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NEPAL - Declaration for the twenty-eighth People’s War Day. - Communist Party of Nepal (Revolutionary Maoist)


February 13, 2023, is the twenty-eighth People’s War Day. On this occasion, our party is going to celebrate the Great People’s War Day by organising different programmes across the country. At the outset, we pay heartfelt tribute to all the immortal martyrs who sacrificed their lives all through the Nepalese revolution and highly admire the disappeared, wounded and incapacitated warriors. Also, commemorating the high records of devotion, sacrifice and bravery shown by the Nepalese people in the revolution, our party salutes the families of martyrs and disappeared warriors, the entire party comrades, supporters, sympathisers and well-wishers and the world proletariat, including international fraternal parties.

Twenty-seven years before as of today, the great People’s was initiated in Nepal under the leadership of the erstwhile Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) to advance towards scientific socialism and communism by accomplishing a new democratic revolution internally against the exploitation, oppression and repression of the comprador and bureaucratic bourgeoisie and feudal classes, and externally, against the interference of imperialism and Indian expansionism. In a short period, the People’s War succeeded spreading the new message of the proletarian revolution around the world through the creation of 7 divisions of the People’s Liberation Army, the establishment of people’s power and the formation of people’s government in the vast countryside. However, due to the right-wing neo-revisionist deviation that emerged in the main leader of the party, the revolution has been betrayed; the revolution has turned into a counter-revolution, and the Great Nepalese People’s War has become a glorious history. The main leader of that revolution has now become the defender of the same old reactionary state power, the same parliamentary system and anti-people constitution, and the trustworthy agents of imperialism and expansionism.

The limited democratic rights that the Nepalese people had gained on the base of the People’s War and enforced by the mass movement are gradually being taken away. The economic crisis in the country has become severe, the trade deficit has skyrocketed, and the working-class peoples are struggling to make ends meet due to widespread unemployment and uncontrolled inflation. By abandoning the path of self-reliance that the proper management of agriculture and the establishment of industries in the country open the door of employment and help develop the national economy through it, the ruling class of Nepal glorify the dependent economy based on remittances the country receives by selling youths abroad in the name of foreign employment. By signing in anti-national agreements like the MCC and SPP, which are integral parts of the Indo-Pacific strategy of the US, the way to establishing the US military bases in Nepal has been opened. The Nepalese authorities have always kneeled before Indian expansionism without making even general diplomatic opposition to the border encroachment and political, economic and cultural interference perpetrated by the Indian ruling classes. All this is the result of the fact that the main leaders of the parliamentarian parties of Nepal have become reliable accomplices of imperialism and expansionism in colonizing the country in a new way. Thus, the question of the country’s national independence, democracy and people’s livelihood are becoming more severe days after day. Given this terrible condition, the new democratic revolution has become an imperative need of the day in Nepal.

The revolution in Nepal has suffered a severe setback, but the process of revolution has not stopped. Taking lessons from the experiences learned by the world proletariat and creatively applying Marxism-Leninism-Maoism in the Nepalese specificity, our party is persistently working hard to establish the new democratic state power in Nepal. Today, on the occasion of the twenty-eighth People’s War Day, we make a special appeal to various revolutionary groups, revolutionaries scattered in different opportunist parties, independent personalities and the entire oppressed masses to unite and move ahead along the path of revolution.’

With revolutionary greetings!

February 12, 2023



       General Secretary

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