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 The following is a report about activities carried out in Switzerland for the international action day in support of the Indian revolution. It has been sent to the Communist Party of India (Maoist) through the International Committee to Support the People’s War in India, its Italian section, the Galician Committee to Support the People’s War in India, as well as other channels. We hope that it will strengthen the morale of all those fighting in India, just as the people’s war in India constantly strengthens our morale.

Answering the call of the Spokesperson of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) to „Make Successful the International Action Day on November 24th in Opposing the Prahaar Military Campaign Operated by the Fascist Modi Government!“1, socialist revolutionaries in Switzerland have carried out several activities in the days leading up to the 24th of November — the 10th anniversary of the martyrdom of Comrade Kishenji, a leader of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) — activities which we hereby document for publication by the international committees supporting the people‘s war in India as well as for circulation in the ranks of the Indian comrades and colleagues, serving to boost their fighting morale.

Living in a country of three nations, with a high proportion of proletarian migrants and which is the center of imperialist international diplomacy, we, the socialist revolutionaries of Switzerland take proletarian internationalism as the starting point of all of our actions. All of our work serves to develop the socialist revolution in this country — which is naturally a part of and serves the international working class revolution – with our goal being a red Switzerland, a socialist council republic, as a red barricade and base area for the world revolution and as an ideological-political battlefield for communism. We consider that the people‘s war in India, being the most advanced in the world and one among the three people‘s wars currently being waged in the world (aside from on the Philippines and in Burma2), shows that Asia is indeed the weakest link in the imperialist chain today, that in India the chain is breaking and a new world is being born, and that to support and learn from the Indian revolution is a major task for all communists and revolutionaries in the world today.

Grasping the key role of the people‘s war in India today, the 1st Plenum of the Provisional Central Committee of the Communist Party of Switzerland (Red Faction) — the faction which is working to rebuild and refound the Communist Party of Switzerland as a marxist-leninist-maoist, militarized and bolshevized communist party of a fighting type for the class war for socialist revolution in Switzerland — has adopted a resolution titled: „Long Live the Indian Revolution!“3, from which we quote the following passage:

Imperialism is, and continues to be, the eve of the proletarian revolution. Slowly but surely though, even if it may seem to some that we are destined to die in the dark of night of imperialism, a red sun is rising in the East, in India, that guides us towards humanities bright future. The working class, the masses and the peoples of the world will defeat imperialism, and make the worldwide strategic offensive of the international working class revolution a reality. Today, we can clearly see that this goal, that so many have already sacrificed their life and freedom for, can only be achieved through people‘s war, the revolutionary strategy which will also be used to defend the revolution, the socialist system, once it reigns victorious. And the struggle for communism will not stop there, because socialism is not a consolidated system, but a transitional phase from class to classless society, a revolutionary process of socialist construction and uninterrupted proletarian cultural revolution. Our demands are quite simple: all we want is the Earth. An Earth without classes, without patriarchy, with no exploitation of human by human. All we want is communism. And we know that the Swiss and Indian communist stand on the same side of the barricade in this fight. To have comrades like this is an honor to us.

The people‘s war in India is the most decisive battle for the liberation of the working class and the liberation of all of humanity being waged today. The red flag flying over countless revolutionary people‘s committees all over India is not merely the flag of the Indian working class, the Indian masses or the Indian people. No, it is our red flag as well. The flag of the international working class, the flag of communism.“

Now to some of the activities carried out.

On the evening of Sunday the 21st of November, 2021, the Communist Youth League of Switzerland (Refounding Committee)4 and the anti-fascist neighborhood initiative Fight Back! convened a clandestine mass meeting in a worker‘s and poor neighbourhood on the outskirts of a major Swiss city. There was a buffet of Indian food, which people could pay whatever they wanted/could for. Mobilization was done through a leaflet explaining the situation unfolding in India, which was distributed through a broad network of people in less than a week, and included the instructions to give the leaflets to other trustworthy people who want societal change once people are done reading. The method of mobilization utilized was a complete success, and allowed the spread of a good number of leaflets both within large workplaces and worker‘s and poor neighbourhoods, and put the people‘s war in India on the agenda in the hearts and minds of many young proletarians and semi-proletarians. Besides the masses mobilized to the convened meeting, others, who could not attend due to mostly long work hours, were mobilized for different actions and activities, or asked to join communist study groups. All the masses present at the meeting — who ranged from being democrats to progressives up to being socialist revolutionaries — belonged either to the proletariat or the semi-proletariat, and most had never attended a revolutionary mass meeting before, or were generally new to revolutionary politics.

