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INDIA - International Actions of Solidarity.

INDIA - International Actions of Solidarity

January 30, 2019
From 21th to 27th of January international days of solidarity with the People’s War in India took place. Main demands on that international campaign have been the release of the political prisoners, exspecially for G. N. Saibaba and the end of the “Operation Green Hunt”.Many revolutionaries and activist followed the call to support the Indian Comrades in different countries.

Following we report about activities in Galicia, Austria, Germany and Italy. Activist in Austria wrote in their report, that in different cities in Austria actions took place. Leaflets and posters have been spread, actions on the street took place and meetings were held. It was emphasizes that after many actions during the last year more and more new people participate in the activities that time. To build on these important successes of solidarity work, further activities have already been planned for the next few months. For example meetings in preparation for the upcoming international actions of solidarity for Comrade Ajith in March 2019!
In Germany and Galicia meetings were held and actions with posters were carried out. In Galicia Comrades have developed a poster campaign within the framework of the Action Week with the slogan "Long live the proletarian internationalism”.
In Italy, like it was reported on maoistroad with pictures, in different cities meetings were held in solidarity with the People’s War in India.

The solidarity work with the people's war in India is an important expression of proletarian internationalism. Therefore we call on all revolutionaries to actively participate in the upcoming activities in March!

Free G.N. Saibaba!
Free all political prisoners in India!
Stop the “Operation Green Hunt”!
Support People’s War in India!

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