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From September 6, 2020 to September 9, 2020, the fascist dictatorship was locked on the outcome of the operation in Dersim, from the governor to the Minister of Internal Affairs, with the excitement of encountering the traces of “Comrade Nubar’s guerrilla unit”. Villages in the region were immediately evacuated during the operation that was initiated on September the 7th. The operation spread over the wider area and the entire area was bombarded via the mobilization of the UAVs, helicopters and fighter jets. The entire area was besieged for three days with a military force of about a thousand soldiers. Fascism organized an insidious military operation that “must” produce results. It was observed that all kinds of war devices, including chemical weapons, were used in the operation. The enemy, who could not enter the area for three days, entered the field only after making sure that our comrades were killed. On September 9th, the Minister of Internal Affairs Süleyman Soylu himself announced that 2 TIKKO (Liberation Army of the Workers an Peasant of Turkey) fighters affiliated with our party were killed, just like a commander who won a great “victory”. What directly caused the Minister of Internal Affairs to make such a statement is that one of our comrades who was killed was Nubar (Erol Volkan Ildem). The immortalization of one of our younger comrades Rosa (Fadime Çakıl) is another reason that enhanced the enemy’s victory cries.

There is no doubt that the enemy’s cries for victory have a reason. Because comrade Nubar, who has been on the wanted list for a long time, who has been organizing and leading the war line of our party on the battlefield since 2009, is a MEMBER of the CENTRAL COMMITTEE of our Party. There is a “success” of murdering Comrade Rosa, the unit commander, who was also in the fields of war since 2013 and was on the enemy’s wanted list, who was determined as the future party and war coordinator by the regional leadership.

 Everything the enemy describes as “success” is just a bend in the road for communists and revolutionaries in the course of history and the class struggle. This is what the reactionary ruling classes, all exploiters and executioners keep forgetting. That’s why they chant victory cries in every “success” they earn, believing that this success adds new durations to their own lifetimes and in this way they will embrace immortality and eternity. Owners of every exploitative social system base themselves on convincing themselves and the society that their systems are eternal, permanent and unchangeable. They believe that they will attain the elixir of unchangeable and invincibility by suppressing and slaughtering every struggle through oppression, exploitation and class distinction. However, history has proven that everything has an end and that things have to end. At the point where the proletariat has acquired the consciousness of being a class for itself from being a class on its own, and at the point where it is equipped with the science of dialectical-historical materialism, this understanding is now the most beloved and passionately attached thing for the subjects waging the struggle for communism and revolution. This conception applies both to times when the class struggle is retreating and when the enemy is strong, as well as to the upsurge of the class struggle. This conception creates a position that does not take a step back from the perspective of power, the historical attitude based on winning everything. In this sense, it brings a position that is neither discouraged nor adventurous, capturing the dynamics of “recreating life” and doing what is necessary. Here, every soldier in our fight for communism is the will to succeed in positioning whatever the needs of this struggle are. Will to embrace death; life is shaped again from the perspective and approach of the proletariat, from the need to organize and establish it based on the needs of the revolution. Of course, this will to embrace death is to know what life is. This will is a consciousness, an attitude, a passion, persistence, and undoubtedly the clearest expression of the effort to achieve. Comrade Nubar and Rosa have been shaped exactly accordingly, positioned with this consciousness, shouldering this responsibility of history, they passionately turned to the Party, the people and the requirements of the class struggle and shouted the war cries of our martyrs. This cry is an expression of a future, a world view and its practical equivalent.

 Our Party, from the leadership level to its fighters, has declared its claim to take power piece by piece with the People’s War at the establishment stage. Our leader Ibrahim Kaypakkaya built our party with these fighting dynamics, he formed his theory and pointed out the conditions of the communist party to survive in our country. This means an uninterrupted continuity in our Party’s 48-year history of struggle. Thousands of militants and cadres became immortal and ensured the continuity of this line.