A short presentation was held, denouncing the exploitation and misery of the old India and the perspective of a new India, as well as the Prahaar-3 „encirclement and annihilation“ campaign, which is not a social programme but a genocidal campaign. One of the masses present stated that he learned more in that short presentation — not just about India — than he ever did in 10 years of the capitalist school system. This presentation has been reworked as a document by the Communist Youth League and is reproduced as an appendix to this report.

Afterwards, a short documentary film, India‘s Red Tide5, was shown and discussed. The film made a tremendous impact on the people present, and led to a very productive discussion about not just the necessity, but also the strategy and tactics of revolutionary war.

There was also a lot of exchange and ranting about exploitation at the workplace and everyone‘s different exploitative bosses. Besides that, the need of reading communist theory was discussed, which led to an entirely new study group being founded with the masses present.

The progressive masses especially emphasized that we need an organization like the Communist Party of India (Maoist) here as well. This was deepened by revolutionaries, who explained that such a Party used to exist here as well, but that it was liquidated by opportunists and lying politicians. The history of the Communist Party of Switzerland was briefly explained, and the conversation then led into the importance of refounding such a Party already now so that the Swiss working class will be ready for the challenges to come, brought about by climate change, imperialist reindustrialization and imperialist war of aggression in the coming decade.

At the end of the mass meeting, a member of the revolutionary rap collective Yenan performed a number of new songs, one of which celebrated the great advances of the people‘s war in India. This song — Lal Salaam — has now been released as a single from Yenan‘s upcoming E.P.6

Besides the leaflet that was spread, there was also several posters produced or reproduced by different organizations. One of them was a poster produced by our website for the 1st of May with the slogan „Support the People’s War in India!“. Both the Communist Youth League (Refounding Committee) and Fight Back! also printed posters, the former in support of the people‘s war in India, the latter calling for freedom of the revolutionary and anti-fascist prisoner G. N. Saibaba. We publish files of the posters here, that have been sent to us by the colleagues.

At an unspecified date, time and location, an armed agitation and propaganda action was executed. gathered around an Irish bonfire — a more than three meter tall structure built from various flammable materials, such as wood, „decorated“ with the flags of the imperialist superpowers (the U.S., Russia and China) and of Swiss imperialism, as well as the faces of the Indian fascist politicians Narendra Modi, Amit Shaw and Mohan Bhagwat — which was burned, showing the masses‘ indignation against the genocidal Prahaar-3 „encirclement and annihilation“ campaign, which is bound to fail, just as Operation Green Hunt did. Thus, the call to „burn the effigies of Modi, Amit Shaw and Bhagwat and expose their repressive plan“ by the Indian comrades was fulfilled. This action had a military character, which clearly shows how the support for the people‘s wars abroad is helping to strengthen and militarize the revolutionary movement in Switzerland itself. Different slogans were shouted in Swiss-German during the action, and the masses who were participating were encouraged by an agitator to join in. The slogans include:

  • The attacks of the State won‘t lead anywhere! Support the people‘s war in India!
  • Against their genocide, resistance everywhere!
  • Resistance means class struggle! Lal salaam, lal salaam!
  • Long live international solidarity!

Additionally, the agitator shouted the names of different imperialist and fascist politicians, to which the colleagues present answered with „class enemy!“ after every name was called.

Finally, our Editorial Board wishes to extend our warmest revolutionary, internationalist greetings to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Maoist), its Spokesperson Comrade Abhay and its General Secretary Comrade Basavraj, to all the directors, cadres and militants of the Party, to the commanders and fighters of the People‘s Liberation Guerrilla Army, to all the masses of people who are living in the revolutionary people‘s committees of Dandakaranya, Bihaar and Jharkand today, and to all the colleagues in other countries who are carrying out actions to support the people‘s war in India. The Indian people will inevitably triumph and the red sun will shine over all of India.



Switzerland, 24.11.2021



Speech delivered in the name of the Communist Youth League of Switzerland (Refounding Committee) at a Clandestine mass meeting denouncing the Indian State‘s Prahaar-3 „encirclement and annihilation“ campaign against the people‘s war

We are often told, that India is a poor country, but that‘s not exactly right. India is not poor, no, India is a rich country; rich in resources, mineral reserves and with a labour power of hundreds of millions of people. India wasn‘t always poor, and India will not always be poor. The problem is, that India is being kept in poverty, because the profit extracted from India‘s work force, resources and mineral reserves does not go to India itself, the profit doesn‘t go to the Indian people. The absolute majority of people in the country with the second largest population of the world – 1,3 billion inhabitants – are living in misery. The large majority are simple workers and poor peasants.

