miércoles, 18 de junio de 2014

BRAZIL: FIFA GO HOME (revolution-news.com)

Some protestors regrouped to give support to the wounded and have just been attacked. Others were surrounded as they were leaving, and are being followed by police. In addition to local residents intimidating protestors with firearms, and trying to hit protestors with their cars while firing weapons into the air, someone attacked an elderly protestor near a bar.
Update from coletivo vinhetando: As always, the military police came out winning on the scoreboard of repression and have used bombs against protesters participating in the act “will not have cup, FIFA go home” in Tijuca. Police attacked protesters with bombs on Maracanã Avenue, next to the shopping market in Tijuca, despite the protest being completely peaceful.
Police made formations in queue and cornered activists, who had to change the route towards the Maracana. but the audience endures and continues singing: “fuck the Cup” and “want health, education, and [don't give a] fuck if Brazil is champion.”
Anti World Cup manifestations going on in Rio, multiple livestreams are active right now:
Rio de Janiero 15/6 Photo: Coletivo Mariachi

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