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INDIA: Free all the Political Prisoners across the World- CC CPI(MAOIST)


International Affairs Central Committee 

2023 March, 15th 

Free all the Political Prisoners across the World 

Let us Support the International Prisoners Day March - 18 

International Committee in Support of People's War in India has given a call to support the International Day of Political Prisoners on March 18. Our Party Communist Party of India (Maoist) Central Committee has decided to commemorate that day across the country and called the people to demand free all the political prisoners across the world. 

At present, world toiling masses are facing so many problems in their lives. Till the Covid -19 is haunting the people across the world in the form of various variants. Due to that the people are facing the price rice, unemployment, ill health and so many other social problems. The economic and financial crisis has been intensified. Meanwhile the imperialist proxy war was started in Ukraine. The Russian imperialists started the war on Ukraine on 24th Feb, 2022. The world people's number one enemy US imperialists and their European NATO forces are stood behind the neo nazi Ukraine rulers and supporting the war for their vested interests. This war is going on since last one year. This proxy war affected nook and corner of the world people. 

World-wide people are fighting against the worst consequences of the imperialist proxy war. This war is hastening the disastrous danger of nuclear war. So, world-wide people and anti-imperialist forces, peace lovers, democrats, environmentalists and revolutionaries are demanding to stop immediately the war. But, the imperialists and their tycoons, lackeys', puppet rulers of other countries of the world are not in interested either to stop the war or to save the environment. They even do not want to sphere the anti-war and peace loving forces. They are arresting them and applying notorious laws against them and pushing in to the jails. So, let us cry and demand to release all the incarcerated people across the world. 

 Amrut i/c, 

International Affairs 

Central Committee CPI (Maoist)

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