sábado, 19 de octubre de 2013

INDONESIAN PEOPLES ALLIANCE (IPA) A Movement for Soverignty and Trade To Serve The Peoples

To: Civil Society Organization/Mass Organizations/Social Movements
Subject: Invitation to Peoples Global Camp (PGC)
Dear Friends,
Indonesia takes center stage as it will host World Trade Organization (WTO) Ministerial Meeting (3-6 December 2013). As you know, this forum will be convened in the midst of the global economic, financial, climate, energy, food and political crises confronting the world today. But this forum will not be able to give real solutions that will steer the world and the people away from the multiple crises as they would push the same recipe that has brought about these multiple crises. More liberalization, more deregulation and privatization will lead to greater impacts on the peoples and our planet. Neoliberalism is being applied to strip underdeveloped countries of its sovereignty and its national capacities in the benefit of trade and market monopoly.

Indonesian and international mass and civil society organizations, members of Indonesian Peoples Alliance (IPA), have been joining forces in carrying out a big campaign against the 9th Ministerial Meeting of WTO that aims to launch their neoliberal offensives. The campaign will be culminated in Peoples Global Camp which will take place in Bali, from 2-6 December, 2013.

Unlike the exclusive and undemocratic WTO, during the Peoples Global Camp mass and civil society organizations will be able to study, to discuss and to make analyses in order to decide possible joint actions against neoliberal policies and WTO. In addition, you can organize your own activities and provide input during the plenary sessions where common goals and aspirations can be integrated to deliver an alternative to the actual model of development that has been proven to fail.
IPA is calling out to local and international people's movements, trade unions, grassroots organizations and mass organizations and NGOs to unite against neo-liberal agenda which will once again be discussed and launched at the WTO Ministerial Meeting from 2-6 December in Bali. IPA is inviting you to participate in the Global Peoples Camp, an alternative gathering which will be held concurrently with the WTO ministerial meeting.
Your participation in PGC will be a significant contribution to culminate the campaign against neoliberal globalization. Do not hesitate to contact us, all inquiries should be addressed to  sekretariat.ipa@gmail.com.

In solidarity,
Ahmad SH
IPA Coordinator

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