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INDIA: Immediately stop the massacres carried out by the army in Dandakaranya!!!! Stop Operation Kagar.



In the Facebook group of

'Manushyavakasha Bahujana Koottayma'

From 5 to 16 June

6:30 pm.


The Brahminical Hindutva regime in India continues its brutal genocidal attacks on the indigenous peoples/adivasis especially in Central India.

These massacres against the Adivasis are being carried out by the ruling classes who move surreptitiously between casteism, Hindutva and fascism in Indian democracy. Let us recognise that the parliamentary parties who applauded the government during this Lok Sabha election period when it said ‘we have killed 103 adivasis’ (120 as of today!!!) are the protectors of Hindutva fascism and the servants of imperialism.

During the last month, three fake encounters claimed the lives of 29 people in Kanker district. On 11 May, 12 Adivasi farmers were shot dead by the army in Bijapur district. Five persons from Pedia village and seven from Etevar village were killed in a fake encounter carried out by Indian paramilitary forces.

These villagers, who had gone out to collect Tendu leaves (an ancient agricultural practice), were shot at by the security forces when they tried to flee in panic at the sight of the paramilitary forces. Many villagers were dragged out of their homes and shot dead. The security forces arrested 30 Adivasis for speaking out against this injustice. Talking to the local media, the adivasis revealed that among those killed were Sethu Kunjam, a fifth grader of Basaguda school, and Channu Avlam, a mentally ill person. One person, who was shot three times in the leg, refused to go to hospital for fear of being killed by security forces.

This is not an isolated incident in Bastar. In Bastar, fake encounters are regularly carried out by the security forces and the police, especially since the BJP came to power in Chhattisgarh. In the last five months there has been a significant escalation of attacks on tribal farmers in the forest regions of Central India.

The killings of popular political activists like Joganna (Cheemala Narasayya), Vinay (Kasaraboyina), Ravi, Mallesh (Undam Unkal), Sindhu Gadwe, Sarita Jatti, Chilaka (Kosi Kunjam) and tribal farmers like Mainu Karees, Ramla Norotti, Lahu Kovasi and Pardu Kovasi were extremely brutal.

This covert war against tribal farmers under the pretext of neutralising the Maoists is essentially genocide. Advanced weaponry, including Israeli-made drones, is being used extensively in this region. This January, for the fifth time, air strikes were carried out on villages in Bastar. There is a clear objective behind every action taken by the armed forces and police in the name of Maoist eradication in this area: access, with the consent of the Indian government, for the plunder of the natural resources of Adivasi lands by corporate capitalism. There are also vested interests that neither communist revolutionaries nor tribal and religious minorities should be an impediment in an India dominated by Hindutva fascism.

We must break our guilty silence against this ‘democracy’ that murders the tribal peasants of Bastar, who celebrate their crops and agriculture as festivals, and the Maoist revolutionaries who fight alongside them against the corporations, the Brahminical Hindutva fascists, the dalaals, the landlords and the mining mafias.

Their dream is an India without tribals through genocide (since tribals and Maoists are inseparable). The administration claims that those killed are Maoists, yet most of them are women, old people, children and the sick. Among those who, according to the administration, attacked the military are blind and mute...! ‘They were Maoist messengers’, say the police, and the media swallowed it.

Both tribals and Maoists are being brutally killed here. Regardless of the fact that they are also citizens of this country, what is happening here resembles attacks and killings by an occupying force. Bombs are even being dropped on people from the sky on multiple occasions.

Let us protest against the denial of permission to human rights activists who came to investigate the facts. Let us question the ongoing tribal genocide in Chhattisgarh known as ‘Operation Kagar [Final War]’!

To avoid exposing the truth of the mass killings, the CRPF constantly prevents leaders and activists of civil rights organisations from entering these areas to investigate the facts.

‘In the month of April, this issue came to the fore. We are familiar with the experience of being refused permission to visit areas where fake encounter killings are suspected to have taken place, a common occurrence in Kerala. In this context, serious concerns are raised about the continuing fake encounter killings. The CDRO (a coalition of civil rights organisations) sent several groups (40-60 people) to Chhattisgarh on 30 May to carry out two fact-finding missions. From Telangana, a group of human rights activists left for Kuntha village in Chhattisgarh and were stopped by CRPF personnel at 12 noon, but the human rights activists managed to protest against it. Another group of human rights activists, who chose another route to go to Chhattisgarh, was also stopped at 11 pm. It was a lie that there was no way to go when the CRPF-Maoist attack took place at Darbha Ghat.   

To really understand the reality of the atrocities perpetrated by Hindu fascist groups in the forests of Dandakaranya and to question such actions that are contrary to democracy and human rights, it is imperative to protect Human Rights.

It is surprising that neither the opposition nor the independent media have seen the reality behind these mass killings led by Hindutva fascist groups under the guise of ‘Great Democracy’.

We ourselves must step forward to protect our democratic rights.

From 1 June, protest actions and activities will take place not only in India but worldwide against ‘Operation Kagar’. All progressive-democratic believers should participate..

From 5 June, a Facebook live event will be held.

On 6 June, at 6.30 p.m., it will be inaugurated by prominent human rights activist and lawyer P. A. Pouran’.


K. Murali (Ajith)

Adv. John P.O. (NDLF)

Adv. Sugathan Paul (civil rights activist)

Adv. Kasturidevan (human rights activist)

John Kanakkari (Brahminya Hindutva Fascist Virudha Munnani)

Swapnesh Babu (Njattuvila Samskarika Pravarthaka Sangam )

K. Karthikeyan (Human Rights Activist)

Nahas C.P. (Progressive Youth Movement)

Hari (People's Human Rights Movement)

Ajayan Mannur (Manushyavakasha Bahujana Koottayma)

In addition to these, there will be more participants in this event which will be held until June 16 on the Manushyavakasha Bahujana Koottayma Facebook page.

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Loam dijo...

"The security forces detained 30 tribals who protested this injustice. Speaking to the local media, the tribals revealed that among the dead were Sethu Kunjam, a class 5 student of Basaguda School, and Channu Avalam, who was mentally deranged. A man with three bullet wounds in his leg refused to go to the hospital, fearing he would be killed by the security forces.

This is not an isolated incident in Bastar. Bastar has a history of fake encounters by security forces and police. Especially in the last five months since the BJP came to power in Chhattisgarh, attacks on tribal farmers in the forest regions of central India have intensified.

The murders of Joganna (Chimala Narasaiah), Vinay (Kasaraboyna), Ravi, Mallesh (Undam Unkal), Sindhu Gadve, Saritha Jatti, Chilaka (Kosi Kunjam), and tribal farmers Mainu Karisa, Ramla Noroti, Lahu Kovasi, and Pardu Kovesi were brutal."