We know the story of workers, working in sweatshops since age 13, for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, in cancercausing factories, while H&M is balling in cash cause of it. And what can you afford with this? Nothing. No apartment, not even shitty ones like this one here, so you‘re stuck in a shantytown at the outskirts of the city, without a sewage system, without any air conditioning, without running water, living in mudhouses. And when people want to resist, protest, demonstrate, they are beaten by the cops of shot by the military.

Indian peasants are different than the ones we know here. They don‘t have a farm, or a tractor. They live in medieval conditions, belonging in all but words to the landowner, having to work on the land belonging to him as if they were machines. They are not payed anythong for this and they only get enough food to continue making the landlord rich.

The conditions of women in India are just as miserable. They are either bound to the kitchen through arranged, forced marriages and death threats or thrown into the brothel, where they are raped day in day out either as street prostitutes or in the porn industry; if they are not sold as sex slaves for a disgusting, rich man in Europe or the USA.

Muslims are second-rate citiziens in India. The Indian State sees them as subhuman. Even though 150 million muslims live in India, the goverment still insists that India has no place for them, seeing as India, according to them, is a hindu nation. But those 150 million muslims are not the only muslims stemming from India. There is more than 100 million muslims who were driven out of India through violence, persecution and the burning of their mosques and who had to flee to Pakistan and Bangladesh, and who are still waiting to return.

Additionally, India is a caste society. That means, that one is born into different groups, that either have a bad or a good standing in society. The craziest example of this are the „untouchables“ and that means what you think it does. They are not allowed to have contact with the rest of society, are prohibited from having jobs, apartments etc. That means, that they have to live in the dirt, until an untimely death.

Queers in India – queer means gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender etc. – are driven into the worst parts of the slum, sometimes they even have to sleep in graveyards. For most of them the only job possibility is prostitution, be that „religious“ or otherwise.

Every day, old people die, kick the bucket, because their families can no longer afford to feed them. And every day, it becomes clearer and clearer to the youth of India, that they have no future, no perspective, in this system.

And who profits? It‘s pretty clear. It‘s the foreign big companes, the capitalists of other countries. The Indian capitalists are completely dependant off them, and that‘s why they sell the country and its riches to them. This is how capitalism in other countries gehts rich off the underdevelopment and the exploitation of the Indian masses and nature. India is poor, because the country has always been fucked by foreign capitalists.

The position India finds itself in has its origins several hundred years. Back then the Brits treated themselves to a monopoly on the exploitation of India, back then India was their colony. That is to say, that they politically and economically controlled and robbed India. Then, India became formally „independant“, but not that much has changed since then. Because, while India may not be a colony anymore, it is still a semi-colony. That means, that India is merely politically independant but is still economically controlled and exploited. The occupiers may have pissed off in words, but they‘re still just as economically strong as always. Today, British capitalism no longer has a monopoly and India is exploited by all capitalist powers. Including Swiss capitalism, Swiss capital, that is also getting its hands dirty. Swiss mining companies burn a gigantic amount of rainforest and displace the villagers and indigenous people living there, with the goal of establishing mines, where peole can work themselves to death, all for their profit. Or Nestlé, that illegally tests baby food on newborn children of poor people, who have to go along to not starve.

But who makes it possible for these pigs to continue pulling this off? The answer is a simple one: the rulers of India. Because India is not the „biggest democracy in the world“ as is often claimed. No, India is a dictatorship of the rich, the capitalists and landlords, where most people have jackshit to say. In the end, it is only a small group of people who run things in India, mainly it is Modi, the prime minister. Modi is a hindu nazi. His party, the BJP (which stands for Indian People‘s Party) was founded by a Hitler-fan. He sees the hindus as aryans and thinks that all other groups, be that the adivasis (India‘s indigenous people) or muslims need to be cleansead, that is to say murdered. Because appearently, there is no space for them in the „biggest democracy in the world“. Before he became prime minister, Modi was the govener of the federal state Gujarat. There, he carried out mass murder of muslims. And that‘s something he is proud of! According to his own admissions, 2,000 muslims were killed, and 120,000 werde displaced, had to flee. He also passed a law, that legalized burying women alive alongside their dead husbands.

