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INDIA: PLGA - The ‘Life line’ of People’s State Power - Editorial People´s March (Febrero 2021)


People’s armed revolutions and rebellions against imperialism in colonial, semi-colonial countries in the 20th century were vital in putting an end to colonialism. Revolutionary struggle in the leadership of the Communist Party of China against Imperialism, Comprador Bureaucratic Bourgeoisie, big Feudal classes took an armed form since the beginning that led to the success of New Democratic Revolution.

The oppressed people of China attained state power in the leadership of the proletariat. People’s Liberation Army played a vital role in the success. The defeat of fascism in World War II, weakening of imperialism and the success of China Revolution led to a spate of armed struggles in several countries that continued for three decades.

In India the historic Telangana peasant armed struggle and militant, widespread peasant struggles such as Tebhaga, Punapra vailar and Varli took place in various states in the decades of 1940s and early 1950s in the leadership of the Communist Party of India. But the revisionist leadership adopted Parliamentary path and betrayed the unfolding Protracted People’s War.

Breaking apart from revisionism, Armed Revolution began with the Spring Thunder of Naxalbari in the leadership of Comrade Charu Mazumdar and Comrade Kanhai Chatterjee in the turbulent 60s. The revolutionary armed rebellion of Naxalbari spread all over the country especially in Lakhimpur-Kheri, Srikakulam, Birbhum, Gopi Vallabhapur, Mushahari, kanksha and Sonarpur other such places. Thousands of students and youth of the country plunged into revolution. Indian Revolution entered into an era of revolution, the path of Protracted People’s War to successfully complete the New Democratic Revolution and then to advance further to Socialism-Communism. It is now advancing passing through twists and turns in the leadership of Communist Party of India (Maoist). The armed detachment of the proletariat, the People’s Liberation Guerilla Army (PLGA) has been developing PPW, a magnificent weapon in the hands of the proletariat. It has been playing a vital role in the revolutionary class struggle of the Indian masses against Imperialism, the Big Bureaucratic Bourgeoisie and the Big Landlords for the past 20 years after its formation.

The fascist regime killed Comrades Shyam, Mahesh and Murali, Members of the Central Committee of the erstwhile CPI (ML) [PW] on 2nd December 1999 in a covert operation. This led to severe anger and hatred amongst the Party, people and the guerilla units across the country. Exactly one year after the shameless cold blooded murders, PLGA was formed on 2nd December 2000 in memory of the beloved heroic leaders of the Party and the people. The CPI (ML) [PW] and the Maoist Communist Centre (MCC) merged to form the CPI (Maoist) on 21st September 2004. The people’s armies of the two parties also merged. The PLGA became a formidable force in intense guerilla warfare across the country in a period of time.

The reactionary ruling classes of the country inherited a strong centralized state machinery from the colonialists. Since the great Naxalbari peasant uprising, Military, Para-military, state police forces and the various kinds of central and state Commando forces engaged in all types of support of the imperialists to suppress the revolutionary movement. The PLGA evolved from the heritage of anti-British independent, national democratic movement, particularly the tribal and peasant rebellions of the country and strengthens gradually. Unlike in China where PLA was formed from the above, in India PLGA started at the ground level in the form of armed peasant squads. It gained strength and is developing into higher armed formations of guerilla army with the objective to transform into People’s Liberation Army (PLA). The pyramid structure of PLGA is developing from the thousands of People’s Militia that is the base force from among the lakhs of revolutionary people and is evolving into Sections, Platoons, Companies and Battalion formations in the vast tracts of guerilla zones in strategic areas.

The first guerilla operation started from Magurjan as an inseparable part of the historic Naxalbari armed peasant uprising to the present heroic Mukaram, Amuvatikar and other ambushes. Starting with attacks on the notorious state government police forces the guerilla war advanced to attack the Indian Para-military forces, Central special Commando forces like the COBRA and even some smaller units of the Indian Army in the guise of DRG in Minapa ambush in 2020 March.

The People’s Militia is engaged extensively in controlling the local gentry, the agents of the enemy, in gathering information of the enemy, in defending RPCs and the people in agricultural production work, in collecting forest produce, in sabotaging enemy supplies etc. and in self-defense armed actions against the enemy forces and also in destroying enemy communication networks. It participates in guerilla actions together with the regular forces of PLGA. People are not only extending wide support but are also playing a crucial role in various ways in these actions. With these actions and support of the people the PLGA is achieving significant successes in the Tactical Counter Offensive Campaigns. This is showing a good impact on the oppressed people of India. The people mainly of the oppressed classes, social sections and castes of the country mobilizing in the revolutionary class struggle are voluntarily joining PLGA. They are a militant part of PLGA as warriors and Commanders. Thus PLGA is well acquainted with the socioeconomic, cultural life of the people.

PLGA developed into a resilient force in the past two decades under the leadership of the CPI (Maoist) in the light of the theory of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. It instills combat spirit among the people and creates shudders among the ruling classes. The Indian ruling classes took up counter revolutionary Operation Green Hunt and declared an all-out war on the people of the country in the present brutal ‘SAMADHAN’ offensive. The party, people and the PLGA are putting up a courageous and united fight against this fascist offensive by making enormous sacrifices.

In the process of the class struggle in the countryside and the sprouting and developing peoples’ political power, the RPCs in the Guerilla Zones are developing into Guerilla Bases and the PLGA is strengthening itself and is playing a prominent role in the formation,consolidation and expansion of People’s state power.

The imperialists and their compradors are entangled in the unending financial crisis of capitalism that is paving the way for their gradual collapse. They are taking refuge in fascism and bringing in several kinds of rotten policies and acts to sustain their exploitative system.

The situation is turning more and more in favor of world revolution. The proletarian revolutionary forces across the world are in the process of formation, consolidation and in some countries like ours and Philippines, Peru, Turkey etc. are waging people’s war and establishing organs of state power through guerilla war under the leadership of Maoist parties. Oppressed nationalities of various countries are increasingly resisting imperialism.

Our PLGA in association with the New People’s Army (NPA) of the Communist Party of Philippines (CPP), and people’s guerilla armies of Peru, Turkey and other such countries contributes to consolidate the World Socialist Revolution, i.e. the ongoing working class struggles in capitalist-imperialist countries, the struggles of the oppressed people and oppressed nationalities and the revolutionary democratic movements of the world to root out imperialism forever from the earth that leads to Communism on our planet.

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