lunes, 19 de febrero de 2024

ICSPWI calls to two new international days 23/24 february

In solidarity with Palestinian Resistance agaiinst Israel/imperialism plan of genocide for the national liberation 

against imperialist intervention in red sea/ and attacks to Siria and Iran

against the march towards imperialist war 

in support to antimperialist people’s struggles and people’s wars. 

in all countries and in international aerea the call proposed that the two days are organised by Palestinian Solidarity Commitees that include Palestinian associations - trade unions /antimperialists and progressive forces /youth and students mouvements/ intellettuals lawyers/artists etc

 the two days are organised 23 february strikes, demostrations in popular aereas, meetings and 

24 national demonstrations in central places and all others national actions


ICSPWI support last statement of CPI(Maoist)

COMMUNIST PARTY OF INDIA (MAOIST) International Affairs Central Committee

Fight against the Imperialist design to escalate the ongoing war on Palestine and to expand the war horizon in West Asia.

Protest and build Militant mass movements for immediate peace in Palestine and in West Asia.


CC CPI(Maoist) appeals to all friends and comrades of Indian Revolution and all other revolutiontary Maoist forces of the world to built militant mass movement against the Zionist Israeli state genocidal war on Palestine and to built movements for immediate peace and unconditional humanitarian support to Palestinian people. CC of our Party gives call to organize and built militant mass movements in the support of the liberation struggle of Palestine and punish the Zionist war criminals.

Down with Zionist-Apartheid Israeli state and Imperialism!

Say No to Imperialist wars on Oppressed Nations!

Workers and Oppressed people of all countries, Unite!

Long live Proletarian Internationalism!

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