But how do they justify all of this? How can it be, that there is hundreds of millions of people, that are so exploited and that there is not even more of them fighting? The State does not just rule through the stick, but through the carrot as well. We often hear about Gandhi, in school we are told that we should struggle like him, that he is a „role model“. But what does Gandhi say? He says that all violence is bad, that one should only struggle peacefully. He, for example, equates the violence of murdering cops with the resistance against them. Because Gandhi, who founded the Indian State, is a diehard defender of the system prevailing in India today. Gandhi represents an old, corrupt, outdated India. The India of exploitation and oppression, that we have talked about so much now.

How are you even suppossed to change anything peacefully in India? Even the slightest attempt to change society, not to mention radically transforming it, is criminalized, and declared „terrorism“. Even fighting peacefully already lands you in jail, gets you beaten up, shot. Not to mention, if you fight and resist with violence. The „Police Measures Against Terrorism“ law here in Switzerland was copied from India, from the „Unlawful Activites Act“. There, just as here, every attempt to truly change the system is considered terrorism.

That‘s why the people, who truly want to change India, don‘t insicribe Gandhi, but Mao Tse-tung on their banners. Because Mao, the leader of the Chinese revolution, says the exact opposite of what Ghandi says. Mao explains: „There are innumerable principles of Marxism, but in the final analysis they can all be summed up in one sentence: ‚To rebel is justified.‘ For thousands of years everyone said: „Oppression is justified, exploitation is justified, rebellion is not justified.“ From the time that Marxism appeared on the scene, this old judgment was turned upside down, and this is a great contribution. This principle was derived by the proletariat from its struggles, but Marx drew the conclusion.

It is under this banner that a new India is being built up. An India, that has nothing to do with Ghandi‘s or Modi‘s India, where you have to turn the other cheek after the state beats the crap out of you, but an India, that‘s truly democratic; where the peasants own the land they work on; where the working class is not sacrificed for profits; where women have the same rights; an India without a caste system; where muslims and adivasis are not treated like subhumans.

In the heart of India, here and now, this new world, this new India is being born. And it is being born through revolution. A revolution basing itself on the millions strong movement called the naxalite movement.

The whole thing is led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist). It‘s not a party, like the ones we know, full of fake politicions that run for election on fake promise. Because the CPI (Maoist) is a fighting party, a party of a new type, that fights for the revolution. A party that lives, works and fights alongside with the people and doesn‘t just ignore them. That does politics with and for the people, to defend and strenghten their rights. Some of the struggles they‘ve directed, for example, is the largest strike in human history, with a participation of 200 million people. They also direct the struggles of the indigenous people and peasants in the countryside against deforestation and displacement in the interest of big companies, a struggle that is similar to our struggle against gentrification and rising rents.

The revolution is a people‘s war, a revolutionary war against the Indian state, who sees the people‘s war as the biggest threat for the internal security since the founding of Indian, and the USA calls the CPI (Maoist) as the third most dangerous „terrorist“ organization in the world.

In the people‘s war, the cops are shot, areas are liberated a true, revolutionary democratic government is built up, where every post is elected and can constantly be recalled, if somebody does not represent the people. There is free healthcare; equal rights for all oppressed; the peasants own the land that they work on. The corrupt politicians, landowners and the big foreign companies are kicked out of the liberated areas.

The revolution begun in 1967 with the Naxalbari movement. That‘s also where the term naxalite comes from. There was a big uprising there at the time, in a village. The leader of this uprising was Charu Majumdar. For years, Charu Majumdar fought the opportunists and fake politicians, that did not want the revolution, but cushy parliamentary seats. They claimed, that society could be fundamentally changed through the election of „leftist“ or „communist“ parties. Because he consistently worked for the revolution, he was arrested and tortured to death. His untimely death lead to decades long problems, the Party split apart, and the revolution was weakened. But today it is up and running again, and running better than ever before, ever since the Party was refounded in 2004. This concretely means, that up to 50 million people live in areas, where the state is either being expelled or areas where it has already been expelled, and a new society has been built up. Right now, the naxalites are carrying out a plan, that has the concrete goal of liberating an area of 200 million people. They will live under revolutionary democracy in the next couple of years.

The response of the fascists, the Nazis, to this is and always has been mass murder. 2005, the Indian State initiated its „Operation Green Hunt“. The military, the cops and the snitches were sent into all areas, where the revolution was strong. The goal was the mass murder of all those who wanted a new, better India. Thousands were murdered. But they failed!