 Comrade Nubar (Erol Volkan Ildem) was born on September 29, 1982 in Istanbul. He is the first child of a labouring family originally from Sivas. His spent his childhood in our Party’s network. During his high school years, he started an organized activity within the TMLGB. He was now the Halil of the TMLGB. In the activities, he quickly came to the fore with his insight and militancy. While carrying out organizational work in high school activity on the one hand, he became a militant youth of the “Saturday Mothers” action, a constant fighter of the Komsomol molotovs who turned against the enemy. He became a Komsomol member in the late 2000s, shortly after he started organized activity. He was arrested in April 2001 in an operation against the Komsomol. Upon the identity check of the police, the confrontation started by expropriating the police gun, and the process turned into a comprehensive operation. Comrade Nubar who returned to the area from which he moved away in order not to lose his comrade in charge of this conflict to the enemy, was caught. A sense of allegiance to the Party and his comrades came to the fore as one of its fundamental qualities in this event and in every event that followed. He was subjected to the torture bench after receiving a heavy lynching. During the 5-day detention process, which started with the acceptance of a few things about himself in torture at the first moment, he took the first and strong steps of being a leader when he was 19 years old, with a line of physical attack on the torturer and a resistance against severe torture. The prison process started right in the middle of the Great Death Fast resistance that started for the F type prison. Comrade Nubar, who reckoned with the weakness he showed in torture and organized resistance on the second day, without hesitation, conveyed his desire to be a part of the Death Fast resistance to the Party. This request was accepted. Comrade Nubar goes through an epic and legendary death fast process, so to speak. He resists the evacuation attack launched by the enemy to weaken the death fast. He tries to get a clean bill of health against the physical weaknesses caused by the Death Fast with great will during the doctor inspections. Under conditions where the resistance is tried to be refuted by the “eviction bribery”, he again builds the barricades of the resistance. The Death Fast resistance continues for exactly 248 days. He still wants to be equipped theoretically at the closest point to death. In this process, he manages to read dozens of books. He reads the Morning Deluge before the court decides on parole. He is released before he cannot finish the second volume of the book. He is a comrade who mocks death enough to say “I would have finished the book and be released after”, and who is passionately devoted to life and fight at that level. After his release, he is re-associated with the Komsomol while his treatment continues. His positive reaction to the treatment process was again extraordinary. With the allowance of health conditions, he is quickly drawn into illegal activity by the Komsomol. This is also the process by which Comrade Nubar is assigned to the TMLGB-CC. He becomes a member of our party in 2004. He undertakes a number of responsibilities such as Turkish Kurdistan Regional Committee, Cukurova Regional Committee and Ankara Provincial Committee in the TMLGB. He has an active role in the organization of the 2nd Congress of the TMLGB. He is re-elected as a member of the Central Committee in this congress. Again, in April, 2006, he was detained and arrested in a central operation against the TMLGB. He was released in 2009. The three-year prison process is worthy of our Party and struggle. In the year he was released, he gave a positive response to the positioning of our Party in the guerrilla. In February 2011, the immortalization of five women comrades and the instruction of Comrade Eylem (Sefagül Kesgin) to “let everyone do their job” turned into an instruction for Comrade Nubar. Nubar of the guerrilla becomes the Deputy Secretary of the DPK (Party Committee of Dersim) and the responsible of the field as of this date. In 2012, he was appointed as the Alternate Member of the Central Committee. It is at a decisive level in the ideological-political-organizational-military shaping of the Dersim Guerrilla Area. His concentration on the People’s War also brought him to focus on party problems and the Party’s focus on overcoming the troubles at the point of war. It organized an effort and labor process focused on this axis by including the whole guerrilla in the process. He is decisive in instilling in the guerrilla a culture of “nothing is impossible” in the face of the problems that arise. With his witty personality, he is a source of joy, a morale booster, and a leader of the guerrilla that he is bound with a great ideological-political connection.

 Comrade Nubar is the delegate of the guerrilla area at the party congress to be held in 2015. He “never left” from the guerrilla area, where he stayed away for about a year with this mission. Comrade Nubar took an unwavering stance from the very beginning against the right-wing liquidationism and factionalism that appeared in the Party in 2015. With the relations of the past, he took a clear stance, not withholding his mocking and witty attitude towards those who pretended to be a leader against him and tried to drag him in pursuit of factionalism. Even as a reminder that “the student now surpasses the teacher “, he wanted this “ancient leadership” to regain! However, against the attempts of the “ancients of the leadership” who were the leaders in the past but assumed only an ineffective role of defeatism, he became “the barricade in the guerrilla field and the name of the persistence on the people’s war”. He taught the lesson that there is no place for demagogy in the ideological-political struggle by saying against the reminder of “how many years of labor in the party they have” in open discussions of “old”, “spilled” persons who have no longer historical values, with his witty and creative style: “we will pay whatever their labor cost is”. Comrade Nubar did not allow the right-liquidationist factionalism to be organized in the guerrilla area, with an active ideological-political struggle and turned this attitude into an effective organizational struggle in a short time. In the guerrilla field, he played a main role in keeping the cadres, commanders and fighters in the party ranks as a whole against factionalism and right-liquidationism. In this sense, he has made factionalism to have negligible influence in the guerrilla area and the guerrilla zone. His reaction to the liquidationism with the evacuation of an arsenal of the party and afterwards the abandonment of all weapons to the graveyard, so to the enemy and its escape abroad turned into anger and resentment.

 Comrade Nubar was brought to the Central Committee with the will of the Party in the discussion of reshaping the Central Committee within the Party in 2015-2016. In the 1st Congress of the Party in 2019, he was again unanimously elected as a member of the Central Committee.

From the moment he was associated with the Komsomol, he followed a line that progressed by embracing the mission of leading the class struggle and fulfilling the minimum requirements of this.

He took on every task required by the class struggle and being a party member, and made great efforts to overcome each one. He was in complete stability in organizing forward and walked continuously forward, comrade Nubar.

 Words are unlikely to explain it. His life and process of struggle are very clear, sharp and honouring for our Party.

