domingo, 3 de abril de 2022

BELGICA: Solidarity Action for Maoist Prisoners in India in Brussels! - Partizan - INFO ICSPWI

 Salutes and supports the actions that turkish have decided a demostration at bruxelles's ambassade these actions are part of the prolonged campaign for the freedom of political prisoners decided in the international Meeting ICSPWI 29/30 january that begins the 23 march extended until the 29th march  for proposition of PCI (Maoist)- and will continues until 13 september.


Solidarity Action for Maoist Prisoners in India in Brussels!

On the occasion of March 18, International Day of Solidarity with Political Prisoners, an action was held in front of the Indian Embassy as a Belgian Partisan, referring to the prisoners of the Communist Party of India (Maoist). In the action that started with the International March at 16:30, the 18 March International Solidarity with Political Prisoners statement published by TKP/ML was read in French. The action was concluded with the reading of revolutionary marches and slogans appropriate to the meaning and importance of the day.
Nepali Maoists also participated in our action and offered their support.
Long live International Solidarity!

Lal Salaam!

AHM – Belgium


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