domingo, 20 de septiembre de 2015

NEPAL: Los maoístas proclaman una Constitución Popular de Nepal. (Ignite)

CPN Maoist declared ‘People’s Constitution’ of Nepal

Today the CPN Maoists declared a People’s Constitution in a rally attended by thousands of people. The ‘People’s Constitution of Nepal’ has 82 clauses. The rally started and ended in Ratna Park; in the central part of Kathmandu. The opening address was by politburo member Anil Sharma “Birahi”.

Birahi said in his speech that the mainstream parties have betrayed the agreements that were signed during the people’s war. Hence it has been deemed mandatory to come out with a people’s constitution.
The entire document was read by Santosh Budha Magar; politburo member and former chief of the state of Magarat during the people’s war. After the entire constitution was read; there was a speech by CPN Maoist standing committee member and spokesperson Khadga Bahadur Bishwakarma “Prakanda”.
“The constitution that will be declared tomorrow has omitted people’s rights and is discriminatory towards women, indigenous groups, the working class and marginalised people in general. This constitution is more regressive than the interim constitution in place right now. It only aims to serve a certain class of people who serve the three major ruling parties.” said Prakanda.
The program ended with Birahi  ”We have already had a government and constitution during the people’s war so its not anything new for us to implement a people’s constitution.” He went on to challenge the Nepali state by ending the program “Tomorrow will be the day that, officially, the 12 point agreement will have been broken by the major parties. This then paves the path for us to restart the people’s war.”
CPN Maoists have declared a general strike starting 5am tomorrow morning to defy Nepal government’s constitution declaration day.

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