nothing other than Marxism-Leninism, we were purged. All details are available in this article here.
After a brief period of mourning, we continued organizing. But this time more openly as Maoist, which was the natural development of our anti-revisionist Marxism-Leninism that successfully answered the question of oppressed nations within the U.S. and how to build a party and launch a revolution. But this time with more determination and urgency.
Determination: because we were right, and proven so by the unprincipled nature of the revisionist CPUSA. Urgency: because we knew that there was a group in the U.S. that had a similar goal of building a new party and launching a proletarian revolution, the NCP-LC. We began speaking with the NCP-LC and eventually became affiliated as the West Coast regional branch of the NCP-LC.

[SC]: What do the Red Guards do?
[RGLA]: Red Guards – Los Angeles focus on three areas: Political education, community outreach and serving the people.
For us, political education is the necessary task of developing not only ourselves as cadre, but also developing the consciousness of the masses. Although this area of work is integrated in everything that Red Guards – Los Angeles does as a collective and as individual cadre, we also designate a bi-weekly Marxist-Leninist-Maoist study course, “[Not] Just Another Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Study Group” based out of an autonomous women of color-run space in Boyle Heights known as La Concha. Several progressive feminist and anti-capitalist groups call La Concha home, such as the Ovarian Psycos – longtime partners with the SoCal YCL (and now the Red Guards – Los Angeles). The study group, which is largely based around PowerPoints and more interactive and visual presentations, started in October and is still going strong; we first studied the entire Marxism-Leninism-Maoism study course by the Communist Party of India (Maoist). Since then, we have turned our focus on doing case studies of most of the early anti-revisionist, Mao Zedong Though and Maoist groups in the U.S, such as the Revolutionary Action Movement, the Black Panthers, the Revolutionary Union and the League of Revolutionary Black Workers.
Our community outreach mainly focuses on our regular monthly movie screenings under the “Cine Revolucionario” coalition with the Juventud Farabundo Martí para la Liberación Nacional del Sur de California (JFMLN), the regional youth wing of the Salvadoran leftist political party, the FMLN. Our films focus on capitalism, imperialism, colonialism, feminism, environmentalism, racism, revolution and other issues – all under a Marxist analysis. These screenings have been quite successful and serve as a point for members of local communities to become more familiar with revolutionary Marxism.
Lastly and most importantly, Red Guards – Los Angeles members serve the people, which we can get more in detail later. Through serve the people efforts, we promote a more physical presence within the communities, directly among the masses, both in helping and receiving help by them.

[SC]: Tell me about your Serve the People program.
[RGLA]: Our Serve the People program, Serve the People – Los Angeles (STPLA), was launched in April of this year. STPLA is the mass organization of Red Guards – Los Angeles, and serves as an open point for the masses to directly organize with various types of activists and cadre. After seeing the success of both the Red Guards Austin and Progressive Youth Organization’s Serve the People programs, we decided that it would be the most effective way of serving to ends: 1.) raising political consciousness of the masses in an effective and practical and repeatable manner, and 2.) provide direct, needed and material relief to suffering and oppressed communities, especially oppressed nationality communities.
STPLA first launched a community survey, online and in print, that community members of Los Angeles filled out to help us correctly gauge and measure which needs the community needed, such as clothing, food, sports/school equipment, etc. Additionally, we began appropriating food from various locations that would otherwise have gone to waste – this has been one of the most fundamental points in peoples politicization because it serves as a naked example of the inefficiency of capitalist production. The survey intake is ongoing, and we continue to receive various clothing and non-clothing (books, weights, bicycles, sports equipment, stationary, etc.) donations sporadically. We intend to launch regular “free store” in the various places that we do food distribution in the near future once we reach a substantial amount of non-food donations. We’ve already done one such event at last month’s Boyle Heights Primavera Festival.
STPLA serves hot lunches and fresh produce every Wednesday at 6 p.m. and Sunday at 4 p.m. On Wednesday, we focus on Chican@/Mexican/Latin@ proletariat at busy intersections in Boyle Heights. On Sunday, we focus on more marginalized sections of the oppressed nationality proletariat that call city parks their home or their place of hustle. We go to Hollenbeck park, which is in Boyle Heights, and distribute to families, the homeless and the female street vendors who are severely underpaid, super exploited and suffer harassment by the Los Angeles Police Department.
It has been through these efforts that we have attracted numerous volunteers who are becoming more political revolutionary – all with a center on the Maoist practice of serving the people.

[SC]: What have been some challenges you've faced?
[RGLA]: As a relatively small cadre, although we have grown since our founding, all our areas of focus (political education, community outreach and serving the people) are unfortunately principally organized by only a handful of cadre and mass organization members. This is perhaps our major challenge, but it is unavoidable; we cannot grow unprincipally as a cadre organization. First and foremost, we must remain disciplined and exercise a health and protracted process of recruitment.
Another challenge has been in dispelling the damage leftover by the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA (RCP) and its stain on the revolutionary Maoist movement in the U.S. Occasionally, we have to reassure people that we are not in any way affiliated with the RCP, nor are we dogmatists. This, compared to the relatively small size of our cadre collective, is not a major issue, and is slowly becoming more irrelevant, just like the RCP.

[SC]: How can people get involved with Red Guards - LA?
[RGLA]: To get involved with Red Guards – Los Angeles, just ask. We’re all approachable. We’re not arrogant. We’re friendly, open and willing to work with sincere people in several capacities who want to fundamentally change our system and country. We try to make all of our events as accessible as possible. If you’re more into political theory, our “[Not] Just Another Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Study Group” would be a good place. If you’re wanting to critical analyze films and find ways to have that inform your day-to-day political organizing, “Cine Revolucionario” would be a good place. Or if you’re tired of seeing members of your own community hungry, struggling, hustling to barely get by, “Serve the People – Los Angeles” is a great first step.
Our website is Our email is Our Facebook is Our Twitter is @RedGuardsLA.

[SC]: Thank you