The revolution hit back, and the military went from one defeat to another. Even though they kept sending new cops and snitches into the areas, they were hit back, defeated. The campaign failed.

Now they are putting on the whole puppet show once more, under a democratic disguise. They‘re calling this new military operation „Prahaar 3“. They‘re trying to pass it off as a social programm for the areas where the revolution is strongest. At the end of the day this campaign is no different than the last one. What is being prepared with this plan is another, worse mass murder. A large part of this so-called social programme is the imprisionment of peasants in so-called „police camps“, that is to say concentration camps, where they are surveilled 24/7 by the cops.

We have to show solidarity with the Indian revolution, that‘s for sure. But not because we‘re humanist and also not in the #thoughtsandprayers fashion so common today – but because they‘re fighting the same enemy over there that we also have: Swiss capitalism, and capitalism generally. Those who finance deforestation over there, who finance those factories with the work working conditions, are the same people, that want to raise our rents here, that exploit us at our workplaces. It‘s the same capitalism, and its the same bastards getting dirty rich off it.

In order to make Switzerland a truly just and democratic country we – the working class – have to empower ourselves, have to take power into our own hands. Democracy in the 21st century, that‘s socialism, a society under the rule of our class – of the workers, the wage dependant. And we will only reach socialism through a revolutionary like the one in India, through a revolutionary war, a class war. And we need an organisation, a fighting party that can make the revolution. A party like the Communist Party of India (Maoist). There was already a party like this in Switzerland, but it was betrayed by opportunists and fake politicians that only wanted parliamentary seats. That‘s why we have to refound the Communist Party of Switzerland. And we don‘t just want to fight socialism, but also for communism. A new world, one without exploitation and oppression, without classes, a State or patriarchy. Side by side with out Indian colleagues. Everything else is bullshit.



We work our asses off every day
But still can’t afford Balenciaga
But that’s quite alright ’cause
We’d rather shout “freedom for the Gaza strip!”
With red bandanas and balaclavas
covering our faces, our US-hatred unites us
And if you think there’s no grounds for hope
Then check out what the PLGA is doing

That’s the People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army
(Led by the CP) that wants to see a new India
Ambush attacks until the cops fuck off
And in the vacuum, a people’s state is built up
No more working for the landlord
Under the reds the soil belongs to the peasants
„but a few freed masses don’t faze the enemy one bit!“
And what about 200 million?

And when the masses win in the whole country
Everywhere in the world, one will hear „lal salaam!“
Workers „lal salaam!“, peasants „lal salaam!“
Peoples „lal salaam!“, comrades „lal salaam!“
Red greetings from north-western Switzerland to Ankara
And everywhere in the world „lal salaam!“
Workers „lal salaam!“, peasants „lal salaam!“
Peoples „lal salaam!“, comrades „lal salaam!“

The state is super scared, and is trying ith a lot of guns
To force the comrades on their knees, they call the terror „Green Hunt“
These massacres are financed by the Yankees man
Just like Modi, a fascist like Guisan
But what connects the murdering rich
Is that their perspective is vanishing
They try and tell us „there’s no use in rebelling,
Because if you go and riot, you’re just as bad!“

But voting? Referendums? We don’t see any sense in that
There needs to be retribution for every Verdingkind7
And for every infant that is abused by Nestlé
to test the effects of new baby food in India
But especially instead of the old, there needs to be
A state that belongs to us and that we set up like the comrades
Then we will abolish classes and patriarchy
You get what you need and do what you can

[The old world is a murky castle in the swamp
But a red corridor leads through it
It leads us out of what was once upon a time
We follow the path of Charu Majumdar] x2

Whether Dandakaranya or Baselland, resistance means class struggle
When the masses win in the whole country, everywhere in the world, one will hear „lal salaam!“
From north-western Switzerland to Bihar-Jharkand
Breaking through your chains, that’s anti-fascist
When the masses win in the whole country, everywhere in the world, one will hear „lal salaam!“

Workers, peasants „lal salaam!“, peoples of the world „lal salaam!“
Masses and comrades „lal salaam!“, and also students „lal salaam!“
Revolutionaries „lal salaam!“, true democrats „lal salaam!“
True patriots „lal salaam!“ millions upon millions „lal salaam!“

Rest in Power Comrade Haribhushan, victory belongs to your Party and the Indian People!







7 Children of poor people, that the Swiss State stole for cheap slave labour until they turned 18. This practice lasted into the 1970‘s, and similar practices until the 1980‘s.

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