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IRLANDA: Video Anti Imperialist Action (4 de noviembre)

 November 4 Anti Imperialist Action unveiled a new mural in Dublin. The following is the full statement read at the event:

Anti Imperialist Action extends greetings to our comrades, friends and supporters in Ireland and around the world. We send our solidarity to all Revolutionary organisation fighting capitalism and imperialism and all revolutionary prisoners of war who find themselves captured by the enemies of our class, for daring to play a part in the world proletarian revolution – a revolution that will continue until victory.    

Anti Imperialist Action is now three years old. What began as a small organisation with a core of experienced activists has developed, in that short space of time, into an All Ireland Socialist Republican Mass Organisation, with a growing membership of Revolutionary Youth across the country. A new generation born after the Good Friday surrender learning the ‘Fenian Faith’ from veterans of the struggle, a cadre that will not be beholden to the sellouts of the past, and instead are committed to achieving victory in the struggle for National Liberation and Socialist Revolution by any means necessary.   

Our Political Programme is clear and charts a path for Revolution in Ireland. Our objectives are the objectives of the Socialist Republican Movement. We aim for the overthrowing of the two illegal pro imperialist statelets in Ireland and the Reestablishment of the All Ireland People’s Republic, the Socialist Republic, Proclaimed in Arms in 1916, and ensuring its rebuilding under the democratic control of the Working Class. In doing so we are out to defeat capitalism and Imperialism in Ireland and to End the Illegal British Occupation and the Interference of EU and US Imperialism in our Country. On this there will be no compromise. In short we aim to bring the Working Class to power in a sovereign, independent Irish Socialist Republic. 


These objectives are not new. They remain the unfinished business of our Struggle. They are understood by the working class, the advanced sections of who know them intimately as their own objectives. In fighting for these objectives, we build on the revolutionary tradition and ideology of Irish Socialist Republicanism, first laid down by James Connolly, as the inextinguishable lamp to guide the feet of the Irish Workers to victory. With Connolly, we follow the Irish Citizen Army and uphold the idea that the Working Class must have our own fighting and political organisations. Like the Citizen Army we hold that there is ‘but one ideal – an Ireland ruled, and owned, by Irish men and women, sovereign and independent from the centre to the sea, and flying its own flag outward over all the oceans.’   

As the means to achieving our Revolutionary Objectives, we aim to mobilise the Irish People under the leadership of the Working Class in Popular Political Resistance Against the forces of Imperialism and Counter Revolution. The Republic will be rebuilt by engraining in our communities. Agitation, Education and Organisation of a Mass People’s Resistance will achieve National Liberation and Socialist Revolution by any means necessary.   

We know well the enemies of the All Ireland Republic and the Working Class and we intend to fight them until victory. Whether it be the forces British Imperialism that maintain the illegal occupation of our country or the Garrison Class of Landlords and Bankers that Occupation continues to prop up across Ireland. Or Whether it is the interference of EU or North American Imperialism or the Fascist Menace that Imperialism uses as a tool to maintain power- all can be defeated by the organised and disciplined action of the Working Class. We take this opportunity to state clearly, that working with comrades and friends we aim to physically ensure that there is no platform provided for fascism in Ireland and that those who attempt to organise fascism on our streets, will be beaten off them and driven back onto their keyboards in their caves.   

Irish Socialist Republicanism in 2020 has much in common with the Irish Socialist Republicanism of the 1930s. Once again we find ourselves to the fore in the fight to beat fascism from our streets and to come to the aid of the Working Class Against landlords and vultures that would evict us from our homes. In the three year since our establishment, AIA has thrown ourselves into the fights of our class and we will continue to do so because Resistance is the only path to victory. We are building support for the Revolution in communities across Ireland and linking the every day struggles of our class community to the National Struggle for Freedom and Socialism.   

In order to achieve victory in the long struggle for National Liberation and Socialism Anti Imperialist Action is committed to developing an anti imperialist Broad Front, working with and uniting Republicans and other progressives to advance our common revolutionary Aims and objectives. There were signs of this emerging Broad Front throughout 2020 and we have no doubt this will be further developed and strengthened in the weeks and months ahead.  

There are those who say militant Republicanism is dead. Our very existence demonstrates that that is a lie. The time for talking is over. Now is the opportune time to organise the disciplined force of the Irish Working Class that will strike out for freedom and achieve Our Republic. Only Irish Socialist Republicanism can lead the Revolution to ultimate victory.   

We are recruiting across the country. Don’t stand on the sidelines. If you agree with us your place is in our growing ranks. Wherever you are in Ireland it’s time to get organised. Join Anti Imperialist Action and fight for National Liberation and Socialist Revolution. Victory is inevitable.   

Beir Bua  

Tiocfaidh Ár Lá! 

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