lunes, 28 de enero de 2019

GRECIA:Solidarity with the Venezuelan people! No to imperialist intervention. KKE (M-L)

The evolving political coup in Venezuela with the overt incitement, support and US intervention in collaboration with reactionary regimes and governments of Latin America is aimed first and foremost the people and the Venezuelan workers and all peoples of the region. Undermines peace and their long struggle for independence and social liberation of Latin American peoples against the North-American imperialism and the reactionary ruling classes. The American intervention by recognizing Juan Guaidó as transitional president followed the announcements of most states. members of the Lima Group. US allies and builder in the encirclement and the external pressure against Venezuela. The displacement of Brazil after the recent presidential election influenced significantly correlations and developments. In the same line gradually drawn invasive and Western European governments and the lead actors of the European Union.

The Venezuelan people facing serious risks amid a deep economic crisis effect and external sanctions and suffocating imperialist pressure. Once again proves that the social democratic management policies within the capitalist system and conciliation, if not represented, with urban portions and imperialist forces have specific limits. Without the labor and people's active participation and support. without social and political upheavals and conquests and policies based only on favorable economic and political circumstances problems back in the form of avalanche.

In each case only one competent to decide is the Venezuelan people without the threat of foreign intervention and durable subversive actions, sanctions and pressure. We denounce the imperialist threats and interventions. particularly the US, which orchestrate the international reactionary campaign and organize internal reactionary oligarchic forces. We call on the people to oppose the ongoing aggression against the people of Venezuela. We call on the Greek people, the workers and the youth to express anti-imperialist and internationalist solidarity.

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