viernes, 19 de julio de 2019

ALEMANIA: ¡Los camaradas Banu, Sinan y Sami en libertad! (Dem Volke Dienen)

It has not even been a month until Banu, Sinan and Sami are free yet again! All three are defendants in the so-called „TKP/ML Trial“ have had their detention orders (yet again) lifted yesterday. After this had already happened once, 2018, all three were rearrested surprisingly on June 25, 2019, whilst in court. Against this obvious terror aimed against those who stand accused by the state to be Communists and Revolutionaries a great wave of solidarity developed in the last three weeks, denouncing the trial and the court decision, that has now let to the defendants being released again.
From the report published on occasion of their release it becomes clear, that the „Federal Criminal Police Office“ (A/N: „Bundeskriminalamt (BKA)“, well armed, militarized „anti-terror“ police) told the court, that the defendants would have violated the terms of their suspended detention order, as they would have left Germany, went to Greece and in April participated in a Party Congress of the TKP-ML there [sic!]. For this concoction the Federal Attorney General together with the Federal Criminal Police even declared reactionary news platforms to be credible sources. With the their statement the defense council made obvious that the story is nothing but a fabricated fairy tale, as with the split there are now the „TKP/ML“ as well as the „TKP-ML“ - and while the prior had a conference, although in January and not in April – it is totally absurd to claim any of the defendants would have participated in any Party Congress of the „TKP-ML“.

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