domingo, 28 de noviembre de 2021

TUNEZ: Tunisia for the 24th International Day of Support of People’s War in India- Meeting with students report


After the Committee of Support to People’s War in India-Tunisia announced through a statement to join the international campaign against Prahar-3, Elkadehines party as a member of the committee produced propaganda posters and a statement was spreaded to Tunisian masses in struggle and Arab masses at the international level, moreover a meeting was held with university students celebrating the first victory of Indian farmers, explaining the role of Hindutva fascism Modi government role suppressing not only the farmer’s movement but also counterattacking the revolutionary mouvement led by CPI (M) through genocide military operations such as “Salwa Judum” and “Operation Green Hunt” until operation Samadhan and now Operation Prahar 3. The debate developed some points such as the CPI (M) role in support to the farmers national movement, to the Kashmir and North-East national liberation movements and how CPI (M) organize its guerilla and liberated areas with a huge mass base made by farmers, adivasi, outcastes and workers. Pictures were showed, in particular the ones released recently from the CPI (M) itself.

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