The pain of losing a member of our Central Committee, a leader of the communism cause, Halil of the the TMLGB, D.ARAS of the internal Party struggle, the Nubar of our Party, a veteran of the Death Fast Resistance and a very, very good student of the MLM that we suffer.

 From the Five Women Comrades to Rosa…

 Comrade Rosa (Fadime Cakil), a good student of Comrade Nubar who expected much for the future for her, also joined the caravan of the immortals in this operation. She was born on March 5, 1996 in Alhan village of Dersim Mazgirt. Since her childhood was intertwined with the guerrillas, her sympathy for the revolutionaries, especially for our Party, was strong. While studying at Dersim Ataturk Anatolian High School in 2012, she was organized in the Komsomol’s high school activity. She became one of the pioneers of the activity in a short time. Her willingness to fill the vacant positions after five women comrades brought her to the guerrilla in August 2013. As the youngest member of TIKKO at that time, he quickly adapted to guerrilla life. She became the guerrilla’s Rosa, saying she wanted to bear the name of one of the revolutionary women leaders, Rosa Luxemburg.

Comrade Rosa, was especially skilled in military matters and took part in many military practices and fulfilled her every task properly. In her own words; she did her best to become a “party worthy guerilla”.

 She took an active attitude against the right-liquidator factionalism in the party and strengthened her participation by saying that everyone should take more responsibility in this process.

The practical equivalent of this participation in the field at that time is to fill the vacancies of the comrades, to take revenge on them and to become more competent in the war as a woman warrior. Comrade Rosa is also one of the founders and constituents of the TIKKO Music Group.

In the words of comrade Zeynel Cakil (Haydar) who joined the guerrilla in September 2016, Comrade Rosa had a great influence on his participation in the guerrilla. The immortalization of her brother and comrade Zeynel Cakil in Mercan on 5-6 August 2018, comrade Rosa became more aware of her hatred towards the enemy.

Comrade Rosa, who was appointed to the TIKKO Party Women’s Committee after the loss of comrades Nergiz and Cigdem, was one of the unit commanders of TIKKO and Advanced Militant of the TKP/ML when she became immortal.

 Dersim Party Committee, regarded comrade Rosa as “a comrade who, despite her young age, is open to development, skilled in military matters and constantly trying to improve herself, open to criticism, able to confront her mistakes, grow up with the party, walk with the party and be the cadres of the future”.

 Comrade Rosa was immortalized as unit commander with her leader, Comrade Nubar. One of them is a cadre aspirant who is 24 years old and is the building block in the future of the party, the other is the staff  of the war and struggle that became the communist leader at the age of 38. This is where the will of our party, which transmits the struggle from generation to generation, makes it permanent and continues with determination, despite all its inadequacies and deficiencies in war, is embodied here. Hence the insistence on the People’s War, the insistence on the struggle for power, the will and stance that prevent the party’s communist qualities from being eroded in the most blatant and reckless attacks. It is not easy to assume the historical responsibility of the international proletariat. It is not an issue that happens just by words. It can be possible to reproduce, keep alive and consolidate the communist line of the party only persistently in the People’s War in our country. Comrade Nubar, the most powerful synthesis of this will, comrade Rosa, this will is the flare for the future.


Our Working People of Various Nations and Nationalities;

 Comrade Nubar was a great communist leader in party line and insisting on war, leading him. He became immortal, leaving us an instruction to continue our party and line with determination. Winning, achievement, living with passion and he showed once again carrying large representation of the international proletariat in the land called Turkey. The will of comrade Nubar is the will of our Party and our Party leadership. We have the capacity and power to fill the void he left, to wage the war with determination, and of course our consciousness of history and our commitment to the cause of the proletariat for communism. Nobody should doubt that.

Comrade Rosa, one of the young commanders of our war, carried blood and life to the necessity of the continuity of uninterrupted war. She has been symbolized as a dynamic energy of the People’s War. We will move forward by turning the unique meeting and immortalization of the leader and the fighter, the cadre and the militant into resentment and anger towards the enemy. We will not stop. We will not give up. We will not fall behind.

 Of course, our comrades will not be left behind. As much as they were attached to the cause, they had eternal confidence in their comrades. Now is the time for all our militants, members and cadres to feel this trust in every cell and to grow the fight. Organizing the will to win the future and continuing the war to win the future is only possible with a strict adherence to the cause of the New Democratic Revolution, Socialism and Communism in line with the People’s War. Our party is the concrete version of this will. Glory and honor to the People’s War on the Path of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!


Comrade Rosa (Fadime Cakil) is Immortal!

 Communist Leader Nubar (Erol Volkan Ildem) is Immortal!

 Glory to the Will that Is a Barricade to Liquidationism in Dersim, that Insists on the People’s War!

 Hail to those Fell with Rifles in their Hands!!

 Down with the Fascist Dictatorship!

 We Will Destroy Comprador Bourgeois-Landlord State, We Will Establish Democratic People’s Power

 Long live the People’s War!

 Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

 Long Live Our Party TKP / ML, TIKKO, TMLGB!

                                                                                                   TKP/ML CENTRAL COMMITTEE,

                                                                                                               September, 2020

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