miércoles, 12 de diciembre de 2012

International Conference on 24 November in Hamburg: the salute of Revolutionary Praxis


Solidarity with the people’s war in India must consist of more than mere statements of support, e.g. more words on the internet.

Real solidarity would consist of various types of practical support

The Indian comrades should be consulted as to which types of support they require. These could include financial support, material supplies (e.g. medical), specialized personnel and action against companies in imperialist countries which are oppressing and exploiting people in India.

During Mao’s time when people visited China and asked what they could do to help the Chinese revolution they were told to go back to their own countries and make revolution there.

The best way in which we can help the Indian comrades is to intensify our efforts to found and build MLM revolutionary movements wherever we are situated.

Revolutionary Praxis – Britain

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