viernes, 29 de mayo de 2020

INDIA Gran preocupacion por la salud del profesor G.N. Saibaba.

India sulle condizioni di salute di Saibaba 

Dr. G.N. Saibaba’s health condition in Nagpur Central Prison is in an abysmal condition. His application for parole was rejected by the High Court citing that his brother’s family is living in a COVID containment zone, but this information is not true.
His brother’s house is not in any red alert areas. The Nagpur summer heat has brought his immunity and health conditions to an all-time low and there is no reprieve. Recently, the jail rejected Dr. Saibaba’s request for helpers, as he cannot do anything on his own because of his 90% disability and non-functional of both hands. He cannot even go to the toilet, take care of his daily necessities, move from the bed to the wheelchair, etc. without help.
When the High Court rejected his previous bail applications it was claimed that two dedicated helpers
were assigned to him to take care of his needs as a physically handicapped person, but these helpers were just co-convicts helping out of their goodwill. The jail authorities assigned no extra staff to help him. The two people who were helping him do not want to continue doing so, because of their own conditions. He has been left alone, to rot in his bed where he cannot even move, without any help. Dr.Saibaba applied to the authorities, requesting a new helper, and his request was openly rejected.
Currently he has had several fainting spells and is unable to bend his fingers and maintain a grip. He got chest pain three times, but they have not been taking him to the hospital since March. The authorities seem to have declared that they will make no attempt to save him and have left him to die. In this condition, we the family of G.N. Saibaba request the judicial authorities to be fair and just and protect his life and basic rights by granting him bail where we can provide him medical care and restore some dignity of life.
We appeal to all Human Rights activists, Organisations, Disability Organisations and Civil Society to raise the voice genuinely for the release of Dr. G N Saibaba.

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