domingo, 3 de enero de 2016

ITALIA: PMLI-ISIS reationaries in action. / Comunicado del PCm Italia denuncia al PMLI y su apoyo al Daesh.

ISis is fascism islamic tendency and not islamic mouvement;
reationary group in Italy as PMLI confuses this thing for supporting reationary and imperialism
some groups mlm and mlm blogs are confused about this fact and give their space to PMLI group.
In Italy this reationary group always consider ‘sendero lumisoso’ and other mlm parties and organisations that devolop armed struggle as ‘terrorist’.
In the years when in Italy were actives Red Brigades – PMLI supports the state in the repression against these comrades,
for this in Italy all mlm parties, organisations and revolutionary organisations does not consider PMLI part of proletarian, revolutionary, communist camp.
it is not acceptable for us that some groups or blog mlm internationally believe this fact and not opinion.

december 2015

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