martes, 1 de septiembre de 2015

MANIPUR: Duros enfrentamientos entre campesinos tribales que se oponen a la expropiación de sus tierras y fuerzas represivas indias que han disparado sobre los manifestantes..



Open letter to NDTV.

Dear NDTV,
There is a 2 months long protest going on in Manipur about implementation of ILP system in Manipur as the identity of the indigeneous people out here are on the verge of getting extinct. There had been a death followed by numerous civilian injuries and the state was in whole chaos, but there wasn't a day that you were bothered about it. But today i went on the TV and you were taking video coverage about the Churachandpur, Manipur incident that just erupted yesterday. It's ok it's your job but i was quite bothered about your caption below the coverage that writes, "Government trying to snatch away tribal's land" and the statement from your reporter that sounds like, "The bill is passed for the non-tribal people which is against the interest of the tribals mainly the Kuki people". Well, this would not have happened if you had investigated earlier on this case about the implementation of ILPS, what it is for and have properly digested the 3 terms inside the bill. Again, another thing that bothers me is that, when a crime is committed by or against any tribal or non tribal of Manipur living outside North east, you address them as "Manipur" but why this tribal, non-tribal, Kuki, Meitei division right now? What is the main aim and reason behind this?
I heard that journalists are an authority with ethics to seek and report the truth without any fear or favour and that you will serve the public as a whole without factions or interest. And also you won't do anything against the integrity of the people. But the way you are acting today, i want to ask you what kind of authority is that???. If you want to know the truth, come and live with us, here in our state and you will know how it is like to be a mortal and how mortality feels like amidst chaos. So, i would kindly like to request you that if you can't stop being biased, please stay out of our way. Thank you.
Yours faithfully,
Manipur beranee.

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