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Hamburg Conference and Nepalese Revolution By: Rishi Raj Baral

Hamburg conference in support of People's War in India has been concluded. It is a matter of pleasure that it has concluded with a grand success. It was a great ceremony, a extraordinary conference. Three hundred delegates attended the event and several Maoist Parties and many anti-imperialist, organizations and working groups had sent their messages in support of Peoples War in India. As the International Committee to Support the People's War in India : League against Imperialist Aggression (Hamburg, Germany) has mentioned in its press release :

Delegations, organizations and individuals from Afghanistan, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Croasia Columbia, France, Germany, Holland, Iran, Italy, Kurdistan, Norway, Palestine, Peru, Philippines, Galicia and Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and many other countries participated in the Conference, Messages from India, Tunisia, Nepal. Some 300 hundred persons attended the event.
According the source delegates from the following parties and organizations were present in the conference:
1. International Committee to support the People`s War in India, 2. League against Imperialist Aggression - Hamburg, Germany, 3. Communist Party of Turkey Marxist/Leninist, Maoist 4.Communist Party Turkey/Northern Kurdistan, 5. Revolutionary Front of defense of the people-Brazil, 6. Communist Party of the Philippines, 7. Revolutionary Communist Party of Canada, 8. Revolutionary Construction Austria, 9. Revolutionary Construction Switzerland, 10. Mass Line - Holland, 11. Communist Party of France, Maoist, 12. Red Action-Croatia, 13. Communist Organization Marxist-Leninist Proletarian Road - France, 14.Committee to support the People`s War - France, 15.Indiasolidarity - Sweden, 16. Revolutionary Proletarian Feminist Movement-Italy, 17. India solidarity-Norway, 18. Zusammenhang Anti-Imperialistischer Bewegung - Hamburg, Germany, 19. Communist Party of Afghanistan, Maoist, 20. Galician Committee to support People`s War in India and Committee of Construction of the Maoist Communist Party of Galicia - Spanish State, 21. Palästina Arbeitskreis - Hamburg, Germany, 22. October Movement - Sweden, 23. Zusammen Kämpfen Magdeburg - Germany, 24. Communist Party of Italy, Maoist, 25. Great March towards Communism - Madrid, Spain, 26. Revolutionary Praxis -United Kingdom.
Likewise, 1. Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Naxalbari, 2. Maoist Communist Movement Tunisia, 3. Maoist Communist Organisation Tunisia, 4. 26th March Movement - British Isles,5. Democracy and Class Struggle - Wales, 6. Pan-African Voice - London, 7. Great Unrest Group 2012 - Wales, 8. Revolutionary Intellectual-Cultural Forum, Nepal, 9. Maoist Communist Party Founding Committee, Austria, had sent their messages in support of People's War in India.
RCP-America and other parties and organizations, who support 'New Synthesis' did not send any delegate and message in support of Peoples War in India. It is a matter to note that the newly formed Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist has not come out with any response on this issue and they also did not send any message in this conference. As we know, CPN-Maoist does not support RCP-America's 'New Synthesis'. But the Revolutionary Intellectual-Cultural Forum, Nepal, had sent the message, in support of People's War in India. Revolutionary Intellectual-Cultural Forum has already posted this message in The Next Front.
We have got the message text from the various parties and organizations, which was delivered during the conference. To support the People's War in India means to stand on the side of the oppressed people of the world, to support the proletarian revolution of the world, to support the People's war in India means to participate in the anti-imperialist movement. In fact, it is a internationalist campaign against the imperialist powers. The inauguration speech has clearly mentioned that:
We are here to advance our anti-imperialist and revolutionary work. We are here to unite in our concrete political and moral support for the Indian people, for the people's war, which it is developing under the leadership of the CPI (Maoist). We are here because we are part of that same struggle, because we too want to bury every kind of exploitation and oppression. Comrades, for us this meeting is a declaration of war, a beginning of a new stage of our work. This has to be expressed through a leap in our anti-imperialist activity, organization and co-ordination.
One of the main issue of this conference was Nepalese Maoist Revolution. The betrayal of the revolution by Prachand-Baburam the renegades, was one of the main issue of this conference. And it was natural to be so. The Nepalese Maoist revolution, the ten years people's war was not merely the issue of Nepal and Nepalese Maoists, it was the part of World Proletarian Revolution. It has provided us a great learning -positive and negative both. As the speech has mentioned:
Anti-imperialism is a struggle, on all levels, by all means, to bury the bloodiest system humanity has ever seen, to end millennia of exploitation and oppression. For this reason we have the duty to ourselves to support each other in every respect. This is not a question of following after someone and not a question of taking a narrow-minded and pedantic stance, but a question of a true unity of all combatants. So the faint-hearted "sceptics" are wrong right from the start, saying "all those struggles, Nepal and so on, ended in betrayal . that's why the work to support India is not worth it, because we know how it's going to end." They take a stance that shows that for them it is about "those there and us here". This has got nothing to do with Proletarian Internationalism but is the attitude of the universal misanthropy of petty-bourgeois know-it-alls. This is the attitude of those who have already lost the battle, of those who have no other prospect than their own decay. This attitude is the expression of a lack of trust in the masses.
One of the main supporter of the People's War in India, CPI (M-L) Naxalbari highlights the significance of this Conference, in the message sent to the Conference:
In a world marked by aggressive moves of the sole super power US imperialism, the rapid advance of people's war in Peru led by the PCP and later, from 1996, of the people's war in Nepal led by CPN (Maoist) came as new rays of hope for the downtrodden and the toiling masses of the world. But these movements could not sustain their role of strengthening the Maoist pole; firstly, due to the setback in Peru caused by consecutive arrests of top leadership of PCP and later the confusion created by ROL attack and secondly, due to the betrayal of the Prachanda-Bhattarai revisionists in Nepal. This was worsened further with the dissolution of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (RIM) which was shaping itself as the embryonic centre of the world Maoist movement. It fell victim to those very trends mentioned above, which came from within it, along with Avakianism propounded under the guise of 'New Synthesis' by the RCP, USA. It is in this background that this conference attains higher significance.
It is true, at present, the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement -RIM, which was shaping itself as the embryonic centre of the Maoist Movement has been disabled. Betrayal of the Nepalese revolution by Prachand-Baburam and the liquidationist approach of RCP, America's 'New Synthesis'-going beyond Maoism, have damaged the international revolutionary movement badly. But this type of conference and gathering will enable to reform the new Revolutionary Internationalist Movement in the upcoming days. .
Similarly, Galician Committee to Support People´s War in India and Construction Committee of the Maoist Communist Party of Galicia has mentioned in its speech:
In Nepal, the black betrayal of the Prachanda/Bhattarai renegade and revisionist clique hit severely the revolution in that country. But today, once again, the Maoists work for the reconstruction of the Party and the prosecution of New Democratic revolution under the leadership of Comrade Kiran and his comrades of the CPN-Maoist.

Yes, we are in our best effort. Now there is 30 days to the 7th National Congress of our Party. After 22 years we are going to meet the National Congress. We have no any confusion in our destination. We are firm in our goal. And we know there is one and only way to move forward - the Maoist Road, which leads to the New Democratic Revolution. The Great People's War is only the way to achieve the goal.

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