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INDIA: two books launched 21 november - Adolfo Naya Fernandez and K.Murali Ajith - foreign languages press



Of Concepts and Methods – “On Postisms” and Other Essays by K. Murali (Ajith), a new collection of essays, which covers a wide range of topics that are tied together by the author’s ongoing endeavor of “deepening the critique of mechanical thinking.” These texts grapple with different trends of post modernism which have had a stranglehold on “new” thought for that last several decades, Chavismo and “21st Century Socialism,” and the particularities of the manifestation of fascism in India. The essays not only delve into critique and analysis of contradictions in the world today, but also investigate questions about the basis for a materialist ethics, the politics of liberation, and the essential qualities of a vanguard party in current times.


Operation Green Hunt in India – Social Practices of the Genocidal Counterinsurgency Strategy “Hearts and Minds” by Adolfo Naya Fernández, a succinct text that methodically leads the reader through the damning evidence that the strategy known as “Hearts and Minds,” put into practice by the Indian State with Operation “Green Hunt” is actually a genocide.

This book launch will feature a panel discussion about topics covered in Ajith’s new book, moderated by acclaimed journalist, K. P. Sethunath with Ajith, Adolfo Naya Fernández, Sidhartha Samtani from People’s Magazine and Sourav Banerjee from Towards a New Dawn as panelists. Panel discussion topics include:

Maoist Critiques and Analysis of Post-Modernism


Modern-day Maoism: Maoism’s necessary theoretical developments and practical applications in these times

The book launch will start on:

  • India: Saturday, 21 November @ 9:30PM
  • Europe: Saturday, 21 November @ 5 PM/17:00
  • North America East (EST): Saturday, 21 November @ 11AM
  • North America West (PST): Saturday, 21 November @ 8AM

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